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The Downside of WordPress Blog

WordPress making blogging very easy — and free! A lot happens behind the scenes to make your WordPress blog or Web site function. The beauty of WordPress platform is this: You don’t have to worry about what’s happening on the back end in order to manage and maintain a Website — unless you really want to.
That is why using a WordPress as a blogging platform has a couple of drawbacks.

1. Attraction for bad guys:

The most popular and open source code are generally a good combination, but ba guys are always looking to ruin everyone’s fun. WordPress runs so many high-profile sites, some crackers (A cracker is a person who attempts to maliciously hack computers or computer networks.) types are on the lookout for flaws that can be exploited. But, the WordPress developers are very quick to patch vulnerabilities, So all you have to stay on top of the releases and make your WordPress installation up to date.

2. Dynamically page generation:

WordPress display post and page content dynamically that you see. Whenever visitor visit any blog post or page, a few things are happening in the background. For example: Database queries are fired off, PHP code is executed, and then the page is displayed. Usually, this system isn’t a problem; But it cost to utilize different resource on the server which create load on server and slow down the blog or site because of heavy load on server. This thing is not happened with static pages.

Reference: Building a WordPress Blog People Want to Read by Scott McNulty

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Blogger Life-cycle Create, Promote, Track and Optimize

The ongoing cycle that happens in online blogging is Create + Promote + Track + Optimize.

1. Creating Content

Quality content are the key to any website success, so content are the king of blogging. It is something that your visitors will enjoy reading, watching or listening to and will refer their friends, colleagues, family members and others to it. By building quality content on your site, you get not only search engine traffic, but trust, reputation, greater conversions and incoming natural links. If you create poor content the parts will not matter. So how do you create good content? I have compiled a list of articles, which help you a lot for brainstorming, because reading blogs inside and outside you nice defiantly help you.

  • What is unique, quality content?
  • Why and how to create unique, valuable content?
  • How to write for the people
  • How to write in simple language
  • Write for them, personally
  • Quality content isn’t just text
  • Link building strategies with quality content
  • Content ideas example
  • How to format website content
  • Link bait compared to quality content
  • 2. Promoting Blog

    This is very important area after writing a quality content. There were easy ways to promote blog lige submitting post on Digg, Reddit and StumbleUpon etc but not any more because it is very difficult to get your post on front page. Because, need lots of friends circle how thumb up and can vote for your  post. But some other way might be worth considering as well.

    First of all make search engine friendly post by giving good title to your post, related description and keywords.

    Secondly, When you give reference in your post for a person or company, let them know by writing an email, which may help your post to get link back from their site.

    There are lots of others ways which help to promote your blog as follows:



    WPArenaDirect Submit

    HypesolRegistration Required

    Tutorials PalaceDirect Submit

    Design DazzlingDirect Submit

    SpankingTechRegistration Required

    W3PromoterRegistration Required

    SlashDotDirect Submit

    WordTapsRegistration Required

    faqpalRegistration Required

    OurTutsDirect Submit Middle Sidebar

    webdesigntutsDirect Submit Middle Sidebar

    PsdtutsSubmit Link Page

    NetTutsDirect Submit

    VectortutsDirect Submit

    AeTutsDirect Submit

    cgtutsDirect Submit

    ActivetutsDirect Submit

    MyinkblogDirect Submit

    Design NewzDirect Submit

    PsDeluxeDirect Submit

    NoupeDirect Submit

    10stepsDirect Submit


    Promoting Your Blog – Blogger Help

    101 Ways to Promote a New Blog

    How I’d Promote My Blog If I Were Starting Out Again

    3. Tracking Blog

    The is the most important part to get success in blogging but most bloggers ignore this area.  Creating a quality contents and promoting them is very important but what is working and getting traffic to your blog is priceless.

    There are lots of tracking tools out there, here are list of articles about all these tools, also you can Google about Blog tracking tools.

    How to Track your blog’s traffic?
    Analytics Toolbox: 50+ Ways to Track Website Traffic
    12 ways to track traffic for your blog
    15 blog traffic tips

    4. Optimizing Blog

    People learn from their mistakes,  so learn from your previous post and make next post better.  The Design of your blog, content, layout,  and coding all should be optimized.  As you continue to optimize your blog you will see your traffic and user loyalty will grow.

