Open Source Projects are Using jQuery

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jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development. jQuery is designed to change the way that you write JavaScript, that is what jQuery developers are saying.

All the top web sites are using this wonderful code library as well all open source projects getting help from jQuery. Here is the list of Open source project web sites that are using jQuery.

1. Mozilla – Firefox Addon Community


2. DotNetNuke

DotNetNuke is an open source web application framework ideal for creating, deploying and managing interactive web, intranet and extranet sites.


3. WordPress – Extensible blogging platform.


4. Drupal – Widely popular open source content management platform.


5. PEAR – PHP Extension and Application Repository


6. Trac

One of the best issue tracking and wiki systems for software development projects.


7. Textpattern CMS

Popular flexible easy-to-use content management system.


8. RoundCube – Webmail



Easy to use open source PHP content management system using JQuery


10 Digitalus Site Manager

Open source content management system built on the Zend Framework, Jquery, and FckEditor


11. CouchDB

Distributed, fault-tolerant and schema-free document-oriented database


12. Laconica

Open Microblogging tool. Powers


13. SPIP A multilingual open source Web publishing system.


14. Piwik – Open source Web Analytics software.


15. Joomla Extensions – Popular content management system.


16. Pommo – Versatile mass mailing software.


17. Hpricot – A flexible HTML parser, written in Ruby and C.


18. Projekty domow – web developers can make virtual multi-user.


19. Deploy*

A free, open source, web application which allows user to quickly deploy a web project framework with valid XHTML and CSS in only a matter of seconds.


20. PHP for Applications – A development framework for building PHP applications


21. ZemBlog – French extensible blogging platform.


22. CMS Made Simple – A content management system


23. ApexLib – A development framework for Oracle APEX.


24. Cheesecake Photoblog Software

A feature rich Photoblog built using CakePHP framework


25. WordPress DropShop – Shopping Cart Module for WordPress.


26. Ajax File Manager

Advanced Ajax File Manager, can run stand-alone or as a Plugin of Javascript Editor, eg. Tinymce and FCKeditor, etc.


27. Advanced Ajax Image Editor

Resize, Crop, Rotate your Images with Mouse Only.


28. Advanced Ajax Form Builder

is a PHP&Mysql Based WYSWYG Form Builder. It makes you create a ready-to-go Online Form in minutes, just move/click your mouse to build increditable forms without any knowledge of programming.


29. Z-Blog A popular ASP blogging platform in China.


30. PyroLinux Open source linux distribution.


31. b2evolution multilingual multiuser multiblog engine


32. Free Flash Clock – Free Flash Clock


33. Freebase – A giant, open, shared database


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  • André Monteiro

    Very useful information.

    We have been introduce to Piwik as an powerful alternative to Google Analytics but honestly, we never felt the need to test it. Now, after seem Piwik mentioned again, we will definitely give it a try.

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  • Blaze Boy

    there is also my CMS, or we can name it the websites kernel VUSNY
    it’s based on jquery and dojo(dijit)
    i hope to get feedback from you guys

  • Mahmudur Rahman

    Nice collection of website used jQuery and JavaScript Library also very informative , thanks for shearing…

  • admin

    Blaze Boy you blog is excellent

  • Blaze Boy

    thanks, i want it to be something like dreamweaver but on the web… so that you can design your website without any program except a graphics program

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    Thanks for shearing! So much useful plug ins and info! Great job!

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    Wow :) Awesome project . Thanks for sharing this nice post.

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