How to integrate Magento into WordPress e-Commerce site

Magento is the best eCommerce software, well architected and well designed too. You can easily customize it and change theme according to your needs. I have compiled a list of Great Themes for Magento. Over 60,000 merchants worldwide use Magento to power their ecommerce front. WordPress is [...]

How to Increase WordPress Performance through Lazy Load Widgets

If you are using WordPress as your blog platform and want to increase its performance, The Lazy Widget Loader plugin provides lazy loading for widgets to improve page loading. Use it on slow widgets, especially those where external data is loaded, like widgets from Facebook, Twitter, AdSense and others. [...]

Create Online Store with Free WordPress e-Commerce plugin

One of the greatest strength of WordPress lies in how easy it is to modify and extend. WordPress is an open source, its functionality is nearly limitless as well. WordPress developers creating hundreds of plugins to extend its capabilities. WP e-Commerce is a free WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin [...]

Best WordPress Plugins to make Featured Content Slider

You can find a lot of Content Slider plaugins in WordPress Plugin Directory, they are also knows as Gallery plugins, Carousel Plugins, and you can make prominent featured articles, featured posts, featured slideshow, sticky widgets on your blog. Also, some of these plugins integrate with HTML5, audio, [...]

Simple WordPress CMS Customization with CMSify Plugin

WordPress 3.0 greatly expands the basic CMS capabilities of WordPress with custom post types and better navigation menus. WordPress is the best content management system and If you are using WordPress and looking for simplest way to control your CMS features than WordPress CMSify plugin is here [...]

How to setup an Appnx Web CMS for creating iPhone App

Web developers and designers that don’t know Objective C language skill and want to develop an excellent full featured iPhone application. Appnx is an engine that allows you to create an iPhone app using a web CMS . You can create anything from a simple app containing text pages to complete application [...]