35+ Best Genesis Child Themes Ever Created For WordPress 2024

Best Genesis Child Themes

Genesis is the most popular WordPress theme framework. It’s used by many bloggers and webmasters. There are plenty of fantastic child themes available for Genesis. These child themes alter the default Genesis design, making your website more appealing to your tribe.

Who Should Use Genesis Child Themes?

Everyone who wants to improve their site should consider these themes. You can use these themes for various niches like real estate blogs, fashion sites, church pages, magazine sites, education websites, and many other niches.

Nowadays, a brand can’t compete without a blog or a website; this is why choosing a proper theme for your domain is vital. Genesis is a great choice because you can customize your site so many different ways. Here are the 35 best Genesis child themes.

Best Genesis Child Themes

1. Start

Genesis Child Theme - Start

Start helps your blog deliver beautiful visuals to your customers. This theme is a fantastic way to advertise your physical products or services online.

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2. Patricia

Patricia Child Theme

This theme comes from Web Savvy Marketing. It’s created specifically for nonprofit organizations. It comes with widget areas on the homepage. The layout also includes an events calendar, CTA buttons, a newsletter sign-up box, and many more useful tools.

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3. Swank

Swank Child Theme

Swank comes with a clean layout that helps you show off your best projects. Or you can just upload essential photos. You might think that with its undemonstrative looks, Swank is lacking choices behind the curtain. Actually, this theme has a vast array of page outlines you can select.

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4. Centric Pro Theme

centric pro theme

This theme adroitly incorporates the Genesis framework alongside a stylish child theme, a combination that boosts your chances of success. The name “Centric” was not chosen randomly. It reflects this theme’s fundamental principle of trying to bring your blog into the mainstream. You can certainly more achieve attention with the tasteful design this theme uses.

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5. Altitude

Altitude Best Genesis Theme

Altitude is a theme with a welcome message placed in the center stage. This theme gives off a 3D-like upshot. Your customers will notice your design sense as they scan your site.

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6. Awaken

Top Genesis Theme Awaken

This theme gives you many opportunities to build your brand. The selection of useful options makes it easy to publish appealing posts on your WordPress blog. Additionally, there are more templates are at your disposal in the archives.

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7. Lisa Marie

Lisa Marie Best Theme

Lisa Marie is perfect if you work in the beauty industry. After it is installed on your domain, the theme spotlights your beauty products or services.

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8. Author Professional Theme

Author Pro Theme by StudioPress

This is a great child theme, made by StudioPress. This premium theme helps writers show off their best literature. Specifically, this theme lets you display gorgeous book covers. You can add more detail for every book or entry.

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9. Junction

Junction Theme StudioPress

The designing team outdid themselves when they created this theme. The layout combines functional features with fantastic designs. This theme assists webmasters in building a SEO-friendly website, permitting you to grab more traffic.

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10. Executive


Executive is great for freelancers. It has an amazing front page outline that is easy to work with. Executive also has a lot of useful options and features, including a chic contact page.

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11. Foodie Pro

Top Theme Foodie Pro

Foodie is focused on cooking. This theme really works for any webmaster that needs strong visuals. This theme comes with features that are flexible and chic.

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12. Dharma

Best Genesis Child Theme - Dharma

Dharma is made for many types of websites. The homepage is made to spotlight a fullscreen background image. It is perfect if you want to highlight your portfolio, or if you want to use an eye-catching image.

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13. News Pro

News Pro Theme by StudioPress

This theme uses two menus on the top of your site, making content discovery a breeze. It has a homepage slider that lets your viewers quickly access the latest news you want to share.

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14. Smooth Post 2

Smooth Post 2 Theme

Smooth Post 2 is ideal for people who post tons of articles and infographics. Actually, Smooth Post 2 ensures your materials do not vanish. You can use the extra files included for free. This allows you to add on to your site.

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15. Richmond

Best Genesis Theme Richmond

Richmond focuses on minimal design. Many people like this kind of design. The idea behind this theme is to keep your blog as simple as possible. The theme has a customizable homepage, a feature list, and much more.

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16. Metro Pro Theme

Genesis Blog Theme Metro Pro

Metro Pro theme provides a full-screen background image to your website. It does this without overpowering your content. It combines this effect with blocks of color, an effect which makes a unique impact. If you use Metro, you will notice the homepage of your blog can be arranged in a number of different options. This is made possible via the robust number of widgets.

This theme works great with almost any blog niche, but it is best suited for magazines and newspapers. It has a layout that makes you think of a media outlet. Metro Pro Theme knows how readers like to consume content. This theme is focused on delivering an experience catered to the reader’s whims.

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17. Minimum Pro Theme

Minimum Pro Genesis

This theme will attract a lot of eyeballs. It doesn’t come with a lot of details; sometimes less really is more. The theme includes a custom background, a custom header, and much more.

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18. Generate Pro Theme

generate pro theme

This is a business theme. Generate Pro helps fulfill your business needs. It costs a bit more than the average theme. It’s a great investment. It has attractive fonts and flashy icons that have only one purpose: spotlight your product.

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19. Modern Portfolio Pro Theme

Modern Portfolio Theme by StudioPress

You can use it on the desktop and mobile devices. It has a lot of accessibility, and it boasts the virtues of intelligence and minimalism. The Modern Portfolio Pro Theme includes footer widgets, fixed width, custom menus, and theme customization options. This theme will boost your brand and your audience.

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20. Ansel

Ansel Theme

Ansel is a theme that will stun you with its minimalist design. It is aesthetically polished, and it has a very responsive layout. You can use this theme to unique and beneficial ends, especially if you’re into photography.

