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  • Intriguing study reveals the secrets of successful infographics

    What makes an infographic successful? As designers, we want it to achieve a balance of two main things:Did the reader get the message we wanted them to get?Was the message memorable?Doctoral student Michelle Borkinworked with collaborators to collect, analyze and present 2,070 single-panel visualizations from a range of publications and websites.

  • Free WordPress Plugin: 3D banner rotator with Statistics

    Premium WordPress Plugin that implements 3D banner rotator with Statistics is now available for free from our Website. Go get it while it’s still hot :).

  • 50 essential freebies for web designers, March 2014

    New projects are being released all the time that make us excited, curious, inspired and sometimes a little bit jealous. Today we continue our monthly series of the very best free resources for web designers with a collection that includes cool scripts, awesome fonts, great ideas, and must-see experiments.

  • Apps to Watch: Cal, Mailbox, Todoist and Others

    Here is a collection of 10 apps that are beautifully designed, solve a problem, entertain and have a very promising future. Get inspired by the leaders of tomorrow.

  • Captivating Colorful Pictures and Photography Tips

    This is a spectacular collection of pictures… color pictures. Some say the class of black and white images can not be encompassed by colored images.

  • Best jQuery Plugins of the Week [23rd February-1st March]

    Ever since the introduction, useful jQuery plugins have been successful in winning the heart’s of millions of designers and developers for the smart functionality and help these offer. Developers around the world are continuously rolling out best jQuery plugins to lend helpful hand to others who direly need them to cut down the pain of getting the things done the right way.

  • Collection of Inspiring Typography – Vol 2

    Small collection of typography projects that shows unique methods for the creation of a design.

  • Adobe’s new product integration streamlines content across devices

    One of the big challanges for large companies, especially in the digital age, is establishing and maintaining brand consistency. A corporation like Sony for example, wages a daily war to ensure consistent communications across five continents.Today Adobe announced that they’re integrating their Digital Publishing Suite with Adobe Experience Manager, in an effort to capture a larger market share of this growing sector.

  • What UX Is and What Isn’t

    What is user experience design? The common misconception comes from the word design. Due to influence of fashion, design is often associated with aesthetics of the product. User Experience Design is much more complex than you think.

  • 20 Creative Photo Manipulation Examples

    20 Creative Photo Manipulation Examples. Check them now and get creative.

  • All about wordpress plugins

    Thank you for publishing my article

  • 15 Amazing Examples Of Fullscreen Websites

    Full screen websites’ popularity is growing day by day. With large backgrounds, images and videos, fullscreen websites have already made a bold statement in the design community. In this post we have put together 15 outstanding examples of fullscreen websites for your design inspiration. check out the list and let us know which large background website appeals to you most.

  • Water Drops – Photoshop Tutorial

    Easy to follow step by step photoshop tutorial from MakeSimpleDesigns that will teach you how to create realistic water drops.

  • Improve your coding with 25 hyper legible fonts for programmers

    The pinnacle of web development is hand-coding. No other approach delivers the same bespoke quality, performance and all round job-well-done-ness as rolling up your sleeves and digging into source code.Selecting an appropriate font for coding is a unique task, in that the only audience you have to consider is yourself. The only thing that counts is what works for you.

  • Web Design Conferences you Should Attend in 2014

    Our topic of the day is somewhat related to the article How And What to Learn from your Fellow Designers or you can say this article will help us know how one can take a step further in learning from other professional designers out there. There is always someone to look upon and conferences provide you the platform to meet the professional designers face to face and know them!

  • 2014?s Top 10 Free WordPress Plugins Up for Grabs

    Combining the tried-and-true stuff with new-fangled attributes, the WordPress plugins of 2014 will be making sure your website moves from a wobbly footing to a steady one.

  • Discover the world’s best mobile UX

    The developers behind UX Archive want you to build better mobile experiences. To that end, they find and present mobile’s most interesting user flows so you can “compare them, build your point of view, and be inspired.”

  • Tips on Using White Backgrounds in Website Design

    White backgrounds need to work with both your text and image choices. White backgrounds need to work in harmony with the overall design and not look like an afterthought.

  • Fresh Christmas Inspired Photoshop Tutorials

    All you designers out there might definitely be all set to come up with amazing stuff for the festive season that is just around the corner. Obviously, you will be seeking some help to give shape to your creative ideas with one of the most amazing tool available. Yes, I am talking about Adobe Photoshop.

  • Best Ecommerce CMS Platforms for 2014 - 1Digital Agency

    Want to know which CMS platform's will be best in 2014? Learn with us.

  • 30 Expressive Parallax Templates for Websites

    Parallax is a technique of jQuery that helps creates a majestic scroll effect. It enables the web developers to alter the scrolling speed and pattern of each element, individually.

  • Creating an eCommerce Website

    Every few years, a company comes along and re-invents an industry. Even less frequently, a person comes along with a vision that changes our lives. Steve Jobs changed the lives of everyone in the world with his company’s Apple Macintosh computers, iPhones, iPods, and iPads, among other items.

  • How to Decide on a Color Scheme for Your Website

    Your website’s color scheme says a lot about you and/or your company. Color goes beyond aesthetics and has possible effects on the behaviors of your website’s viewers.

