Top WordPress Development Tutorial Channels on Youtube

WordPress development tutorial channels in Youtube
WordPress development tutorial channels in Youtube

As the most popular CMS in the Internet, WordPress have now a very strong and active community which provides you thousands of personal blog and channel about WordPress development tutorial. These are very convenient because you can quickly search or ask for solutions when you are facing to difficulties. You absolutely understand that visualization is the most effective way of learning because you not only can hear, read but also see and follow the instructor step by step. Besides that, you can also comment under the video, ask questions. My post today will introduce you the list of top WordPress development tutorial channels on Youtube which are useful for both newbies and developers who are working every day with WordPress.

Top WordPress Development Tutorial Channels on Youtube

1. Tuts+ WordPress Development Tutorial Channel 

First started with a famous website covering all IT aspects from web development, WordPress development, mobile development… Tuts+ later created a WordPress development tutorial channel on Youtube which cooperates with articles on their website. This channel includes a series of learning WordPress and web-designing for ex: Migrating your WP database, How to break a WP install, Add a responsive lightbox to your WP theme and a lot of other WordPress development tutorials of Adaptive Blog Theme.

2. wpSculptor WordPress Development Tutorial Channel

Created by¬†Josh Jackson from¬†, this Youtube channel comes along with tips and tricks. “You will find detailed instructions on how to use various WordPress themes and plugins that you can use to establish your online presence or take it to the next level. My video content also includes instructions on how to use free graphic design applications and tools to help you create a website and make it look professional” – Josh Jackson.

The wpSculptor WordPress development tutorial channel is organized into 3 clear playlists for your easy finding: How to create a website with 12 videos, eCommerce tutorials with 2 videos, and liked videos.

3.¬†Let’s Build WordPress Channel

Most common users of WordPress care about how to create a website using WordPress or blog and Let’s Build WordPress focuses on that need. This WordPress development tutorial channel includes now more than 40 videos to instruct you how to customize and add more functions to the basics WordPress site.

4. WPBeginner РWordPress Tutorials

WPBeginner is one of the largest free WordPress resource channels¬†for WordPress beginners. They offer easy to understand WordPress development tutorials for mastering the basics and beyond. With this channel, they provide video tutorials for enhancing WordPress functions and “show you how to do cool things in WordPress without hiring a developer”. WPbeginner is continuously releasing WordPress development tutorials, therefore you’d better subscribe to follow them.

5. WordPress Informer

Just been created from the beginning of 2015, however, this WordPress development tutorial channel includes very useful information for awesome templates responsive such as Restaurant WordPress theme, eLearning WordPress theme. WordPress Informer aims to keep you up to date with all things WordPress related such as tutorials, tips and tricks, reviews.

6. Wordpress Eagle Channel for Tutorials

The most popular problem of every WordPress users is how to choose the right themes and plugins for their own need and this channel will give reviews to help you make a better decision. Besides that, WordPress Eagle also provides you a series of WordPress development tutorial videos, WordPress Vlogs, complete website tutorials and WordPress basics for beginners.

7. Slocum Studio

Slocum Design Studio is a leading WordPress design and development shop that produces custom websites, free and premium templates as the Transport WordPress theme, SEO consulting packages, and the popular Conductor Plugin for custom WordPress layouts.

They produce 4 web shows:

  • PressThis – Comparing themes, plugins and other awesome WP stuff.
  • SEOLunch – Discussing the week’s hottest SEO articles in 15 minutes or less.
  • FreshDev – Inside coding tips for the beginners and WP developers.
  • MattReport – Slocum co-founder interviews other WP experts and business owners to share their expertise.

Tip: To save YouTube tutorials for later try using the YouTube video downloader by It’s simple to use and allows you to save YouTube videos in different formats.

Final thought

With the support of visuals and sound, Youtube has its own advantages on the job of propagating information for people all around the world. From my post today, I do hope that you can find useful WordPress development tutorial channels when you are stepping into some channels such as eCommerce WordPress Themes or working with WordPress. Enjoy and have a nice time!

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