The Blogger Lifecycle – Create, Promote, Track & Optimize

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Blogger Lifecycle

The ongoing Blogger Lifecycle that happens in the online blogging community is to Create + Promote + Track + Optimize. It’s a process that is drilled into us bloggers. There are ways to help make things go smoother. This blog post will talk about some ways we go about things here.

1. Creating Content – The Blogger Lifecycle

Creating Quality Content

Quality content is the key to any website success, so content is the king of blogging. It is something that your visitors will enjoy reading, watching or listening to and will refer their friends, colleagues, family members, and others to it. By building quality content on your site, you get not only search engine traffic but trust, reputation, greater conversions and incoming natural links. If you create mediocre content, the parts will not matter.

So how do you create good content? I have compiled a list of articles, which help you a lot for brainstorming because reading blogs inside and outside is the only way to learn.

2. Promoting A Blog

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This is vital area after writing a quality blog post. Way back in the day, there were hundreds of easy ways to promote a blog like submitting the post on Digg (no longer useful 5/25/2017), Reddit and StumbleUpon, etc. but not anymore because it is tough to get your post on front page. Because need lots of friends circle how thumb up and can vote for your post. But some other way might be worth considering as well.

First of all make a search engine friendly post by giving a good title to your post, detailed description, and keywords.

Secondly, When you give a reference in your post for a person or company, let them know by writing an email, which may help your post to get a link back from their site.

3. Tracking Different Type Of Blogging Stat’s

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The is the most important part to get success in blogging, but most bloggers ignore this area.  Creating quality content and promoting them is critical but what is working and getting traffic to your blog is priceless.

There are lots of tracking tools out there, here is a list of articles about all these tools, also you can Google about Blog tracking tools.

4. Optimizing Blog

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People learn from their mistakes,  so learn from your previous post and make next post better.  The Design of your blog, content, layout,  and coding all should be optimized.  As you continue to optimize your blog, you will see your traffic and user loyalty will grow. Blogging is a learning process, and even the pros continue to learn things.

Do you have any questions about anything mentioned? If so, don’t be shy, comment below.

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