5 WordPress Plugins to Help You Understand Customer Journey of Your Brand

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Have you heard of DeLorean Motor Co.? How about the DMC-12 sports car with gull-wing doors? This model of the sports car was best known as the “Back to the Future” time machine. What could have been the nation’s most famous model, failed, even with a lot of publicity by the manufacturer, DeLorean Motor Co.? Due to a lack of demand for the DMC-12 sports car, DeLorean Motor Co. closed in 1982 after being in business for a meager seven years. Can you guess why?

Imagine you were in a business world two decades ago. How would you understand the market?

What means would you use to analyze whether there is a demand for your product?

The only means of understanding whether your business is doing well was based on how much profit you make. Most times, customer complaints were received through a phone call, but there was no guarantee that the complaints were heard and action was taken. As a result, you would lose your customer to a competitor, and you wouldn’t know why. Those were the times when, as a brand, it was difficult to understand the customer’s journey of your brand.

What About Present Times?

Understanding the customer journey is an essential part of business as it helps to understand:

  • where your brand is standing?
  • What makes your brand better than other brands?
  • What are your shortcomings due to which your customers shifted to a competitor?

In the present times, several tools are using which you can be successful in customer journey mapping. Customer journey mapping gives you a visual representation of every experience that your customer has with you. It gives you a story of a customer’s experience with your brand.

By mapping your customer journey, you will be able to:

  • See where customers interact with your business
  • Focus the business on particular customer needs at different stages
  • Identify whether the customer journey is in order
  • Get an outside perspective on the sales process
  • Highlight development priorities
  • See the gap between desired customer experience and the one received
  • Concentrate on what matters most to maximize effectiveness

How to Map Your Customer’s Journey?

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Customer journey mapping helps you make every experience your customer has, as good as any and enables you to understand how well the customer experience matches up to your brand promise. There are five WordPress plugins that you can use for your customer journey mapping.

1. ProProfs Live Chat

ProProfs Live Chat

Every business begins with a dream, and most times, the dream comes true with limited resources making it difficult to reach out to customers. Unlike in the past, there are several ways to reach out to customers now.

Live chat as a tool has been around since 1973, but its popularity increased in the recent past. It is expected to grow as much as 80% in the next couple of years.

WordPress is a free platform supported by a community of thousands of professionals – service providers. WordPress offers free support to businesses that are limited on funds. Creating a website with attractive content that and reaching out to your customers to understand the customer journey is made easy with WordPress live chat plugin.

ProProfs Live Chat for WordPress is one of the best ways to interact with customers and provide instant support. Once you have created your website, add live chat to WordPress, and you can easily get ahead with communicating with your customers. With ProProfs Chat plugin, you can:

  • keep your customers engaged
  • support customer interaction
  • improve online customer engagement
  • understand the customer journey of your brand

Besides this, ProProfs Live Chat Plugin helps a business:

  • provide instant answers
  • understand customer behavior
  • initiate conversations with website visitors
  • identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities
  • monitor visitor history and improve support services accordingly

The above-mentioned benefits give you enough reasons to add live chat to a WordPress website.

2. Disqus

disqus logo image

Disqus is a comment plugin that makes it easier for you to increase reader engagement, monetize content, and grow audience and traffic. It helps you to engage your audience directly to build loyalty. Disqus WordPress plugin lets site owners keep users engaged longer on the site with a commenting experience.

Through this, it is easier to understand what the customers think about the brand, what is their purchase cycle, customer queries if any, among much other information that customers usually post as comments. The analytics dashboard helps to measure the overall engagement on the site with interactive discussions with customers, photos, voting, mentions, tags, and such.

Disqus offers several features, such as:

  • Anti-spam filter to filter out spam comments
  • Comment flags that use automated pre-moderation controls and flags comments based on user reputation, links, and other constraints.
  • Participate in discussions via email, or moderation panel
  • Receive notifications for newly posted comments, replies
  • Panel to search, filter, sort, and manage comments.

Disqus also offers several other tools for your website. With the help of Disqus, you can map the customer journey of your brand as well as improve SEO ranking with user-generated content.

3. Survicate


Survicate is a platform for collecting customer feedback, act on this feedback, and win them for life. What is the whole purpose of customer journey mapping? As a brand, you would want to understand your customers, their purchase decision, frequency of purchase, type of product purchased, product subscription, their willingness to spend, and other things that will help you understand the customer better.

Survicate is an all-in-one tool that offers four solutions, namely:

  • Website Feedback Surveys
  • Mobile App Surveys
  • Surveys & Forms
  • Feedback Hub

This all-in-one, customer feedback tool, lets you collect customer feedback across all digital touchpoints and enables you to address customer needs more precisely. With Survicate on your side, you can easily understand the customer journey of your brand.

4. Heatmap

heatmap wordpress

If you wish to know how your users interact with your website, then Heatmap tools and plugins are the right choices for you. Heatmap helps you visualize where users click, how far and how long they scroll, and how they use your website. It helps with your website issues, where it lacks user clicks. It shows how users use and interact with your site design, and thus helps in understanding the customer journey of your brand.

The best heatmap tools and plugins for the WordPress website include Crazy Egg, Mouseflow, Lucky Orange, Inspectlet, Heatmap.me, Ptengine, Clicktale, SeeVolution, and Hootjar.

5. Indicative Analytics

indicative analysis image

Designed specifically for product and marketing teams, Indicative Analytics is a customer analysis tool that helps in optimizing:

  • Customer Conversion
  • Customer Engagement
  • Customer Retention

How does it optimize it all? Through actionable insights.

This robust customer analytics tool integrates all the customer data, making it easier to enable complex data analysis.

Indicative Analytics offers several features, such as:

  • Unlimited user seats
  • Full access to behavior analytics
  • Multipath funnels
  • Dashboard visualizations

Customer Journey Mapping is the Key to a Successful Brand Building

Nearly 67% of consumers and 74% of businesses are ready to pay more for a great experience with the brand according to a recent report. Add these plugins to your WordPress website to better understand your customers. Many other online tools can help you in understanding customer journey mapping. But if you are a start-up or a small business with limited funds, then these five WordPress plugins can help you understand every customer’s journey in detail.

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