Achieving Bigger and Better Things for Your Blog from Branding To Budgeting

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Setting out to become a successful blogger was a leap of faith you always wanted to make. You realized there were huge risks involved and you might not have been able to earn a living right away. Luckily you have found your feet as a blogger and you’re growing your empire day by day.

Running a blog on your own is extremely difficult, which is why you might be looking to branch out one day. Whether you’re hiring your first member of staff or expanding your blog content further afield, there are so many ways that you can achieve bigger and better things for your blog. It won’t be an easy transition to make, simply because you have been so used to working on a smaller scale for so long. Once you have come to terms with your new goals you should be able to seamlessly slip into your innovative way of blogging.

So start aiming higher and see where your ideas and creativity can take you in the big wide world of blogging.

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Aiming High

If you look at some of the most prolific bloggers in your industry you will probably notice that it’s not just them working on their content and branding. You should be aiming high and hoping to get a whole team of people on board with your business. In order to do this, you need to have a lot of plans in place to ensure a smooth daily operation. You need to look into the most secure email systems so that none of your confidential business information is compromised.

When your workforce expands, you always need to make sure you have plans in place for your ever-growing business. As long as you are protecting your assets and putting your full trust into all of your hard-working employees you will be able to keep a smooth-running operation for your blogging business.

Market Research

Carrying out regular market research when you are hoping to expand your blog will help you to realize what your target audience is really looking for from your blog. Keeping in touch with your chosen demographic will ensure that your content is always in line with their preferences. It can be very easy to get carried away with your own personal passions, but make sure you are making all of your decisions from a business perspective. Maintaining a professional mindset at all times will always help you to make informed choices.

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Staying Authentic

As bloggers become bigger and more well-known throughout their industry it can be very easy to lose authenticity. Many bloggers simply set out to make a large amount of money as quickly as they can, but by doing this they are losing a sense of who they really are. The public is very tuned in to all of this and they will see right through you if you are being fake. Promoting a product or service just to make money will stop you from growing your audience authentically. Stay true to what your brand stands for and only promote products you are truly passionate about.

You want to remain competitive at all times by keeping up with trends and demands in your market, so always keep a close eye on the changes happening around you. If there is a sudden surge in demand for a particular product or service then you might want to find a way to discuss this in one of your upcoming posts. You can never have tunnel vision as a blogger otherwise your target audience won’t find your content relevant and fresh. As long as you are always gearing your blog content towards appropriate, trending topics you will always have an eager audience ready to listen.

Using WordPress as a Blogging Platform

If you’re not already using WordPress as your chosen blogging platform, then you should definitely consider changing over. WordPress has so many advantages compared to other platforms; search engines absolutely love WordPress, so that is a huge advantage you will have over your competitors. The code behind WordPress is extremely simple and clean, so search engines find it incredibly easy to read. You also have full control over every element of your site, with a 100% customizable design so that your unique brand can shine through to your target audience.

Collaborative Posts

When you are a successful blogger, you should have no problem at all landing the collaborative posts you really want. At first, you shouldn’t be too proud to promote a product for free, if you’re really passionate about it. This is how most bloggers get spotted by brands because they show true loyalty and dedication to their products. If you think there is an unquestionable place for you to work with a certain brand, then make sure you go out there and land the collaboration you have always wanted.

Social Media Schedules

You need a social media schedule that makes your life easier as a busy blogger. If you don’t already use scheduling tools such as Buffer, then you really need to start navigating your way around them. You can spend so much time during your working day creating detailed social media posts that will appeal to your target audience, but you can make everything much more efficient with a simple app on your phone. Sit down for an hour or two every week and plan out all of your Tweets, Instagram and Facebook posts and you won’t even need to worry about posting every day when you’re super busy. Just don’t forget to engage with your target audience in some way, whether it’s commenting, liking or following loyal visitors to your social media and blog website.

Be Wary of Your Finances

As a blogger, you will understand that making money doesn’t always come easily. You might have an influx of jobs one week and then struggle the next. Work is never guaranteed in the fickle world of blogging so never take anything for granted. Always have a plan B that you can fall back on when a job falls through. As long as you are always contributing to your savings you will feel secure with your financial situation no matter what your situation is at that time.

Make Sure Your Brand is On Point

When you first started your blog, it could have been around five or even ten years ago; a lot has changed since then, so you might want to think about updating your brand. Freshening up your logo, changing your tagline and overhauling your social media vibe will help you to keep your brand fresh even when it has existed for several years. As long as you stay true to your original cause you will never have to worry about losing followers or visitors.

Making and Meeting Targets

As a blogger, it is very important to keep on creating small, manageable targets that will keep you motivated when times get tough. Instead of aiming too high, to begin with, you should set your sets onto smaller goals at first. By sticking to your short-term aims you will avoid the disappointment of failing to attain them. This will stop you from becoming overwhelmed with all of the possibilities around you in the busy blogging world.

Patience and Determination

Growing your blog into a bigger and better entity will take plenty of time, patience and determination, so don’t expect to achieve all of your long-term goals overnight. If you are truly passionate about your field, you will never find it difficult to stick to your goals and expand your blog over the years.

You are an entrepreneur, no matter what anybody says; keep your entrepreneurial spirit and success will soon follow.

Even if some of these ideas seem a little far-fetched for you at the moment, there are so many ways that you can start making positive changes right now. If you don’t want to operate on a small scale forever then these ideas will help you to widen your horizons. Whether you’re finding a way to welcome new people to your blogging team or you’re taking care of your finances a little better, there are several ways that you can keep on professionalizing your blog to suit your target audience.

You aren’t always going to make everybody happy, but that is the beauty of choosing your blogging niche. Captivate that small percentage of people that really want to engage with you and you will have a bright and blossoming blog to be proud of.

Take each step at a time and you will soon be able to look back on your progression as the years go by. Being a blogger has never been a walk in the park, but if you’re willing to put the time and effort in you will make it in a crowded industry.

Just remember to always stay true to yourself and your blogging brand; this will ensure that all of your loyal followers stick with you for the years to come.

  1. Hi Jazib,

    Completely agree with you, being a blogger authenticity is the most important things which need to be continue through out the time. A blog post, let’s the reader know about it.

    true words speaks really louder and visitors eventually become a subscribers and a regular reader, just like I become of your blog. Money is certainly important but here is the big deal what you choose, just money or money with following with ethics.

    I believe following the inner instict will make the money and brands follow in the long term…

    Have a great day day ahead!


  2. Nice share..
    All the points mentioned above seems to be very efficient, already have started using some of them for my projects.

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