WP Mail SMTP Configuration For Amazon SES

WP Mail SMTP configuration

Last day, I have shown you how can you enable WordPress email logs on your blog. If you are offering some service or something like that, you might want to consider using an SMTP plugin for your blog.

For our users, we will always recommend the best one – WP Mail SMTP.

WP Mail SMTP can be configured with almost every email service like SendGrid, G Suite, Office 365, etc… Well, in this post, we are going to show you the WP Mail SMTP configuration with Amazon SES!

The simple and easy method for configuring.


wp mail smtp 1

When you run a WordPress blog, you will come up with lots of errors and issues. Something like MySQL database error, WordPress admin keeps refreshing, etc… One of the top issues is – email not being delivered properly.

For avoiding it, the folks from WPForms created WP Mail SMTP. Now, it is one of the best and popular SMTP plugin for WordPress. Thankfully, they created it as a freemium option.

A free version is available which can be downloaded from the WordPress plugins repository and a premium version that can be purchased from their official store.

If you check the repository, you could see that there are more than 1 million WordPress blogs are using it!

WP Mail SMTP Configuration

Cool, isn’t it?

The premium version will give you more advanced features and integrations. So, we could go and check the WP Mail SMTP configuration for Amazon SES!

WP Mail SMTP Configuration For Amazon SES

First of all, you need to get the premium version of WP Mail SMTP for the Amazon SES integration. You could purchase any of their premium plans for this integration.

If you are interested, we recommend you WP Mail SMTP Elite plan. There, the support team will help you to configure the plugin for you – almost free!

Anyway, once you got purchased the plugin, log in to your WordPress blog, install and activate it. For receiving plugin updates, you might want to activate the copy with a valid license key.

Alright. Now, let’s create an AWS account.

Go to this link and sign up for Amazon AWS.

amazon ses smtp interface

You would want to enter your credit card details. But, the service is totally free for the first 12 months. The next step is to choose a region.

According to your address, the system will automatically assign a region for you. If you haven’t got one, there’s a list of available regions you can choose.

aws configure smtp to send email through amazon

Once you got chosen the region, you have successfully configured your AWS account! Let’s move to the next step now.

Assign IAM User

Head over to this link.

smtp interface to send email through amazon ses

You don’t need to create another account here. By using your Amazon AWS credentials, you can sign in to your IAM account. After signing in to the account, add a new user.

amazon ses smtp credentials

Add the user name something like domain_wpmailsmtp. Make sure that you have assigned the access type as programmatic access. Let’s configure the permission now.

From the top, select attach existing policies directly. In the search bar, search for AmazonSESFullAccess.

credentials with amazon ses email client

Make sure that the permission is assigned to your newly created user. Move to Tags settings. We don’t need major changes there. So, we could skip that configuration, move to the next – Review.

Your entire configuration will be shown on this page.

connect to the amazon interface to send email

Double-check everything. If everything is correct, create the user. Within a few seconds, your new user account will be created. Also an Access Key ID and a Secret Access Key. These keys are required later. So, you want to keep this tab alive.

Switching To AWS Production Mode

By default, you will not be in the production mode in your Amazon AWS account. You will be able to only send and receive emails that are verified in your Amazon account.

When we need to move forward, we need to upgrade our AWS account to live. For that, click on this link and choose the service limit increase option.

get your smtp user verified with amazon ses

Configure the form like this:

Case classifcation form in AWS smtp 1

Plus, there is a field for entering the case description.

Case description in AWS smtp

You need to be descriptive. Add why this is important for you in a strong manner. If you send incomplete descriptions, they will simply reject your request. Now, we are good to go.

Go to your WordPress dashboard and to the WP Mail SMTP settings. Choose from email.

from email settings

By default, the system will show you your administrator email as from email. You could always change it to a custom one. If you like, you can force the email site-wide.

Now, choose the name.

Adjust From Name in WP Mail SMTP settings

Just like the email, possible to change and force.

Select the Amazon SES mailer option from the screen.

Select the Amazon SES mailer in WP Mail SMTP

After selecting the SES option, you will see something like a new section for entering some keys. From our Amazon AWS account, copy the Access Key ID and Secret Access Key.

Add access keys for Amazon SES in WP Mail SMTP

Choose the region.

Choose closest region option in WP Mail SMTP settings

We have already configured a region in our Amazon AWS settings. So, make sure that we have selected the same here for avoiding conflict.

Simply save the settings.

You will see a new settings called verified emails. Click on it for adding new emails.

Add an Email Address to verify with Amazon SES

A pop-up will appear. You can easily add your email address and send the verification email.

Verify sending email address for WP Mail SMTP

In your inbox, you will get one verification email. You need to click on the link for verifying it.

Email verification for Amazon SES smtp

After verifying, you will see the email address in your WP Mail SMTP settings!

Verified Emails list in WP Mail SMTP

Testing Configuration

There’s an easy method available for testing the configuration. Go to the email test settings in your WP Mail SMTP settings.

Open the Email Test tab in WP Mail SMTP user

Enter a destination email and simply send a test email. Your server will send the email within a few seconds and will show you a success message.

Notice showing the WP Mail SMTP test email sent successfully smtp

If you have the right configuration, a test email will reach in your email inbox!

Successful test email from WP Mail SMTP inbox

That’s it!

This is the WP Mail SMTP configuration with Amazon SES! WP Mail SMTP comes with a 14-days money-back guarantee. So if you are not happy with your purchase, you can easily ask for a refund.

In most cases, you won’t go for a refund.

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