How to improve WordPress title tags

WordPress is commonly heralded for its out-of-the-box search engine optimization, but one weakness is in its title tag structure.- make sure you change the title tag in your code. Make it relevant, add your main keywords, and keep it targeted for searchers, not just the search engine. Google only displays [...]

How to pull content from other websites automatically

When it comes to blogging, content is king, both for your readers and for the search engine. The more unique content you spread on the internet, the better-off your blog will fare in this competitive landscape. WP Web Scrapper is definitely not for the weak of heart, but it is for those of you who know [...]

How to automatically pull content from blogs or online applications-WP-O-Matic

WP-o-Matic is the WordPress Plugin for automatically creating posts from the RSS/Atom feeds you choose, which are organized into campaigns, Also it is known as WordPress RSS Agreggator. This is awesome Plugin which has great flexibility and data import consistency, it can automatically pull content [...]

How to Add a map to a WordPress post or page

The MapPress plugin makes it easy to add Google Maps and driving directions to your blog.  Just type some addresses in the post edit screen and click the ‘insert’ button.  The plugin will insert a great-looking map with markers and directions right into your post.  MapPress was specifically developed [...]

How to secure WordPress site from hackers through Plugins

One of the best ways to keep your site secure is to stay current with WordPress. Keep an eye on any alert message about update in admin panel, either for the WordPress core or for individual plugins. By using these plugings you can keep an eye on your WordPress site and they will notify you if [...]

How to Maintain Your WordPress Site

When your site grows and matures, there are steps to be taken to make sure your site remains happy and healthy.To ensure that everyone enjoys the best possible experience at your site, it is important that everything is in tip-top shape. You should keep your WordPress core and your Theme up to date [...]

Where to find Best WordPress Tutorial

There are many benefits to using WordPress and I’ll cover a significant list og Blogs where you can find best WordPress Tutorials. Some will only be beneficial to plug-in and theme developers, while others exist purely as workflow enhancers for content producers. These blogs can help you to secure [...]

How WordPress Decides Which File to Use for Rendering the View

If you have a question, “how does WordPress figure out which template file to Use for Rendering the View?”here is the answer. WordPress theme has hierarchy of template files and the index.php is the most important and required file. If your theme doesn’t find any requested file, it moves [...]

How to add Author Bios to Single Posts

For the Multi-author sites, WordPress has built-in functionality to display Author Bios to single post, and there are some plugins to help as well. There are three thinks that we need to get to display Author Bios: 1. The author‘s name 2. The author‘s short bio 3. The author‘s photo 1. The author‘s [...]

How to enable Multi Site feature in WordPress 3.0?

WordPress was a single-site platform but WordPress 3.0 already have the functionality to run MultiSites, before that it require  to use WordPress MU, which enables multiuser (multi-tenant) installations with multiple sites all under one roof. MultiSite functionality is not enabled by default in WordPress [...]