Site Updates

WPArena is adapting the latest technology to get the best user-experience to its readers. We are constantly improving our site from last decade and will continue improving it. Here are the updates regarding Site Design, Theme changes, Logo and other related changes.

May 1, 2008

WPArena Founded

Welcome, WordPress Lovers. Here is another addition of to the WordPress community. The site has just launched with very few articles. I installed a default WordPress Theme and here is the first site logo.

December 31, 2008

WordPress Arena Theme Changed

After looking at the old theme on this site for over six months, I decided to add a little color. My thinking when choosing the original theme was to keep it as simple as possible—focusing more on the WordPress guides and less on the site’s design. Well, I just got tired of seeing all those friendly, colorful blogs I visited and decided to make a change. The theme is a premium one. I changed very little on it (just the color of the header and links). It is a specific theme to tweak and seems to work very well. Any thoughts or tweaks on the current theme are welcome. Here is our new Logo


December 31, 2009

New Look and Design For WPArena

After a few months of procrastination, WordPress Arena has finally got the theme update. Although I am not all that pleased with the new theme, I will continue tweaking it. The other significant change is what you can’t see: the new database running the WordPress site.

After a few years of WordPress updates and trying just about every plugin I thought looked cool, the site was running very slowly. Well, at least the WordPress dashboard was running slow, and not all options worked correctly within the dashboard. So I started to research how to optimize and clean up the database. When that hit a dead end, I decided to take a little more drastic action, use a fresh installation, and move the WordPress site to that.
So now everything is running much better, at least in the dashboard. Before the big game, I will try to do a post this weekend and explain how to get your old WordPress blog a new database and not lose anything in the process.

Here is the new Logo


December 31, 2014

Updated New Logo and a lot of Design modifications

After continuing with the previous theme, we have finally changed some styles, colors, and a lot of functionality in the current theme. Also, we changed our Logo.

logo main

May 1, 2016

Moved to SEO WP Theme (Developed by WPArena) has migrated to SEO WP Theme. We are proud of using our theme. It’s a famous Google material-designed theme.
Here is our new Logo

WordPress Arena

January 28, 2017

Moved to Genesis Framework

Finally, WPArena has been moved to Genesis Framework. I am very excited to see the user feedback.
So now, I will continue transforming the new theme into something unique that will hopefully become Genesis Best Child Theme. Funny how I can get a custom theme done for clients much faster than I can for myself… I may never finish!
If you don’t like anything or want to leave feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us. It will help us improve the user experience and create a better WordPress site.

June 26, 2019

Gutenberg Theme Update

This time we updated our site in compliance with the latest WordPress update “Gutenberg.”