Content Is The King But SEO Plays a Crucial Role In Digital Marketing

Content is King?

It is said that content is the king and SEO are its best servant! But is this saying really true? Is SEO has as little importance as that of a servant? Well, most of the search experts have a vivid perspective.

Nearly, all of them would say that a good content would enhance your search standing. However, the phrase “content is king” has become a ritual to perform in most of the SEO circle. But, that’s not the case here!

The issue is how a good digital marketing strategy takes place? The fact that the digital marketing is huge and complex and is a web of interconnected strategies.

Search engine optimization(SEO) and search engine marketing(SEM) can be categorized as two different strategies of digital marketing and content can complement them nicely.

Content is important for a campaign to succeed, but does content only would make an SEO campaign work? Let see what this whole thing is all about.

Key roles of content

The pros of providing informative content

A good content comprises of relevant information such as examples, comparisons, statistics, and data. It keeps the reader intrigued in the content and would help in increasing the search standing of a particular website.

Additionally, providing more content adds more indexable pages to your site. However, quality of the content plays a vital role in indexing of the pages. If you maintain a good length and quality, you’ll gain more views on the web.

Search Engine Perception

If you keep a high quality of content, your content will increase Google’s perception of your authority which means Google will see you as a provider of high quality of content.

In turn, your content would be given higher priority and visibility. The content also gives you opportunities to interlink the pages of your website. The more your pages are linked, the higher your authority will be.

The inbound links are very important as they build trust and show relevance in your content. Actually, it is a hyperlink that is published on a third-party web page that directs on your site.

Naturally earn those links by creating informative, creative and unique content. If you earn these links naturally, you can avoid penalty and still earn those important authority building links.

Apart from this, some vital roles that contents plays are:-

Social Signals – Though social signal is the least important factor that affects the ranking, but it is vital. As and when site’s content is shared socially, ranking rises gradually.

For successful social signals, it is necessary to create high-quality content that attracts users at maximum. This way you can hit more viewers through social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and whatnot.

Meta Data – As and when a website comes up for the specific queries, the information that appears on the Search Engine Result Pages(SERP) is Meta Data. Few of the important indicators of the Meta Data are meta descriptions, meta text, title tags, alt tags. As these are mentioned on the search engines, they require brilliant content development to achieve success.

Site mapping – Site mapping is the pre-decided path for exploring the website. Since these are important for increasing the rankings, URL structures, page names, and navigation plays a very crucial role. Therefore, it is essential to chiefly concentrate on creating meaningful content.

Although content holds a special place, there are some places where SEO strategies don’t require content.

  • The Technical structure of your website matters a lot. It should be in such a manner that it should attract the readers and forces them to stay on your site. It has to be in an indexable format. Use pictures and videos in the proper format to capture the attention of the users.
  • The performance of your website directly affects the ranking. Your site won’t rank well if your site performance is not up to the mark. Confirm that your website is mobile friendly that doesn’t take a long time in loading. Also, it is advisable to add a layer of encryption for providing better security measures. This way users are satisfied with the website visiting and would love to come again and again due to accessibility.
  • Technical issues are always unpredictable and comes occasionally. Those technical issues. Somehow, those technical issues use to arise because of the content strategy and should be solved as well.

It is true to say that content is the king. It is very much responsible and plays a vital role to make an SEO strategy successful. However, there are areas where content is not that important.

So, both SEO strategies and content go hand in hand and serve a symbiotic relationship. If you focus only on content, you would miss the technical perspective which can have an adverse effect. Therefore, content should be crucial to you but it shouldn’t be your standalone priority.

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