Theme Design Complete: Where Do I Promote My WordPress Theme

Promote My WordPress Theme

Are you a WordPress theme designer who would rather focus on design than the business aspects of selling your themes? Look no further! In this article, we will explore popular marketplaces that can handle the specifics of payments, promotion, and downloading, allowing you to concentrate on what you love – designing.


Designing WordPress themes can be a fulfilling full-time job. Imagine being able to make a living doing what you are passionate about! If this is you, it’s time to find a reliable and efficient third-party marketplace to handle the logistics while you focus on your creative work.

ThemeForest: A Top Marketplace

One highly popular marketplace for WordPress themes is ThemeForest. Renowned for its quality and customer satisfaction, ThemeForest is strongly recommended by many WordPress enthusiasts. With a vast selection of themes and a satisfied customer base, ThemeForest offers an excellent opportunity for theme designers to showcase and sell their creations.

The Benefits of ThemeForest

As a seller on ThemeForest, you can enjoy multiple advantages. Not only will your theme be exposed to a vast audience, but the marketplace also takes care of payment processing, promotion, and secure digital downloads. They have an established reputation for customer satisfaction, ensuring a positive experience for both buyers and sellers.

Exploring ThemeForest

If you haven’t already, take the time to familiarize yourself with ThemeForest’s documentation for sellers. This will give you valuable insights and guidance on navigating the marketplace effectively. Refer to their comprehensive Guides on becoming a Seller to make the most of your selling experience on ThemeForest.

Codester: Another Promising Marketplace

Besides ThemeForest, another marketplace worth considering is Codester. This dynamic marketplace offers a range of digital products, including WordPress themes. To learn more about Codester, check out our in-depth review: Codester Marketplace Review. Exploring multiple marketplaces increases your chances of reaching a wider audience and generating substantial revenue.

Your Experience Counts

If you have used both ThemeForest and Codester to sell your WordPress themes, we would love to hear about your experience. Share your review below to help our readers gain valuable insights into these marketplaces and make informed decisions.

The Ever-Evolving World of Theme Selling

As a theme seller, staying adaptable and open to exploring new opportunities is crucial. While you may encounter some challenges or aspects you don’t particularly enjoy, always keep in mind the potential for growth and success. Continuously improving your designs, utilizing reliable marketplaces, and striving for customer satisfaction will ensure the longevity of your business.


Selling WordPress themes allows you to focus on what you love – designing captivating themes for users worldwide. You can tap into a broad customer base by leveraging reputable marketplaces like ThemeForest and Codester, ensuring your themes reach their full potential. Remember to stay current with marketplace guidelines and prioritize customer satisfaction. Start sharing your creative designs with the world and make a lasting impact in the WordPress community!

Note: Before publishing your WordPress themes on any marketplace, ensure that your code complies with the latest WordPress standards for optimal performance and compatibility.

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