Why A Well Designed WP Theme and Logo Is A Must For Your Blog

a well designed logo for your WordPress blog is necessary
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A blog being a website that is updated continuously with new content, also known as posts need to be attractive and rich in design. The arrangement of contents within your page in the blog will go a long way in creating the impact that you desire it to have.

When one is using WordPress to create a blog, it provides a collection of themes for free and also for a fee. WP themes are templates and style sheets that define the appearance and display of web content when using WordPress to create a blog. WP themes have different designs, features, and layouts. When designing your blog, you should choose the one which suits the requirements of your website.

You can modify a WP theme by codes in the functions.php file and also by adding plugins provided in WordPress. The other part that you can use to improve the WP theme is the style.css file.

A well designed WP theme and logo design is a must for your blog because they are the first impression your site visitors see. A blog aims to pass out information which is made possible by ensuring that visitors stay longer and read the contents that are there.

A well designed WP theme ensures that visitors can navigate the site easily, and it makes a site look elegant. To attract readers to your blog, you need to give out useful information in a well-presented manner. A WP theme that has a good design helps in organizing the contents creatively.

A well designed WP theme will ensure the following on your blog.

Site appearance

Effective communication allows the use of text and a combination of visuals designed graphics, photos, animations, and videos. All these contents must appear in such a way that they are appealing and attractive to the blog visitor.

Reducing reader effort when browsing

Visitors to your blog should be able to browse the site with no efforts at all. A well designed WP theme can be used to anticipate the reader’s needs. Visitors should not use any effort to understand the arrangement of your blog. The blog design using a WP theme should make it simple for the visitor by optimizing what they see when they visit the site.

A well designed WP theme ensures contents present in a way that allows immediate perception by the reader.

Site performance

A well designed WP theme ensures that there is no page bloat. Large webpages hurt both visitors and blog owners. They cause slower performance and increased bandwidth costs.

A well designed WP theme ensures that users who are visiting your blog can see posts from a specific date since a blog is usually arranged in reverse chronological order. The theme allows users to view all the posts that you have posted under one tag.

A well-designed theme also enables users to differentiate between the static pages and the one that is regularly updated, thus allowing them to go directly to the pages containing information that they need. A visitor to your blog should be able to navigate to similar pages within the blog.

A well designed WP theme should include at least the following components

  • Navigation menu
  • A Search box
  • A place to retrieve the archived pages
  • A page to enable contact making
  • A page containing history or about of the blog

The logo incorporated on the site should have a link leading the user back to the home page of the blog. The link helps new users to jump back quickly and also helps the familiar user to avoid using the back button.

Why a well-designed logo is a must for your blog

A well-designed logo in your blog is a must because:

A logo is the identity of your organization

The identity and perception of consumers on your products largely depend on how they identify with the organization and its products. A well-designed logo ensures that the organization can be easily identified and also its products. The main purpose of a logo design is for branding the organization`s products, which enables the consumers to easily pick the product from the varieties provided by the market. A well-designed logo will help the visitors to identify easily with your blog.

Another important aspect of the logo design is finding a logo designer to help you design your logo. Your logo should be timeless, simple, and unique to your business. There are millions of websites and businesses; you need to make sure your logo designer has experience.

Use of a logo in all your marketing strategies

A well-designed logo will go a long way in your business when developing marketing strategies, whether using electronic or print media. A good logo makes it easier for you to incorporate it into all aspects of marketing. In blogging, one can use a logo to announce coming events that are related to your organization.

A blogger can use a well-designed logo whenever posting new developments in the site if the blog is meant to promote a corporate organization.


A theme and a logo in a blog must be well designed to achieve the optimal intention of the site. The design contributes to traffic flow to your website, which is the main aim of any blog.

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