How To Add Link To a Custom WordPress Footer

add footer links

One of the easiest ways to customize WordPress is to add links to the footer of the theme’s template. You could add the link to any website you want and if your blog is part of your website adding a link to the homepage of your site will help your search engine rankings as well. This is a little WordPress Guide that will help interlink your website.

First, make sure you can edit your theme’s footer.php file by making it writable in your hosting account. Login to your hosting account, browse to your blog’s folder, the wp-content folder and then the themes folder. Look for your current theme and open that folder. Change the file permissions to at least the footer.php file to 777 or 666.

Login to your blog, click Appearance, then Theme Editor, look for the Footer file on the right and click it to open it in the editor. First, copy all the content in this file and save it as a text file in Notepad on your computer. That way if you mess things up you can just paste the original code back in to start over.

Now look for the links that are already in place, for the default theme that will look like this:

We want to add a link right after this code, Place your mouse right after the original code and hit the space bar once and add your new link code. Or you could just copy the original code and paste it right after it and then edit the URL, the anchor text and even place some text in front of it like this:

Now Click Update File, open your site and marvel at your handy work!

If you are using a free theme that someone wrote and it has a link to their website in it please leave the link intact. After all, that is a small price to pay for what they have provided you.

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