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Lucky Winners of Our WordPress 3 Complete and PacktLib subscription Giveaway

Last week, we had a pleasure of running our first giveaway thanks Duane Moraes (@Packt Publishing) from PacktLib. In our giveaway we were giving away WordPress 3 Complete eBook, and a PacktLib subscription, PacktLib is a online digital book library known as PacktLib which houses all books published by Packt.

This was a twitter exclusive contest where everyone was required to tweet about the contest, and the second guideline was that everyone must follow @wparena.

Jeff Rose is the winner that have already been notified via Twitter Direct Message.

We want to thank the PacktLib Crew, and WordPress 3 Complete‘s Authors for making this giveaway possible. Stay posted until our next contest.

Outstanding New features of WordPress 3.1(Reinhardt)

WordPress is not the only publishing platform out there, but it has an awful lot to recommend it. WordPress is a constantly evolving application. It’s never left alone to stagnate. The developers are working continually to keep it ahead of spammers and hackers, and also to evolve the application based on the evolving needs of its users.

In addition to having an extremely strong core, WordPress is also quite extend-able. This means that once you get started with it, the possibilities are nearly limitless. Any additional functionality that you can dream of can be added by means of a plugin that you or your programmer friends can write. In the following sections, I’ve mentioned  most outstanding features of WordPress 3.1(Reinhardt).

The long-awaited fourteenth release of WordPress is now available. WordPress 3.1 “Reinhardt” is named in honor of the jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt. Version 3.1 is available for download, or you can update from within your dashboard.

Detailed feature list

1. Post Formats Support

The central activity you’ll be doing with your blog is adding posts. A post is like an article in a magazine. If a blog is like an online diary, then every post is an entry in that diary. A blog post also has a lot of other information attached to it, such as a date, excerpt, tags, and categories. An exciting new feature in WordPress 3.1 is the addition of Post Formats. Post Formats can be used by theme authors to customize the way a WordPress post is presented on the web. Theme designers can style the “link formats” to be displayed in a different way like Chris Coyier & Jeff Starr has for Digging into WordPress.

Other Resources about Post Formats WordPress 3.1

These are pretty good write-ups on post formats by core contributor of WordPress

2. WordPress Admin Bar:

Most interesting part of WordPress 3.1 for any average WordPress user is admin bar which will make your work easier and one can easily use admin control from any page of your blog, once you are logged into dashboard.

Enable/Disable Admin Bar

If you like to disable this WordPress 3.1 features,  You can turn the bar on or off in the dashboard’s “Users > Your Profile” panel. This bar has  standard 5 parent menu items plus a search box on the right hand side.

3. Internal Linking in WordPress

This is by far the most exciting feature to get in to WordPress 3.1. And This  Internal linking is great for WordPress SEO. What this will allow you to do is easily link to pages within your site.  Instead of having to go to the page, copy the URL, and then paste it into an external link, you’ll be able to click the “Internal Link” button and related entries will show up and clicking on an entry will fill the link field with the correct URL.

For Thesis theme user, if you are upgrading your blog to latest 3.1, you will not face any compatibility issues.

4. Admin Ajaxification and Sortable Columns

Another great enhancement in WordPress 3.1 is the interaction with the WordPress admin. It’s no secret that WordPress doesn’t use Ajax much on the back end.  Hopefully, this update should smooth out the pagination when we will  browse  posts in the admin.  It should also provide advanced search and sorting functionality.

This project was a GSoC project of Cristi Burca, On “How to Create your own sortable columns“.

5. Search and Browse Installed Themes

This upgraded will make the way you browse and administer your WordPress themes much easier.  The current system is a bit clunky, and they hope to do away with it completely and replace it with an improved version.

See the full list of WordPress 3.1 features,
and All above Outstanding changes demand that you should upgrade your WordPress.

References: Digging into WordPress.

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How to Create a WordPress Child Theme?

If you can find an existing theme or theme framework that you like, and you just want to use your CSS and HTML skills, you can create a child theme. A child theme uses the parent theme as a starting point and, without changing the theme framework itself, alters just the bits you want to alter. There are some themes, named theme frameworks, that were created specifically with the idea that you would come along and make child themes for them.

