Beaver Themer Review – First Official Beaver Builder Add-on

Beaver Themer Review

If you have ever heard of the popular WordPress Page Builder plugin “Beaver Builder” in the past year, then today here is exciting news. Beaver Builder family released a Theme Builder Framework called Beaver Themer. It’s an add-on of Beaver Builder plugin that will extend beaver builder to the extreme developer-end with a whole new world of possibilities. Beaver Themer is the first official Beaver Builder plugin released on the 10th of May 2017 after continuous hard work and development of the original plugin. We are reviewing Beaver themer add-on from toe to head today. So let’s get started.

Beaver Themer Review

Beaver Themer Review

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From a webmasters perspective, Beaver themer connects page building and templating functionality which was only available previously when editing a theme’s PHP files. Yes, that means a lot for developers. For example, you can build a single template and then apply it to an infinite number of posts, pages, products or even custom post types. Further, you can make headers and footers, 404-page templates, archives layouts and all “theme parts” right inside using the beaver builder interface. This can be further enhanced by setting conditions for each template to display it on specific pages or templates.

Beaver Themer Overview Video

Let’s have a look at the original video of Beaver Themer created by Beaver Builder family.

Features of Beaver Themer Add-on

Beaver themer is a whole world of new possibilities. This means you can just do anything imaginable by using this great plugin and add-on. There are limitless possibilities, and features are extensive. We can divide Beaver Themer features into four main headings.

  1. Field Connections
  2. Theme Parts
  3. Theme Templates
  4. Post Grids

Beaver Themer Features

What Are Field Connections

This is one of the most impressive features introduced in the Beaver Themer add-on.  Field Connections are connecting your underlying data to existing modules. For example, you can insert the post title into the heading module or to use a field connection to grab the featured image in the row background. Beaver Builder team further simplified it by creating “shortcut modules” such as Post Title, which are regular modules with the field connections already set up.

Field connections are developer friendly, and one can create any data connections they need.field connections

Headers and Footers

The majority of webmasters was requesting Header and Footer modification add-ons from the beaver builder family. And this is also great news for them. Yes, with the help of Beaver Themer, they can now easily design their website header and footers using a Page Builder. This is currently only possible when using Beaver Themer with the Beaver Builder theme or one of the supported themes.

Header Footer Designing

Not only you can build headers and footers, but Themer also gives you the ability to control which pages they show up and to which users.

This can also be extended by putting conditions on specific headers to only show them to specific users or on specific pages. For example, you can create a simple transparent header for your home page and a separate header for the rest of your site. Or, you can create a distinct footer for logged-in users or administrators, that displays a particular sections or options.

What are Theme Parts

Theme Parts are individual sections of Beaver Builder content that can be injected throughout your site. For example, you can create a newsletter signup form or a call to action button, then position it to the various available areas. This is one of the essential features for building future sites on the framework.

theme parts

What are Posts Grid

If you are using Beaver Builder plugin, then you might be familiar with Beaver Builder’s Posts Module. Beaver Themer uses the same idea but increasing it’s count to 11.

beaver themer posts grid

With 11 different styles available, you can choose from various layouts, styles and dynamically filter archives with taxonomies and custom queries. Furthermore, you can even apply HTML and completely change the look of your designs.

Is My Current Theme Supported

This may be a major question right in your mind if you are not using a Beaver Builder theme or it’s compatible themes. There is a good news for you that if your current theme is supporting Beaver Builder plugin, then you can utilize most of the features of this add-on. Like you can utilize Beaver Themer’s archive, single, and 404-page layout tools. However, for the header, footer, and theme part layouts, themes must be compatible.

Out of the box, Beaver Themer fully supports the following themes:


Beaver Themer add-on is currently running at its introductory price of $110.25, but it’s only introductory price. The real price of this great add-on is $147. So, grab it today with a great discount using its initial price.

Beaver Themer Pricing

Wrap up

So, let’s close this topic in a single line. If you want to build awesome sites with high interactivity and features, then Beaver builder themer is one of the best choices for you. This will not only eliminate the process of custom coding but also helps you streamline your work by saving templates and using them again and again. So, let’s get ahead of others and buy it today. Try and it and you won’t get regretted.

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  1. Great review Jazib!
    This was much needed. You have nicely highlighted and explained the main features and functionalities.

    1. Thanks a lot Punnet for appreciation. Our whole team is Beaver Builder lover and we will keep working with you guys.

  2. I like this builder but I hope you will soon write about themify and inform me by replying this comment and I will be very happy to talk to you again.

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