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Have you searched all over the Internet for information about WordPress and can’t seem to find the answer you are looking for? Have you found the answer but can’t quite figure out exactly how to implement it? I know how it is especially in some forums where newbies with simple questions are treated like they have the plague.

I have read threads on some forums where the answers people get only send them on a wild ride of reading the entire WordPress.org site to make a simply change on a template theme. I understand that some are trying to get the newbie to learn how to educate them self, and thus learn how to do things. But still, all we really want is a simple explanation and a quick fix.

So recently a new page has been added here and is visible on the header and in the sidebar, Ask WPArena. If you have a question about WordPress ask on that page and I will try to help as best I can.


Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff at WPArena is a team of WordPress experts led by Jazib Zaman. Page maintained by Jazib Zaman.

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