Let’s take a quick look at how to make a child theme.

Creating the new theme directory

Since it comes bundled, let’s make a child theme of twentyten and call it twentyeleven. Create a new folder in wp-content/themes/, and name it twentyeleven.

Creating the stylesheet

The only file you need to start with in this directory is the stylesheet. The stylesheet needs the usual header, plus a new line:
Theme Name: Twenty Eleven
Description: A Child Theme of Twenty Ten
Version: 1.0
Author: Nur
Author URI:
Template: twentyten

The key line in that code is Template: twentyten. This tells WordPress that your new theme is a child theme of twentyten, the directory name of the twentyten theme. To make your child theme start out with the CSS from the parent theme,
add this code below the comment:
@import url(../twentyten/style.css);

Using your child theme

That’s it! Your new theme now shows up on the Appearance page.

You have a child theme. It will use all of the Twenty Ten styles, template files, functions and everything else. If you activate it, it will present your site as if you were using Twenty Ten.
If you want to change anything, do so in your twentyeleven folder. You will override the Twenty Ten original template file if you create a template file (for example, single.php, index.php, archive.php, and so on). The functions.php file works a little differently, however. If you create a functions.php file, it will be in addition to the Twenty Ten original functions.php file; it will not override. If you want to override a specific function in the Twenty Ten functions.php file, just create a function with the same name; your new one will take precedence.

In the future, you can update Twenty Ten when it has updates available without worrying about overwriting the changes you made through the Twenty Eleven child theme.

Note: The WordPress codex has a page devoted to learning about child themes. There’s also a page with a list of popular theme frameworks. Of course, you can always do a search on the web for both free and paid theme frameworks, Here is the best Theme FrameWorks. [Source: WordPress 3 Complete]

Increadible Theme Framworks for WordPress

The following WP frameworks and pseudo-frameworks range from the gorgeous to the, well, plain, but all provide strong starting points for WP theme design, saving you time.

1.  WordPress with the Thesis Theme Framework

2.  The Genesis Framework

3. WooFramework’ed V2

4. PlatformPro WordPress Framework

5.  Ashford CMS WordPress FrameWork

6. Thematic, A WordPress Theme Framework

7. Hybrid WordPress Theme Framework

8. Carrington – CMS theme framework for WordPress

9.  Whiteboard – A Free WordPress Theme Framework

10. WP Framework – A blank WordPress Theme Framework

11. OnePress Community Framework

12. The WordPress Starter Theme Project

13. OnePress Community

14. The Buffet Framework

15. Simon WP Framework

16. WP Framework

Reference and Sponsored:

WordPress 3 Complete

1. Lifestyle Child Theme for Genesis Framework

by StudioPress

The Lifestyle child theme for the Genesis Framework is a magazine-style theme that will provide a high-end look for your magazine-style content. When you’ve got lots of content and you need a magazine-style format to show it off, Lifestyle is the theme for you. It is sleek, up-to-date, and always cutting-edge… just like your content.

Live Preview | Download

2. Enterprise Child Theme for Genesis Framework

by StudioPress

The Enterprise child theme for the Genesis Framework is a corporate-style theme that will provide a high-end look for your business website. When you’ve got lots of content and you need a professional way to show it off, Enterprise is the theme for you. Use it to showcase your company, services and what you can offer.

Live Preview | Download

3. Expose Child Theme for Genesis Framework

by StudioPress

The Expose child theme for the Genesis Framework is a portfolio/photo style theme that will provide a high-end look for your work. When you’ve got lots of photos or things you would like to showcase and you need a professional way to show it off, Expose is the theme for you.

Live Preview | Download

4. Sleek Child Theme for Genesis Framework

The Sleek child theme for the Genesis Framework is a tech-style theme that will provide a high-end look for your business website. When you’ve got lots of content and you need a professional way to show it off, Sleek is the theme for you. Use it to publish the latest news on technology and gadgets!

Live Preview | Download

5. Going Green Child Theme for Genesis Framework

The Going Green child theme for the Genesis Framework is a eco-style theme that will provide a gorgeous look for your blog or “green” website. When you’ve got lots of content and you need a creative way to show it off, Going Green is the theme for you.