  • 30 Happy New Year 2014 Images

    In this world every day brings us a new challenges and lots of experiences to deal with, like wise we have a new year 2014 coming towards us with some of the amazing challenges. Lets enjoy this year celebrations with us and we are giving you some most amazing happy new year 2014 images.

  • New concept design gives M&M’s a fresh brand facelift

    The M&M’s packaging has become a candy icon. This is priceless marketing for the company but that paper pouch package design is becoming increasingly outdated with each passing moment. New York designer Alyssa Phillips has offered up a brand and package redesign for the famous chocolates.

  • Top 5 BigCommerce Shopping Cart Designs - 1Digital Agency

    See 5 of the best shopping cart design built in Bigcommerce CMS and know why they are best.

  • 12 Free Online Tools To Create Professional Resume

    Resume is first introduction of you in seeking good job. In fact Curriculum Vitae present your way, like, dislike and potential of to do something different. If you want to make a influential resume for getting a new good job or to present yourself in a mannered way then you are free to use those online tools creating a professional resume.

  • Touch of Slanted Direction Website Designs Featuring Diagonal Lines

    Generally lines are inseparably associated with a direction, naturally guiding users’ eyes from one point to another. This concept is quite often applied in website design, where instruments that are able to create visual hierarchy and demonstrative paths are highly valued.

  • 15 Best Free Ghost Themes

    From WordPress to Blogger, Tumblr and many others there are lot many CMS available today to help you to show your creative skills. But then the one which has created hype and has received such universal acclaim thereby generating a high level of excitement among the users is Ghost.

  • Win $300 Worth of PSD to HTML Coding from Markup Service

    I have recently been in touch with Markup Service, a company that specializes in converting PSD to HTML, and have managed to get $300 worth of their services to give away to one of you.

  • Best Free Grid Fonts for Your Next Projects

    Here, we are presenting for you a collection of 15 best and amazing grid fonts that are free to use. Though, there is a huge plethora of free fonts that is available on the internet, and a large number of new fonts and typefaces are added to it on a daily basis making it so difficult for the designers to choose the right font for their project.

  • Shape Code-Free and Cost-Free Professional Websites Independently

    You know how the story goes: a client comes up and asks you to build a gorgeous website for his business. You can go either of two routes, namely enlist the help of a web developer to write code and thus implement your creative ideas into the online setting, or venture to complete the job by yourself with the help of an online website building tool.

  • Responsive Showcase PSD Mockups

    This is a set of device mockups that help you easily and neatly showcase a responsive design to your client. It can give your client an idea of how the responsive design will look on different device screens.

  • Event Espresso coupon code – 5% discount

    Event Registration and Ticketing Management WordPress Plugin Save 5% off ! Buy “Personal License” List Price $89.95, Now $$85.45; Buy “Business License” List Price $179.95, Now $170.95; Buy “Developer License” List Price $499.95, Now $474.95 ;

  • 30 Free PSD Files For Your Next Design

    Adobe Photoshop holds an outstanding place among all the highly developed and most developed designing tools that professionals are using in graphic designing. Many designers would not even imagine working without Photoshop as it not only saves their time and energy but it also makes their work truly marvelous and brilliant.

  • Use of Transparency in Website Design, Examples

    The transparency has become widely popular among web developers after the CSS managed to provide developers with essential tools that are responsible for controlling this feature. Nowadays, you can easily set a specific level of transparency to any of your functional blocks simply by adding one small line of code. Despite the fact that this effect can bring numerous challenges especially when it comes to readability and contrast, it still offers considerable benefits for those who can effectively cope with it.

  • The ultimate guide to everything Dribbble

    Dribbble it’s a place for designers to show off their designs, discover and explore the work of others, and even find more work.Based in Salem, Massachusetts, Dribbble has gone from an enterprising side project to a small but profitable company. Designers and artists of all kinds use the site, including web designers, graphic designers, typographers, illustrators, logo designers, icon artists, and other creatives.Beyond the Dribbble website, there are also Dribbble Meetups, as well as a blog, Instagram feed, Dribbble on Facebook and Twitter, and more.Dribbble has terminology largely based around basketball. Here’s a quick primer

  • 20 Beautiful Stationery Branding Mockups

    If you don’t have custom stationery at your business, you don’t look all that professional. This is a showcase of stationery, branding, business cards, etc mockups.

  • How to use video backgrounds for incredible visual impact, part 2

    This time, we’re going to be styling it, preparing fallbacks for it, and understanding how it can be used as part of your own working designs. In today’s guide, we’ll be adding to our fullscreen video in a number of ways, including: creating our own pattern overlays to sit over the top of our video; such as old-television-style scan lines, styling your video to suit your own design; converting our video to multiple formats to enable universal cross-browser support for your video background.

  • amazing responsive website template collection

    we provide amazing collection of responsive website template include HTML5,ccs,jquery,slider,picture,wordpress theme and lot of more from marketplaces.!

  • Customizing Your WordPress Theme Is Easier Than You Think

    With just a little bit of knowledge about programming, you can customize a theme on your own. Nothing is better than having a personalized WordPress theme that looks the way you like and prefer.

  • 12 Creative Poster Design Tutorials Using Illustrator

    Designing a poster in Illustrator can be a lot of fun. Here, we round up the best poster design tutorials to enhance your skills while creating posters for all kinds of purposes.

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