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gitscrum review

GitScrum is a project management software tool that is designed to help in the process of developing projects. This tool is suitable for business operations and large organizations where projects are delivered and held continuously. The tool was developed with the Laravel Framework. GitScrum is tied with GitHub and has an agile approach to manage agile projects and deliver the outcome in ease.

The aim of the app is to help teams to control using Git version and managing the tasks with the Scrum framework to manage and complete day to day task management. This benefits the team to make them more productive in managing their tasks and achieving their workflow systematically. This app benefits to manage your tasks easily and manage the projects professionally. About more than 6.600 businesses use GitScrum to manage their agile projects. The software tool is available in multiple languages including English, Chinese, German, Russian, Portuguese, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, French, Indonesian and Hungarian.

GitScrum Features

What made this app so handy in businesses and large organizations? The answer behind is GitScrum has numerous features that enhance the experience for companies and users to complete projects and managing their tasks effectively. The features are stated below:

Team Performance

The performance of the team can be monitored with metrics if you are on the right track and make adjustments easily based on the performance of your team.

Flexible workflow

No need to prescribe the workflow to follow as you can customize columns and make adjustments according to your needs.


The property of the development team and the sprint planning is the board used to see and change the state of the issues.

User stories

This allows the users to focus on their efforts on a complete piece of functionality.

Product Backlog

The product’s owner assessment of the value of the business.


A feature added in the user story that directly adds in the sprint backlog. These features benefit the user and the company as a whole and there are other features that helps you to manage tasks and projects effectively.

These features include:

  • Progress state (under progress, done, archived and to do)
  • Issue type (improvement, support request, feedback, customer problem, infrastructure, testing task and etc.)
  • Definition of the done checklist
  • Assign labels
  • Effort
  • Attachments
  • Comments
  • Activities
  • Team members

Company Features:

Email white-label, team members, custom logo, notifications, search projects, type, workflow and priority templates

Project Features:

Private and public, board planning, share board planning, custom workflow, time tracking, project goals, dashboard, calendar, changelog, documents, manage user permissions, team performance chart, glance year, work in progress (Kanban board), custom settings, connect apps, Slack notifications, Dropbox integration, my contribution, activities, progress, discussions, discussions top contributors

Tasks Features:

Custom labels, draft, bug status, blocker, checklists, time track spent, multiple assignees, attachments, comments, assign sprint, assign user story, assign efforts, assign types, workflow, custom code, upvotes, subtask, start date, due date, markdown, email notification, user mentions, custom fields for tasks, export to excel

Sprints Features:

Board planning, burndown chart, time box, remaining days, assignees, sprint goal

User Stories Features:

Board planning, acceptance criteria, time box, priorities, pie charts, assign labels, team members, activities, comments, and issues

User Features:

Profile skills, profile experience, profile summary, profile photo, last account activity, glance year, time zones

GitScrum Pricing

The software tool has extensive pricing strategies that are suitable for freelancers, startups, agencies, sales, project managers, sales, and business executives. The tool has a lifetime discount of 30% off for the monthly subscription and the prices are stated below for different users:

Freelancers plan

$8.00 discount which the normal price is $12.00 and it has the following things

– This is only up to 10 users.

– Unlimited private projects

– Unlimited storage

– Unlimited workflow templates

Business plan

$89.00 which the normal price is $128.00

– White label until January 2019

– Unlimited users

– Unlimited private projects

– Unlimited storage

– Unlimited workflow templates

Professional plan

$15.00 which the normal price is $22.00

– Up to 25 users

– Unlimited private projects

– Unlimited storage

– Unlimited workflow templates

The software tool also has an annual subscription which saves 50% off. The prices for annual subscriptions are stated below:

Freelancer Annual plan

$76.80 which the normal price is $144.00.

Business Annual plan

$854.40 which the normal price is $1.536.00

Professional Annual plan

$144.00 which the normal price is $264.00

Note: the rest of the packages for the annual subscription is the same in the monthly subscription.

Advantages and Drawbacks of using GitScrum

GitScrum has a lot of features to enhance your experience for managing your projects and completing the tasks on time. The pros and cons are stated below if you consider of using this software tool for projects.


  • Easy to use
  • Has a proper Scrum procedure
  • Has a Scrum board
  • Includes the ability to upload files
  • Amazing lifetime deals
  • Affordable
  • Great customer service
  • Strong UI and UX
  • Wider options of sprint templates


  • No IDE (Integrated Development Environment) issue tracking
  • No other type of views except Kanban board
  • No marketplace for third-party apps
  • Not well established compared to other project management tools
  • Needs more integration
  • White label feature is only available in the Business package
  • The user interface needs to be more intuitive
  • Lack of instant chat feature

Departments that used GitScrum

GitScrum is mostly used in the process of software development and about 68% of the projects are developed with the aid of this task project management app. Organizations and different users utilize this project management tool to manage their tasks efficiently. The list of departments in the business operations have used this software app. The departments are stated below:

  • Operations – 42%
  • Research and Development – 31%
  • Sales and marketing – 25%
  • Content management – 24%
  • Consulting – 22%
  • Human Resources – 19%
  • Finance and accounting – 18%

Comparisons with other Project Management Tools

Apart from GitScrum, there are other project management apps that helps you choose which one is suitable for your needs. Other project management apps include Click Up, Asana, Plutio, JIRA, Basecamp, Wrike and Trello. Here I will do the comparison of GitScrum with other project management tools.

Click Up


– Integration with Google Drive

– Natural Language Processing

– GitHub integration


– Lack of detailed reporting

– Difficult to track individual and team performance

– Lack of project overview

Comparisons: Click Up has a good user interface and has a benefit to see the progress of the project or task completed and the details of multiple projects. Click up has a board view but a lack of detail reporting in terms of completed tasks and tasks remaining.



– Manageable for handling smaller projects

– Simple to create tasks for groups and individuals

– Quick process for short tasks


– Tedious process for adding large projects and longer tasks

– Subtasks are not shown

– Tasks are only done with a tick

Comparisons: The project management of Plutio is completely basic which continuously creates tasks for groups than individuals and creating more tasks groups. Creating long tasks can be tedious if the tasks are completely long which GitScrum does not do that. GitScrum can do a four-week sprint before a break. This aids to know the strengths and weaknesses and how we can optimize the process. If you wish to work in small projects then Plutio is the perfect choice for you.



– Well-thought interfaces

– Unlimited file storage

– Project discussion forum


– Unable to manage larger projects

– No agile principles

– Lack of project layouts as it only has lists or a Kanban board

Comparisons: Asana is considered as the top project management apps in the world. Since Asana has lists or Kanban boards which you have to choose one. In terms of comparisons, GitScrum can pick up the UI/UX ideas which will make it a better project in the long-term usage. Asana is suitable for working on small projects.

The other apps: JIRA, Asana, Basecamp, Wrike, and Trello have so many features that all of these applications must-have. There are certain features that are supported by other apps. These features are stated below:

Gamification – This feature is available in all apps except Trello which does not support gamification.

Agile principles – Agile principles are supported in GitScrum and JIRA and not in any other project software tools.

Board planning – All project management tools except Basecamp which does not have a board planning feature.


GitScrum is relatively a new entrant in the market but it offers great features and a roadmap that makes it promising. The team behind GitScrum is highly responsive, therefore each week new features are being added. Further, they have awesome pricing and unlimited space which makes them stand out from their competitors. So, try it today.

Try GitScrum Today!

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