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WPArena is dedicated to WordPress platform that includes themes, plugins, reviews, snippets, tutorials, etc… which are essential in building a useful blog. At WordPress Arena, we create high-quality WordPress tutorials with lots of enthusiasm and commitment. Everything is clearly demonstrated through our specially crafted tutorials.

With lots of participation in using this open-source CMS Blogging Tool, we decided to share some valuable tips unveiled WordPress. Finally, through WPArena we got an opportunity to contribute to the WordPress community, through our free themes and plugins. We also plan to sell paid themes and plugins

Our Mission:

To take WordPress to the next level through our how-to tutorials and valuable Resources.

Another thing is we are always glad to help you and will respond to your questions as soon as possible. If you need any help related to WordPress, feel free to Contact Us.

WPArena often termed as Ultimate WordPress Universe and we endorse it. Because we also provide deals and coupons if any available through our deals section. The blog is set up to promote good quality WordPress Themes and Plugins. Here at WP Arena, we share our favorite free and premium WordPress Themes, talk about tips and tricks to optimize WordPress and are focused on providing good advice about running your WordPress-based website.

We love WordPress and spend countless hours finding the best WP resources online so we can share them with you.

Furthermore, We love to develop WordPress Themes, enjoy working with the community and we love to share our works in the community. Our one of the objectives are sharing our themes to the community which subscribing to our feed would also enable our readers to be instantly updated from our blog posts, freebies, and recent WordPress theme releases and hopefully, you will use it on your own website.

Terms and Conditions

Complete Terms and Conditions can be found here.

  1. We give free WordPress themes and these themes are all yours.
  2. You may or may not remove lines that contain. Designed and Developed by WPArena. However, we appreciate, if you keep the footer lines.
  3. Share and spread our works to others so that all of us will be happy.
  4. Please don’t ever use our themes to adult sites like (Porn, Nude and Offensive) sites. We don’t support it.
  5. Use our contact form for theme supports.
  6. We work from Monday to Friday (9 AM – 5 PM) (GMT) so expect support at that time.
  7. Be Friendly when asking for support because we are friendly people.
  8. Enjoy every theme we released.
  9. Showcase your WordPress Template on our site.
  10. Please use our contact form to showcase your WordPress themes to us.

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