How to Hide or Show Widgets on Certain WordPress Pages, Posts and Categories

Sometime we have to hide or show widget on certain Pages, Posts or Categories  to show up different content,  affiliate ads or a poll on particular page or a category.  There are codes for these requirements on WordPress conditional tags, But  I found excellent WordPress plugins named Widget Logic [...]

How to Fix – WordPress IO Error uploading Images

There are a few different reasons for this error to occur. When I update the flash player to version, and WordPress 3.1 flash uploader shows IO error. I think other WordPress users have encountered this issue. In the following simple solution, I’ll show you what I did to address [...]

WordPress Hooks Database, Resources and Tutorials for Plugin Developers

The WordPress hooks database, which was created and is supported by Adam Brown, is the essential resource for discovering hooks in WordPress. Adam R Brown built a system that digs through all WordPress core files and extracts every action and filter hook that exists in WordPress. He has been indexing [...]

How to Add TrackBack URIs in WordPress blog post

For building a relationship with other blog than trackbacks and Pingbacks are an excellent way to build links and ultimately these links will bring traffic to your blog. What Is Trackback? Trackback is a way to notify a website or blog when you publish an entry that references it. “Trackbacks [...]

How to Submit & Optimize WordPress Blog Post for SERPs

Almost every day when I visit new blogs on the internet I spot duplicated content. Anyone can build a free blog on Blogger or on But do you know how to optimize your blog so it ranks well in the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs)? Today going to tell you fundamental tips, which must help [...]