The theme has a powerful Genesis framework that gives your visitors a natural browsing experience.

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21. Café Pro

CafePro Theme

Cafe Pro is a child theme made for business, restaurant, and all other business niches that aim for substantial culinary authority online. The theme comes with a multi-layer homepage, ideal for promoting your tasty treats and eats. The theme was developed using clean HTML5 and CSS3 coding techniques. These are cutting-edge trends in web design.

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22. Whitespace Pro

WhiteSpace Pro Theme

If you are looking to achieve a simple and minimalistic design for your blog, then The Whitespace Pro theme is the perfect answer. This theme has a clean and crisp layout. It is user-friendly, and it is really easy to get started. The theme is not just mobile -friendly; it runs flawlessly on mobile devices. It also has a big focus on gorgeous fonts.

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23. Vanish

Vanish Theme Genesis

Vanish is the perfect choice for those who want to make a visual impact on their visitors. You don’t need to be an artist to benefit from this theme. Maybe you just want to make a bold first impression on new arrivals. The home page layout of Vanish proclaims professionalism and taste. With this layout, your visitors can scroll down through your home page content. As they scroll, your gorgeous site tells the unique story of your brand, impressing your target market.

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24. Patron

Genesis Child Theme Patron

Patron was designed for e-commerce stores with WordPress. It blends the Genesis Framework with an e-commerce focus. The theme comes from Themedy, and it has filled a gap in the market. It does this with its complete support for the leading online store builder plugin WooCommerce.

Patron has a lot of features for your website and online store. The theme is fully mobile-responsive, which means that your visitors can buy your wares on any device.

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25. Drone

Best Genesis Child Theme Drone

Drone is the perfect Genesis child theme if you are looking for a clean and functional layout for your portfolio website. Portfolio sites contain a lot of graphical content. Drone helps maximize the impact of this content.

The theme has four portfolio page templates, and each one of them uses different column structures. With this flexible feature, you have a good range of options to show your work.

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26. Modern Blogger

Modern Blogger Pro Theme

As the name suggests, this theme was made for modern, even youthful, bloggers. The layout has a playful design. Anyone looking to infuse a bit of personality into their blog will appreciate it. The vibrant and colorful design of Modern Blogger comes with a lot of great features like multiple color schemes, page templates and column layouts.

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27. Daily Dish

Daily Dish Genesis Child Theme

Daily Dish is one of the cleanest and simple Foodie Blog Theme for Genesis users. However, if you like the design, you can use it for non-food blogs as well. The theme is equipped with some of the best features like Widgetized homepage and a lot more.

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28. Wintersong Pro Theme

wintersong theme

This one has a really melodious name, right? This premium theme won’t disappoint you. This one comes with fixed width, custom headers, and plenty of other perks.

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29. Streamline Pro Theme

StreamLine Pro Genesis Best Theme

With the three layout options, three color styles, custom menus, custom headers, custom background and featured images, you cannot go wrong with this one. It can be used to equal effect on any mobile device. The price is also competitive.

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30. The 411 Pro Theme

411 Genesis Child Theme

The 411 Pro Theme has a good price and comes with robust free updates. This makes it a splendid long-term investment. The theme adapts to the device it’s viewed on. Compatibility problems are in the past with this theme.

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31. Sarah Ellen

sarah ellen child theme

Sarah Ellen is a beautiful name for a Genesis child theme, isn’t it? Well, this layout looks as gorgeous as it sounds. It ‘s a great choice for a professional website. It’s not only for feminine blogs; the theme is actually versatile with its clean and modern design. The theme has nine different color options. This makes it easy to alter the theme to correspond with the mood of the site.

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32. Expose Pro Theme

expose pro theme

This theme embraces a bold goal. It aims to combine the rigor of strict discipline with the radicalness of creative thinking. Fans of this theme like to call it a piece of art. The Genesis framework blends great with the theme’s innovative and fully responsive features. Any creative brand would be proud to build their site with this child theme.

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33. Focus Pro Theme

Focus Pro Theme Genesis

A clever marketer knows they only have a few seconds to grab attention. Focus Pro does what the name suggests: it focuses on showcasing your site to the customer. The theme knows how to get and keep attention.

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34. Going Green Pro Theme

going green pro theme

The choice in color here is not random; green is a symbol of life. Green is restful for the brain. The layout is perfect for blogs that people will stay on for a long time, as it’s easy on the eyes.

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35. Readyfolio 2

Ready Folio 2 Theme

Readyfolio 2 is an ideal theme if you want an eye-popping work portfolio. The Themedy team made a piece of art here. This theme’s layout makes it easy to highlight your best work, the services you offer and the brands you’ve worked with. If you choose to purchase this theme, you can also publish testimonials easily. Social proof is vital for freelancers who want to build trust and increase sales.

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36. Jessica Theme

Genesis WooCommerce Theme Jessica

Jessica is one of the most robust Genesis Child theme for building online stores. The theme is specifically designed for stores powered by WooCommerce. Jessica is considered the ultimate WooCommerce Genesis child theme equipped with a lot of options and features.

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The Power of Genesis

Genesis has a robust number of child themes. They’re for all types of webmasters. If you start with Genesis, the child themes can take you to exciting new heights.

The essential part is to choose a theme that meshes with your goals. Child themes are just like cars. Some people are looking for gas mileage. Others are looking for horsepower. Some are looking for space to carry their kids. Child themes are the same way. Look for the best fit, and you’ll get the most value.

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