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Most Common SSL Connection Errors And Methods To Fix Them

The irritating SSL connection errors may suddenly appear from nowhere, or maybe the result of lousy SSL certificate setup. No matter what the reason is, you surely don’t want your visitors to see any kind of dangerous warnings when surfing your website. These browser notifications can be: “Your connection is not private“, “Your connection is […]

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4 Tips on Building an Effective Intranet Website Using WordPress

Communication is the glue that keeps teams and organizations together. When communication is done correctly, team members can work seamlessly with each other, and the organization as a whole can grow exponentially. More and more businesses are now setting up their own intranet website to allow team members to share information and documents, communicate with […]

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How to Insert image in WordPress

“Hearing and seeing something, which exists physically are two different things. When you hear about something then it is likely that you will begin to believe in it, but when you see that thing then it occurs to you that whatever you heard and believed in was accurate”. In WordPress, we see a number of […]