Live Preview | Download

6. AgentPress Child Theme for Genesis Framework

The AgentPress theme is an ideal solution for real estate agents looking to market themselves and rise above competition. AgentPress includes multiple page templates that can be used to create a complete real estate website. From single property templates to a custom homepage, AgentPress is right for you.

Live Preview | Download

7. Hightech Theme

by northbounddesign

Hightech is a clean, modern widget-ready professional theme with a unique homepage, and Pricing Page Template. It is built to handle small and large amounts of content with 6 flexible layout options. Each page can have a unique layout with your choice of 1, 2, or 3 columns. Other features include a fixed width, drop-down menus, theme options, background options, Logo options, featured images, and threaded comments. This is a Genesis Child Theme and requires the Genesis Theme Framework in order to function properly.

Live Preview | Download

How to make a child theme for WordPress: A pictorial introduction for beginners

How to Create a WordPress Child Theme in 3 Steps

How to Create a WordPress Child Theme (Video)

101+ URLs List To Help You Become a Better Blogger

Ask ten bloggers to tell you what a blog, or weblog, is and you get ten different answers. It’s surprisingly difficult to nail down an exact definition of a blog, because the term refers both to a type of web-based publication as well as to the underlying publishing platform.

Everybody can be a writer, but only some are good and few are truly talented. While a blogger doesn’t need to be a Shakespeare, he should be above average at the very least in order to keep his readers coming back. This means having both a way with words as well as being creative. Once you’ve gained an idea of what blogs can do for you, it’s time to look at the requirements for setting one up. These requirements are in themselves fairly low, since there are plenty of tools freely available.
I’m very happy to present to you my list of the best 101 blogging lists on the internet. If you want to add a list, just comment below and I will add it up.

Make Money from your blog

1. Profitable Blogging Secrets
Many ‘Profit With Blogging Guides’ Are Simply Too Vague…But The Step By Step System You Are About To Learn Will Propel You From Novice to Expert Marketer In Double Quick Time!

2. How To Be A Good Blogger And Still Make Sales – The Top 3 Ways

A short, straight to the point list. What I love about this one is that it goes over how to make money without looking like a blogger who’s in it just for the money.

3. Income Blogging Guide

If You Have A Few Hours Per Week, Then We Can Show You How To Earn Significant Income With Your Own Blog! Step by Step (by Step).
Get Income Blogging Guide Free Report
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Income Blogging Guide Course Sign Up

4. Blogging Exploit

Complete Guide To Building A High Profit Blog Empire! Blogging Exploit guide is a simplified yet powerful action plan that will show you exactly how to start building profitable blogs in less than 24 hours using Free resources!

5. Bogging to The Bank

I recommend anyone who wants a genuine opportunity to make money online sign up for a free blog before they run out.

6. 3 Ways You Can Use Free Wordtracker Keyword Questions Tool To Earn Money

An awesome, short list of how you can make money from keywords.

7. Top 10 Tips For Earning Online

Take advantage of making the most money from your blog by reading this cool article that will show you what you should focus on.

8. 113 Ways to Make Money Online

113 ideas on how to make $$$ online. Simple enough.

9. 5 Tips on how to pick the perfect niche to make money

Step 1 of making money through blogger: Knowing what to blog about!

Driving Traffic to your blog

Google Sniper 2.0

1. 7 Videos About Social Media You Need to Watch

Some people are visual learners, and there has been a list with 7 great videos to help you use Social Media sites better.

2. 15 Ways to Promote Your Site via Social Media

A great list with some pretty good points on how to use Social Media to it’s fullest.

3. 30 Tips For Exploding Your Site Traffic

Some of the points covered in this post are more easier said than done, but I find it is a good way to give you ideas for getting more site traffic.

4. 10 Promotional Mistakes Of New Bloggers

You should be careful of where you advertise your blog, especially if you’re a new blogger. This is a great list of articles to help you start promoting better.

5. 50 Ways to use Social Media, listed by Objective

Based off Chris Brogan’s list of 50 Ways Marketers Can use Social Media to Improve Their Marketing, this list is just organized into sections to help organize it better.

