Beaver Builder Review – Is It Really Worth The Hype

Beaver Builder Review

The natural beauty of WordPress is its flexibility and ease to use. However, recently, a more robust way of building WordPress websites has landed in the market and is crowded with many WordPress tools, aka plugins called Page Builders.

A Page Builder is a tool that upgrades the default WordPress content editor to a page editor. You can then visually design your own theme and pages from scratch. In basic terms, page builder is a tool to craft a website or page out of your dreams block by block, element by element.

Honestly, I had never fallen in love with any page builders due to their markups, additional CSS files, and a gross tangle of code.

However, I recently came across an excellent WordPress page builder plugin, “Beaver Builder,” that’s risen above my usual developers’ disdain.

Beaver Builder is a WordPress plugin for developers, designers and do it yourselfers to craft and design their WordPress sites using this drag and drop plugin.

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This thorough beaver builder review can be of your interest if you are looking for a way to craft a custom WordPress site from scratch or want to upgrade your existing site’s design.

Many premia and free page builder plugins are available in the WordPress market. Still, beaver builder is considered a leader among many top developers like Carrie Dils and Chris Lema.

This review will look at the following factors related to the Beaver Builder plugin.

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By the end of this post, we will cover everything about the Beaver Builder plugin, enabling you to determine if it is a suitable tool for your website.

Features of Beaver Builder Plugin

The first section of the Beaver Builder review focuses on the plugin’s features. Here we will discuss the elements of the Beaver Builder plugin in detail.


Beaver Builder comes with a lot of pre-built page templates. You can kick-start your project by implementing dozens of templates to your projects. This will save your time and help you learn how Beaver Builder works. You can take a step further by protecting your custom designs as templates and reusing them on all your sites or client sites.

Column Based Layouts:

Another reason for writing the Beaver Builder review is that the Plugin comes with column-based layouts. As a result, you can easily control the width, sections, and almost all aspects of a web page.

 Backward Compatibility:

One of the most distinctive features of Beaver Builder is its backward compatibility with WordPress. You can switch between themes without the fear of losing content. Even if you disable beaver builder, your content will remain intact in the content editor, making this Plugin the most robust market.

Beaver Builder Theme:

The Pro and Agency Packages have the distinction of having a free theme, “Beaver Builder.” The Beaver Builder is a simple, clean, and yet powerful theme. It supports live editing via WordPress customizer along with many impressive features.


One of the best thing about Beaver Builder is the possibility of automation with the help of SureTriggers. It’s integrated in SureTriggers meaning you can easily automate your contact form entries and pass them on to various applications like MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, for marketing initiatives or creata a Trello card as a task for your team. Perhaps, you can collect the contact form data in Google sheets and send personalized automated emails too. The possibilities are endless.

Coding Standards of Beaver Builder Plugin

Code Standard:

The code is clean without any errors and compatible with WordPress’s latest version. Further, it works across all browsers and is very efficient.

Speed Impact:

Beaver Builder does impact a little on speed but in milliseconds. However, properly optimizing the CSS via minification and combining scripts will not affect the site’s speed. The Plugin is almost the leader in this regard among its competitors.

Beaver Builder Extensions

Beaver Builder is very flexible, and its functionality can be extended via different extensions. Here are a few of them.

  1. Beaver Themer -First Official Beaver Builder Addon
  2. Ultimate Beaver Add-ons

Beaver Builder Plugin Pricing


The Beaver Builder plugin is a little expensive but completely worth the price. There are four different plans available.

  1. Standard – $99
  2. Pro – $199
  3. Agency – $399
  4. Ultimate – $546
Beaver Builder Pricing and License Options


The Beaver Builder team is excellent and gladly provides a refund within 30-days of purchase if it does not work out for you.


Further, Beaver Builder offers a 40% discount on all renewals. The best part, you don’t need a Beaver Builder coupon to avail of the deal. Renew it, and it’s all done with 40% OFF the regular price.

Knowledgebase and Support

The most beautiful thing about this excellent Plugin is its team of developers. Beaver Builder has a perfect team of professionals to provide industry-standard support to its users around the clock. In addition, the Plugin comes with complete documentation, which can be accessed here.


Beaver Builder is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create websites without coding. It is regarded as a top WordPress page builder plugin. Both the WPArena team and I highly recommend trying out Beaver Builder. We believe you will not regret this decision. However, if you prefer coding websites yourself, feel free to do so. Nonetheless, it is a significantly easier and more time-saving alternative to coding. Please share your opinions in the comments section below.

  1. Beaver Builder is praised for its ease and excellence by a very large following. Some of my contacts love it…L-O-V-E it!

    Beaver Builder has not worked out at all for my situation. Actually, it has been a nightmare to set up and get running on a simple blog. It’s not for everyone, which does underscore that developers should be encouraged that the market is open to other options.

      1. BB Danny,
        Thanks for the suggestion. That’s the tricky part. If I knew what the problem was, I’d know what to ask. Overall, to me, it’s like kneeling before a huge pile of jigsaw puzzle pieces thrown across the floor. Moving one piece in the front end may or may not appear to have an effect, and after I wrestle with that, I discover too late that pieces in the backend have moved to undermine everything.
        Since I left my original comment several months ago, I’ve still hung in there, watched countless videos, and asked pros for help on it. I haven’t been successful at a single page.
        I’ve tried all kinds of tutorials but they’ve not been helpful. They always have menus or options that don’t appear in Beaver Builder. We bought the topline package of BB for multiple sites. Maybe that makes a difference?
        I think I’m gonna have to face the music to ditch the blog idea and figure out another route.
        Thanks for the suggestion, though. I appreciate it.

      2. Was reading an article about WordPress, and this author summed it up well for me:
        “I spent countless hours trying to make my website look good when I should have been spending that time on other (and more valuable!) things. Instead of tweaking code, I should have been writing blog posts.”

  2. I’ve tested the free version on GeneratePress theme and found that many Syntax Highlighter plugins do not work when using shortcodes via Beaver Builders. Syntax Highlighter Evolved, Code Colorer, Crayon and Syntax Highlighter are a few that do not work within the builder, but do using the standard WP editor. This is the same for Elementor. Visual Composer works without issue, but is very slow.

  3. Thanks for your review. You have tons of great information on Beaver Builder. I used it to develop several websites and agree that it is a great plugin for the non technical DIY person.

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