Killer Customizations from the Thesis Theme for WordPress

The Thesis Theme for WordPress is among the best premium themes available. Thesis is perhaps the most versatile theme that has ever been created. Aside from having some of the best SEO qualities, the Thesis Theme is also one of the most customizable and versatile themes ever developed for the WordPress blogging platform. So even if you only have a limited knowledge of CSS and HTML, you can tweak Thesis and create an awesome, unique design. For a look at some killer customizations from within the Thesis community, check out these awesome Blogs and Websites.

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1. Evolation Yoga

2. The ephemeral project

3. A Life in Translation

4. Father Apprentice

5. Family Home Security

6. Group Mind Media

7. Fluency Media

8. M help Desk:

9. Grace full Plate

10. In 30 Days

11. Rob Maguire

12. Recursive Loop

13. Network Solutions Blog

14. Kolakube

15.  Matt Hodder

16. Park Avenue Weight

17. Hyder Media

18. Team Thesis

19. Dailybuzznation

20. Rowboat Media

21. Donfirke

22. Shatterboxx Media

23. The Mogul Mom

24. Iterasi Blog

25. The Forgiveness Project

26. Think Traffic

27. Merchline Blog

28. Letter Cult

29. Pearsonified

30. Color Metrix

31. Green Your Decor

32. 344 Pounds

33. Grubgrid

34. Gluten Free Girl

35. Nerdist

36. Complete Organizing Solutions

37. Miamiinjury Firm

38. Think Dave

39. Toy fair NY Blog

40. Mattbites

41. Rocket Shoes

42. Odd Mods

43. Zen Fully Delicious

44. Life Styles Unlimited

45. Peter Shallard

46. Distinctattire

47. Ivyandaster

48. Hit those keys-wild keys

49. Stick it 2 Cancer

50. Hidden Hills Farms

51. mx Police

52. Credit Blog

53. Raw Justice

54. Aardling

55. Immersus

56. Candle Wood Retreat

57. ebay Motors Blog

58. Justin Kopepasah

59. Untemplater

60. Skimbaco Lifestyle

61. Ericscouten

62. Plixi Blog

63. Epic Motion

64. Blogussion

65. Johngerzema

66. Productive Flourishing

67. Moneyning

68. Simplemom

69. Backupify Blog

70. Question The Rules

71. Affiliate Summit

72. Kirantarun

73. Esloveniacorazon

74. Corona

75. Streetnine Blog

76. Bidsketch Blog

77. Radiussf

78. Social Triggers

79. Montrail Blog

80. Fresh Home Blog

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Killer Customizations from the Thesis Community

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