How To Make Your WordPress Blog More Readable

WordPress Blog More Readable

I see it on a regular basis, a question on a blogging forum asking how to get more blog traffic. It usually looks like this: “how cum I no get 2 much peps lokin at me blog?” Well, ahh.. do I really need to tell you? It’s no surprise really, with the ease and low or no price of setting up a blog, it’s so easy even a caveman can do it. So what do you tell someone like this? I mean do you tell them that most people still like to read some semblance of the English language?

WordPress Blog More Readable

We all have heard the statement “content is king”, while that is true, how you present that content is very important too. Making the content more readable to a wider audience can work wonders with the amount of traffic you get and keep on your WordPress blog. So if you want more blog traffic here are a few suggestions, these are only suggestions in my opinion that might help you get a few more people reading and coming back to your blog.

Learn how to use at least some proper punctuation and spacing.

We all see them, post titles and content either in all capital letters or none at all. Before you pick apart my writing I will be the first to admit that I am no English composition major, but I do make an attempt. So how does one learn this? Well, look at other sites. Look at how each word is capitalized at the beginning of each sentence. They do that for a reason, the easiest way to learn is my emulating another. Unless you are writing Chick-fil-A commercials “eat mor chikin”, you should really try to learn how to do this.

A great way to learn proper English is to read content that is written in English. My trick is to read newspaper from a USA media company because they well formatted with proper English.

Make it easy for readers to read your posts.

Start with a broader overall thought, then break it down into more detailed, short and concise paragraphs with some space between them. Running everything together in one long random post will have people clicking away in no time. It’s hard to read one big paragraph and when I see one it is usually random thoughts jumping all over the place. Tell the reader exactly what your post is about in the title. Tell them why they should read it and maybe even what they will learn by reading it in the first short paragraph.

You don’t need to know how to spell well to spell well.

Some new bloggers will use an application like MS Word to write their posts (Guilty) for the spell check. Then paste it into the post editor. This can cause formatting issues or worse if not done correctly. But you can use a browser like Firefox that has a built-in spell checker, this alone is enough of a reason among many others to dump Internet Explorer. Oh, and Google is a great resource for looking up those real difficult words. Just type in the word as close as you can and Google should be able to help you from there.

Take off the tin foil hat, step away from the fringe and join reality.

I know there are a lot of political and “conspiracy theory” blogs out there. While yours may be broad enough to appeal to enough like-minded people, some are way out there. The ones on the fringe are usually the ones that have very little traffic and demand to know why. Or they use the lack of traffic to feed their “conspiracy theory” theory. If you really think aliens are watching you through your television set then fine. And you have a right to express that on your blog, but you have no right to get traffic to it. And you certainly have no right to force us to read it, not yet anyway. So if you want more traffic to your blog write about a subject that more people who don’t wear tinfoil hats would want to read.

Again I am by far an expert when it comes to proper article formatting, punctuation, spelling and definitely can butcher the English language. But at least make an effort on your blog.

What have you done to help write better English?

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