    Resources on Blog Optimization:

    How to Troubleshoot Slow loading Site and WordPress blog

    Canonical URLs effects on WordPress Blog

    How to Generate Search-Engine-Friendly Permalinks for WordPress Post

    25 Tips To Optimize Your Blog For Readers & Search Engines

    How to Optimize Your Blog for Search Engines


    Optimizing WordPress Blog for Speed

    How to Generate Search-Engine-Friendly Permalinks for WordPress Post

    WordPress allows you to generate permalinks (permanent URIs) on your blog, which appear as though each of your posts is an individual static page on your site, rather than the dynamic output
    of a database-driven web site. Instead of a URI to one of your stories looking like,

    p= you post id

    WordPress can use something like this link:

    Because this type of URI is already loaded with your keywords, it has an immediate advantage over the ?p=29 version. It also is more readable to your human visitors. It’s easier for them to remember the link or to read it out over the phone.
    To configure the structure of your permalink, from the administration pages, click Options, then Permalinks. The Edit Permalink Structure page allows you to configure the structure of your permalink URIs, as shown bellow.

    Choose a permalink structure that you feel comfortable with and that fits your blog. The suggestions made by WordPress work well, especially the following structure:

    and %category%/%postname%/
    If your site has mostly chronological entries, this format makes lots of sense. As a bonus, these URLs truncate, too, which means that someone visiting a URL containing just the year
    and month will receive all posts for that month.

    If your site isn’t ordered chronologically and has a flat structure, then a permalink structure of /archives/%postname% might be more appropriate, but be sure to keep the post titles
    unique! These features rely on using Apache as your web server and having a feature of Apache called mod_rewrite enabled on your site. If you don’t have mod_rewrite or Apache, you can put
    a filename in the URL, like this:
    and it will still work under some circumstances. You can also set up a prefix for your category links; /topic/ is a reasonable alternative.
    Resources and References:
    Building Online Communities with Drupal, phpBB, and WordPress By Robert T. Douglass, Mike Little,and Jared W. Smith
    Search Engine Optimization for WordPress
    How to Get More Search Engine Traffic With One Simple Tweak
    How to configure WordPress to create search engine friendly URLs for permalinks

    More Resources and Tutorials

    There is a lot to learn about search engine optimization and site submission. Here are just a few sites to help you learn more about how this works:

    Decorate your Website with Free Resources

    When designing a website, designer require lots of material for website decoration. It encompasses colors, buttons, backgrounds, textures, rules, fonts, graphics, illustrations, photos, sounds, and any other
    elements that support the overall concept.
    Designer should establish a stylebook specifying colors, fonts, and other elements that should be followed as the site expands and it might specify:

    • Icons
    • Typography
    • Photography
    • Windows
    • Sounds
    • File formats

    Here I am compiling an excellent example of using decoration to support a concept and they are online resources providing decorative elements to use on your site.

    Web Design Resource Sites

    1. Calendars, dates, bookmark & more

    A place on the net to obtain free, original DHTML & Javascripts to enhance your web site!

    2. Cascading style sheets

    3. Clip art, Web sets

    4. Clip art, Web sets, graphics, cartoons

    5. Clip art, Web sets, photos

    6. Fonts

    7. Fonts

    8. Photos

    9. Photos Not Free, but inexpensive

    10. Search engine Free for small sites

    11. Search engine Free with ads

    12. Sound effects

    13. Sound effects

    How To Display Author Photo In WordPress Post and comments Using Gravatar

    Your Gravatar is an image that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things like comment or post on a blog. Avatars help identify your posts on blogs and web forums. It is a service by Automattic, and stores “avatar” or profile, images link to an email address on its servers. Once you upload an image on Gravatar server, it will display on any site that supports Gravatar across the Internet. Gravatar is a widely supported service used by many social media sites. Service Review

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    Why LinkPopularityMatters?

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    • Thematic Link Development: It is the quality that matters and not the quantity. LPM makes sure that it provides quality links from not only the thematically similar websites but also the thematically similar inner pages.
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    • Optimized process: Link experts at LPM develop quality links with minimal effort with the help of their expertise. A thorough analysis of a web site and its content is done, keeping in mind the compatibility factor. LPM has working relationship with the web masters of 3 websites.
    • NDA: With LPM you can enjoy the privilege of receiving the honor of privacy. Adhering to the ‘non disclosure agreement’, no client details are divulged in their testimonial section
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    • Page Rank: A priority of LPM is to get sites linked to higher PR sites as a whole, and not just to the ones having one high PR inner page. Providing link diversity from PR 1- 4, LPM guarantees to offer the PR of the web page on which the link is placed and not the home page.


    Free & Professional WordPress Security Service Free & Professional WordPress Security Service

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