6. Top 10 Reasons Why Great Content Fails on Social Media

It turns out that just because you have an amazing article, you still won’t be guaranteed being successful on Social Media sites.

7. 11 Ways To Create Your Own Traffic Jams

Grow your traffic in 11 great ways.

8. 18 Ways to Ultra-Boost Your Technorati Rank and Authority

Technorati is an incredible website, and it is hard for most bloggers to use it to it’s fullest

9. 102 Do Follow Forums To Increase Backlinks

What’s better than a list of dofollow forums? Not much, here is another cool list of a ton of dofollow forums.



Your Mandatory WordPress Plugin. Now Powering More Than 2,500,000+ WordPress Pages And Growing!

1. 8 tips to enhance your WordPress blog SEO

A great list of SEO tips and tricks to better your SEO for your blog.

2. Link Building Strategies: 69 Solid Tactics

An article covering 69 ways to build your links.

3. 102 Ways To Make Your Site A Back-Link Superstar (Site has shut down)

A list of link building that makes you say “holy crap”. Might take a while to load, so careful.

4. 101 Link Building Tips to Market Your Website

Another link building article from the best SEO place on the internet.

5. My Top 8 Search Engine Optimization Tips – Part 1

Yaro Starak is my blogging idol, and this is just another piece of advice that makes him such an amazing blogger.

6. 8 additional optimization steps for your WordPress blog

A beginner, but an essential optimization checklist for everyone out there.

7. Almost 7 Ways To Re-Optimize Your Posts

8. 18 Nasty Ways to Get Backlinks

Be very careful: Read this post and to the opposite of every thing said in it. If you do anything listed, you should stop. I only include this so you can learn the difference between getting backlinks the right way, and the bad way.

9. 20 Practical SEO Tips to Super-Charge Your WordPress Blog!

A pretty straightforward SEO blog post, it’s a checklist of 20 SEO tips you should implement to your WP blog.

10. 7 Reasons Why Your Website Was Penalized or Banned by Google  (Link Deleted)

A short list, but it’s very important. Google makes or break your website, you have to be able to know how to cooperate with them.


a guide to link building that cover the very basics all the way through to more advanced strategies:

Blog Design

1. 100 Excellent Free WordPress Themes

Amazing list of 100 free WordPress themes.

2. 13 Tags to delete from your theme

WordPress has so many things to call in the header, there’s no need to do it with PHP. Remove these 13 tags from your blog, and you should see a difference in your blogs loading time.

3. 20 Free 3 Column WordPress Themes

A fantastic selection of WordPress themes that all have one thing in common: they have 3 columns.

4. 140+ Free & Premium WordPress Themes Gallery

Probably the biggest theme list I’ve seen. It has free and premium themes in it.

5. 101 SEO WordPress Themes – Pure Gold

What’s better than a great looking theme? One that is SEO friendly. Check out this blog post for both of those features.

6. 60 More Places to Get Design Inspiration – Online and Off

An article which is basically a list of places to get design inspiration. Whether your online or offline, it’s all there. Great list for blog designers.

7. 10 Checks to the Perfect WordPress theme

Nowadays blog themes set your blog apart from the other blogs. Every theme should be appealing to the eye, and there are some things you can do to make it that great.

8. 7 Reasons Bad Website Design Affects Traffic

A good design for your blog is just essential. Without one, you can lose quite a large handful of potential readers.

9. 9 Easy Usability Improvements for Blogs

As a blogger, you should always be looking to improving your log in every aspect. The design, being one of the most important things of the blog is always something you should keep in mind. Check out this article to understand what I mean.

10. The top 20+ Blogger Templates

Who knew Blogger could look so good?

11. 50 More Fabulous Blogger Designs to Inspire you

A followup to the link above.

12. 101 Excellent Blogger XML Templates

Quite a large collection of free Blogger templates.

13. 30 Best Free Icon Sets for Bloggers

Add a little style to your blog design! Check out this awesome list of icon sets.

14. 110+ Free RSS Icons to Show Off Your RSS Feed

RSS buttons need to be noticeable so you get more subscribers. Try these icons on for size.

15. 30 Ways to Increase Readability

Probably the most important thing in a design is readability. If you don’t have that, then you really don’t have a good design.

