Top Ten Methods Of Successful Blogging

Methods to Successful Blogging

successful bloggingBlogging has become the trend of the common day. Many webmasters have turned to content management systems like blogs to power their websites. Blogs have also become a great tool that most businesses use to get the attention of more customers and get leads. With all the different blogging software and options available nowadays, setting up a blog is easier than it used to be. We have plugins that makes things single as just selecting some options and poof the blog looks great.

For the independent & professional bloggers, blogs are an easy communication tool to enhance credibility and trust among customers. Business use a blog in part of branding their business online while the everyday blogger like you and me use our blog as the same thing. Besides that, blogs make it easy for other people to locate you on the Internet. When you use your real name in the author resource box, that gets indexed online so hence searching for your name will pull up results your name is mentioned on.

Get this stat, 9 out of 10 blogs that are created have the tendency to be abandoned because they can take up a lot of time. And time is one thing that professionals do not have much of. The result may not seem apparent in the beginning but it will be later on. I have seen bloggers give up so quickly when if they put in a little more effort or just searched the internet for guides, they will learn more about blogging and soon succeed and reach their goals.

Important things to pay attention to

There are some keys to making your blog work best for you, instead of you working for it. Once you learn and practice these steps, it will only take you less than 20 minutes to post one entry. Then again, I spend more time because I am writing detailed blog posts making sure I cover important things people need to know.

A little more time should be spent reviewing, reading and commenting on your blog and other blogs sites on the internet. Interacting with your blog’s visitors and interacting on other blogs will help increase your traffic and keep your subscribers and readers coming back to your blog plus you build up credibility in the niche you are posting expertise advise on.

Ten Keys To a Successful Blog

Blogging Tips

Here are a few keys to a successful blog?

  1. Write important and unique content. You can also narrate and share stories to highlight your knowledge and expertise. Never forget how telling your readers how you deal with clients or problems. Let them know the value of what you are offering. And make it easy for them to contact you if they have questions to ask or if they want to avail your services.
  2. Post at least tree times a week or as much as once a day. These need not be very long articles. Short articles are fine as long as long as the essence and value are there.
  3. Link to other useful resources available on the web. This is very important in order to build traffic and expanding your target market. You can research online for topics you can post that is related to your sites offering. Try to visit and comment on other blogs. Let them know that you are spending time reading about them so they know that you are always available.
  4. Submit your blog to blog directories and do trackbacks. Making reference to another blog post you liked may show as a comment on that post and get a link back to yours. Some bloggers are happy you link to them and when relevant, they link back to yours.
  5. Keep track of your visitors. Have a counter set up in your blog so you will see who has been reading your posts. This will also help you in figuring out the number of people who are coming in and coming back to your blog. There are plugins for WordPress blogs that do this.
  6. Make a list of all your products and services. Check if the landing pages are linked correctly. Nothing can turn off visitors quickly than having been linked to some site, not in any way related to your blog. If you have a shopping cart, you can use your affiliate links and ad tracking features for easy access.
  7. Remember to link to your own website or other blogs you author and vice versa.
  8. Blogs should not be pure sales talk. Readers are a lot smarter nowadays. They can sense marketing from afar. If this happens, they will not be interested in continuing on because they do not want to be marketed on. They encounter those things every day so spare them the suffering.
  9. Be patient. Although there are some blogs that work right away, some take time. Update, update and update but do not expect the instant result to come pouring in. Just sit back and think of other techniques you can use to your blogs to make it more successful.
  10. Try not to use PLR articles like I have with this post! If you have read this article and know my blog and writing this is a lazy method for me to make an occasional post. Yes, I admit it! I didn’t write this whole post but I did rewrite it a bit and it may have been faster to write my post.

Blogging should not be set aside as something unimportant. It can be very useful for you once you know what you are doing. Always be honest when writing. People will follow your blog when you are truthful and even when you mention negative things on your blog, some people will like that and begin to have a conversation with you which helps them coming back because you are clearly caring what your audience comments are about.

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