What Marketing Do Customers Take Notice Of?

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It’s the question on every business owner’s mind: what can you do to make the market notice you? And not only that: what is the best way to stand out from every other business down your street who is trying to do the same thing? In a digital world, information spreads fast, and so the secrets of having a successful advertising campaign don’t stay very secret for long – that means you’ve got to know what you’re doing to try and make methods like these pay off!

You’ve got the online world to rely on, and you’ve got the airwaves to use to your advantage, and then there’s the physical mapping you can get up to to make sure your local area is aware of you. Posters and flyers through the front door, radio ads on your local network, maybe even a TV ad to try and reach a national advertising scale. But then there comes the scale of online advertising, but where should you even think to use that, to try and target on a worldwide level?

So with all that in mind, let’s think about the ways you can get any potential customers coming your way sit up and take notice of you, only because you’re exciting, alluring, and have a good sale waiting for them. Here are just a few details on some of the best-quoted ways to target your market in the modern-day and age.

Take a Look Around

You want to market your business properly and effectively, but you’ve got no idea where to start, and you have no experts on board at the moment to steer you in the right direction. What do you do? Well, you take a look around the sector your business fits in, and you see what’s worked for other businesses just like yours. Don’t worry, you won’t be infringing on any intellectual property here – you can see an idea you like, what you’ve seen produce results for a company you hope to one day compete against, and now you aim to employ a similar campaign with your little spin on it. After all, even the customers can notice duplicates, and they’re not going to sit up and pay attention to the same idea.

Think about the common advertising items you can pinpoint when you’re looking at an advert another business has put out there and had thousands of people pingback as a result. So, what kind of taglines have your competitors using? Are they short and snappy, and deliver a message in three words or less? What kind of images or scenes do they create, to try and keep the products and services they’re advertising applicable to the typical customer? What’s the first thing that jumps out at you? What things are missing, that you know would make you and people like you enjoy the advert and what it promises just a bit more?

Make it Relatable

As we mentioned above, your advert needs to be relatable. It needs to be something that warms the customer to your business, just because of how familiar the product or service you’re offering feels. And if your adverts don’t allow a potential customer to feel like they need your product, or they feel like you’re not their target market straight away, you need to think about changing your tactics a little. After all, you’re working within your market, and you’re not looking to scare any potential profit away because you’ve misread your research at its very core.

So, when you’re relatable, you’re telling a story. You’re telling a story that any person you’re trying to sell to has zero problems in recognizing, and you’re looking to start building a relationship between your business and the customer base it serves. You want a story that people can easily remember, that provides a lot of information and detail effortlessly, and doesn’t make the whole premise seem a little stuffy. It can be hard to watch an advert that tries to list off prices and statistics, albeit with a relatable twist, but there’s still a lot of confusing information on offer.

And it’s not just the TV advert that could serve well as a storytelling device. You can use your website to get your brand’s history across too, and in a way, that’s unobtrusive and available whenever anyone is interested. After all, a website has a lot more capacity to offer the right information, and a customer can go tab by tab to find the page they’re looking for. And when something is convenient and easy to access, it’s perceived as a lot more relatable to the people viewing it!

Think About a Video or Two

Video marketing is something a lot of people swear by, and for good reason. Seeing as visual aids are the best way to convey a message to someone on the other side of the screen or the window. And that’s something you need to rely on in the early stages of your business – this is a time in your company’s life where you have no want or need to waste your resources, specifically your time, and you want to find something that has a guaranteed result. Thankfully, there’s a lot of ways to make and target a business, seeing as you have the entirety of the internet and all its streaming services at your disposal.

When you have a video, you have a medium that’s capable of creating characters and conveying information that people cannot mishear. And when there’s a video to watch, there’s a very simple way for a customer to interact with you – they can sit down on their sofa and open up their laptop, or sit down at a desk with their monitor on in front of them, and you have a chance in real-time to advertise towards them.

And the video marketing doesn’t stop there either: it can take a customer through a lot of different steps of the buying and selling process – maybe you’ve got instructions to convey after a product has been received, maybe you’ve got some guides on how to best get the most out of the service you offer. Either way, it’s’ more clicks for you, and that equals a better conversion rate.

Video filming and editing can be hard to do, especially when you’ve got a strict budget to work off of, as well as little in the way of having an expert already in your team. But don’t worry; it’s an expansive market. There are all kinds of video companies with scriptwriters and editors, working in different specialized fields, available for you to consult with and turn up a good video out of. Even when you’ve got a law firm in its early days to try and build up, there’s a legal video marketing team just a few clicks away to help you out.

Give it a Bit of Feeling

You want people to identify with you, and you want people to keep you on their mind, to make sure they always come back to you. It’s how you drum up repeat business, after all. And that means you need to involve a bit more feeling in your marketing methods. You want to be memorable and eye-catching, and you want to be a company that makes an immediate impression, and when you’ve got an advert that’s geared towards sadness or happiness or anger, you’ve got a great advert in the bag.

Feeling means you direct a marketing campaign towards people who share a common mind with the product or service you’re offering. You want to rile them up and get them invested, in some of the most personal and intimate ways. Charity adverts, mainly, are good at involving feelings – appeals to help animals who need care or children in countries less fortunate than your own, can make a customer feel very guilty where they’re sitting. They’re much more likely to reach for the phone!

So, What Marketing Will Your Customers Notice?

All in all, it can be hard to know what kind of marketing techniques are going to work best for your business, and all you can do is research your market and get to grips with methods they have known and have loved before now. But when it comes down to it, you’ve got a business, and now you’ve got to market it, and you need to find a way that’s going to guarantee at least a few results.

You want customers to sit up and pay attention, and you know the kind of buzzwords you need to be working with to make that happen. So explore your options, explore your market, hold focus groups, and always think about whether or not you’d sit down and stop scrolling when an advert like yours is popping up on your laptop screen.

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