16. 7 Elements to make your blog look great

Try reading these 7 tips to make your blogs design look even better.

17. 5 Tips to Make Your Headings More User Friendly

Your headings need to be exceptional because they are the things that organize your content.

18. 5 More Tips to Make Website Headers More User Friendly

A follow up to the above list.

Tools/Hacks + Addons

1. WORDPRESS GOD: 300+ Tools for Running Your WordPress Blog

A GODLY list of WordPress tools you should use.

2. 40+ Most Wanted WordPress Tricks and Hacks

A must read for bloggers who really want to push their WordPress powered blog to it’s limits.

3. 10 Firefox Add-ons to Supercharge your Blogging

Blogging through the platform of choice is simple enough, but what about for all you FIrefox users who want it even easier? This article goes over 10 Firefox addons to really kick off your blogging style.

4. 24 plugins that I currently use on my blog and why you should use them too

An amazing list of plugins you should look into adding to your blog. I’ve never seen most of the plugins listed.

5. 10 WP-Plugins, that will rock your world

A list of 10 really cool WP plugins you may or may have not seen before.

6. Tools For Bloggers

Must have tools for any blogger.

7. 10 best Plugins To Get More Comments

Comments are hard to get on a blog sometimes. Make it easier by taking advantage of these 10 killer plugins.

General Blogging Tips

1. 10 Things Climbing A Mountain Taught Me About Goals

Freakin’ awesome list of how Tom Sinfield learned about goals from Mountain climbing.

2. 35 Tips Tricks To Manage and Handle Multi-Author Blogs

There’s no better way to blog then with a team. Here are 35 killer tips to managing that multi-author blog.

3. 100+ WordPress Video Tutorials, from Basic to Advanced

A collection of amazing WordPress videos every WordPress blogger should watch.

4. 10 Important but Potentially Distracting Blogging Tasks

A list of things you can do to distract you when you’re blogging. I suffer from a couple things listed.

5. 25 Successful Blogger Traits

Do you have these traits?

6. 30 Blogging Tips to Screw Up

A list that shows how easy it is to screw up a potentially successful blogs.

7. 10 Must-See Videos on WordPress.TV

WordPress just recently launched their site. A site that is dedicated to WordPress video tutorials for the more visual learning WP users. Check out this list of 10 of the best videos to watch on

8. 30 RSS Resources For the Feed-Addicted Blogger

RSS is extremely important on your blog. Check out these resources for you feed addicts.

9. 13 Quick tips to Make Your Blog STAND OUT from the Crowd

You have to be able to brand yourself in the blogosphere, or you will just end up like a lot of bloggers; a failure. Check out this quick list to help you figure out what you want to do to brand yourself.

10. 50 Simple Ways to Gain RSS Subscribers

A great list that goes into 50 different ways to increase your RSS subscriber count.

11. 7 Die-Hard Ways to Get More RSS Subscribers

A guest post Janith did, this article covers some awesome ways to get RSS subscribers to your blog in some pretty unique ways.

12. 30 Tips To Better Blogging

An easy list of 30 tips to help you become a better blogger based off of the experiences of 17 year old blogger Ardit.

13.  101 Steps to Becoming a Better Blogger


WebSites for freelance writers to earn money

1. 5 P’s For Making A Blog Post Better

Perceive, Prepare, Particularize, Present, Publish + Popularize.

2. 5 Universal Writing Rules

You have to know the rules of writing to write.

3. 91 Blogging Terms How Many do You know

It’s always good to brush up on your vocabulary. Let this list of 91 blogging terms help you do just that!

4. 21 Ways to Write Posts that Are Guaranteed to Grow Your Blog

A “no explanation needed, straight to the point, no BS” kind of list.

5. 40 Ways to Deliver Killer Blog Content

If you have writing problems, there is a fantastic list of 40 ways to make your content better.

6. Ten Tips for writing a blog post

A very early, yet very informative post.

7. Top 10 Blog Writing Tips

10 easy to understand tips on how to write a blog post.

8. 11 Quick Tips For More Usable Content

Most of the time your content does not get read by your visitors. How can you change that?


