Windows 7 Official Wallpapers

Microsoft has released this official Windows 7 wallpapers pack. If you don’t use Windows 7 but still wants to have all these beautiful wallpapers, then here they are.

Here is the list of all unofficial Windows 7 Wallpapers.

Official Windows 7 Wallpapers List

Windows 7 Wallpaper

Architecture 1.


Architecture 2.


Architecture 3.

Architecture wallpaper

Architecture 4.

Architecture wallpaper

Architecture 5.

Architecture wallpare

Architecture 6.


Character 1.

Character Wallpaper 1

Character 2.

Character Wallpaper 2

Character 3.

Character Wallpaper 4

Character 4.

Character Wallpaper 4

Character 5.

Character Wallpaper 5

Character 6.

Character Wallpaper 6

Landscape 1.

Landscape wallpaper

Landscape 2.

Landscape wallpaper 2

Landscape 3.

Landscape wallpaper 3

Landscape 4.

Landscape wallpaper 4

Landscape 5.

Landscape wallpaper 5

Landscape 6.

Landscape wallpaper 6

Nature 1.

Nature Wallpaper

Nature 2.

Nature Wallpaper 2

Nature 3.

Nature Wallpaper 3

Nature 4.

Nature Wallpaper 4

Nature 5.

Nature Wallpaper 5

Scenes 1.

Scenes Wallpaper 1

Scenes 2.

Scenes Wallpaper2

Scenes 3.

Scenes Wallpaper 3

Scenes 4.

Scenes Wallpaper 4

Scenes 5.

Scenes Wallpaper 5

Scenes 6.

Scenes Wallpaper 6

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  1. Wow. These are cool wallpapers. Ever since I installed Windows 10, I have been using some of them. Will download and use the rest of them.

  2. if you had not made us switch to crazy windows 10, this would not be necessary. I will most likely switch back to 7.

    1. Not a good idea. Regardless of whether or not you believe Windows 7 is better, it’s never a good idea to stick with an unsupported OS, unless you plan to never connect it to the internet.

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