10 Unique Examples of RSS Feed Designs

Envato always has the best stuff, here is a short list of awesome RSS Feed icons.

From Theme Forest “In the Woods”.

2. Top 30 Young Bloggers Under 21

A list of bloggers under 21. Hopefully this is a good enough motivation for you to start getting serious about blogging. There’s a 12 year old blogger there!

3. Blog Designs: 50 Of The Most Creative

A list of some amazingly designed blogs.

4. 100 Nice and Beautiful Blog Design

What a collection of killer WordPress blog designs. There are truly a lot of great inspirations in this post, check them out.

5. 5 Lessons Learned From John Reese’s Blog Rush Project

Everyone has heard about the closing of Blog Rush. In this short, 5 topic list you can find 5 things that can actually be learned from this project.

6. 25 Blogger Motivations

Staying motivated as a blogger can prove to be a daunting task. Here is a great list of 25 ways to keep that motivation alive.

7. Top 100 World’s Youngest Bloggers

A list of the best young bloggers out there.

8. The Top 50 Blogger Powered Blogs

Despite the fact that using a free service like this is not recommended in most cases, there are still quite a few great blogs on them.

Creating a Community

1. 27 Blogging Secrets to Power Your Community

A list of 27 tips that will help you make your blog better. This list has beginning blogger tips, technical things and some other great stuff.

2. 25 Ways to Build Your Community

A good community atmosphere is crucial for a blogs success.

3. 15 Ways to Improve Your Site in 5 Minutes

No site is perfect, and probably won’t ever be. But you should always look for something that can be improved on your site.

4.  5 Great Tips To Becoming a Better Blogger

5.  10 Ways To Become A Better Blogger

6.  Top 10 Social Media Tasks You Can Get Your Interns Do

How to Customize Thumbnail and Crop images in WordPress

I often find that the default thumbnail cropping doesn’t suit me. Just after I have uploaded an image, or after I pull it up in the “add media” screen, you’ll see a button that says Edit Image, just underneath the thumbnail
in the image above.

How To Crop Images in WordPress:

1. After uploading Click “Edit Image” and you’ll get a little editing screen.

2. Select the Area which you want to Crop.

3. After Selecting an area, Click again on Crop button.

4. Click on Save button. And your image will be cropped. After cropping and saving you can restore your original image to its original from by click on “Restore to Original From“.

This video is a great overview of all these steps:

How to change post Thumbnail Crop position in wordpress:

It would be nice to be able to define the size of generated thumbnails, and maybe even the image itself. These are the best resources where you can find “How to change thumbnail position and customize the  Post image and How to Crop it. ”
Setting Post Thumbnail on WordPress with custom size and Cropping – A simpler approach
How to change post thumbnail crop position in wordpress
Featured image thumbnail crop
A Solution For The WordPress Gallery
User-friendly cropping of post thumbnails?
Uploading and Editing Images in WP 2.9 Lesson
Mark Jaquith’s Article on Post Thumbnails
WordPress Codex
How to Add Post Thumbnails in WordPress

How to Add Post Thumbnails in WordPress

WordPress Plugins for Thumbnail Management:

1. Scissors

Scissors enhances WordPress’ handling of images by introducing cropping, resizing, rotating, and watermarking functionality.

2. Thumbnail For Excerpts

Thumbnail For Excerpts allow easily, without any further work, to add thumbnails wherever you show excerpts (archive page, feed…)

3. R.I.P. ImageManager

The ImageManager plugin integrates the stand alone PHP ImageManager + Editor with WordPress. The ImageManager provides an interface for browsing and uploading image files on/to your server. The Editor allows for some basic image manipulations such as, cropping, rotation, flip, and scaling.

4. WP Vivtiger Image Resizer

Allows users to crop and resize an image easily using the WordPress attachment system.

5. WP Post Thumbnail

This plugin enable bloggers to upload images, crop and save it as post thumbnails without manually copy-n-paste custom field values. For theme develop

6. Auto Post Thumbnail

Automatically generate the Post Thumbnail (Featured Thumbnail) from the first image in post or any custom post type only if Post Thumbnail is not set

Free & Professional WordPress Security Service Free & Professional WordPress Security Service

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