7 Signs Coworking is Right for You

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Over the last decade, coworking spaces have multiplied all over the world. In fact, they have expanded so much that estimations predict that 2.26 million people will work in one of them – 128 times the people that used them in 2010!

You could explain this by the increasing number of jobs you can do remotely, a possibility that was simply impossible 10 years ago. From graphic designers and HR staffers to people working for IT staffing companies and software development firms, a lot of people have made the jump to work remotely – and many of them have picked coworking spaces as their office.

Whatever the reason may be, coworking is here to stay, since it obviously makes sense for a lot of remote workers. How about you? Are you deciding whether you should book a slot in a coworking space but can’t decide if it’s the right move? If so, read on to find signs that are telling you’re ready!

1. You Get Distracted Too Easily

Doing your job from the comfort of your own home is one of the perks many of us fall for when choosing to work remotely. However, a lot of people find out that doing so is more problematic than they might have anticipated. One of the most cited problems? There are too many distractions!

Kids coming back from school, noisy neighbors, or simply the normal routine of your own home can break the peaceful environment you need to focus on your job. If any of this rings a bell, then coworking spaces have scored their first point towards convincing you to use them.

2. You Don’t Like Being Alone

Let’s face it, a lot of us like to go to the office, not because of the work but because there are people there with whom we can make small talk and make the job lighter. That’s why a lot of remote workers end up suffering from working from home. When home alone, they can get bored, sad, or -worse- depressed.

That will never happen in a coworking space. Since there are common areas in them, offices designed for coworking will have you bumping with other freelancers, members of startups, IT staffers, content writers, and other people with which you’ll surely be able to chat. They can inspire you, bring some enjoyment, and, hey, they might even end up becoming friends with you.

3. You’re Spending a Lot of Money to do Your Job

If you are doing remote work but still don’t want to go to a coworking space, chances are you’ll end up doing what a lot of people are doing – going to a coffee shop nearby. Sounds fun, right? Being around people, being able to drink and eat what you want, not having to worry about cleaning up after you’re done – those are nice traits that come with working from a coffee shop.

However, doing so regularly could easily derail your personal economy. Being in a coffee shop or similar with a certain frequency implies you are spending money every time you go. And that’s without even considering the nuisances that might come with doing that, such as fighting for a power outlet or not being able to hear a call because of all the background noise.

4. You Don’t Know Everything

That subtitle sounds weird, right? Of course, you don’t know everything! But maybe you haven’t considered how that can affect your job. Let’s see: what would you do if you had an accounting doubt but you couldn’t reach your accountant? Or if your computer stopped working and you couldn’t get it to start? You’d probably lose a lot of time – and money.

Fortunately, coworking spaces are filled with other professionals that can help you with whatever they can in these kinds of situations. Though it may feel coincidental, the reality is that people that use coworking offices collaborate with one another in a lot of ways. Thus, you don’t have to know everything, because you can exchange services with the people that are sharing your space and for mutual benefit.

5. You’re Meeting Clients Wherever you Can

Though remote jobs mostly imply you’ll be meeting with people over video calls, there are times when you’ll have to meet with some of them face to face. That’s no big deal when you’re meeting with a colleague, as you can both go grab a coffee, meet at your house, or even arrange to meet in your friend’s or parents’ house. But when you have to meet with a client, that’s a whole new story.

If you’re your own boss, you can’t afford to cause the wrong impression. Like it or not, a lot of people care about how your business looks, so you won’t be able to meet wherever you want. You need something that gives the idea of professionalism – and your parents’ garage won’t do that.

6. Your Business Isn’t Going Anywhere

When you’re the head of your own business, you’re in charge of it growing and being more profitable. Unfortunately, you might run into issues here and there and your business can get stagnated. Maybe you aren’t properly reaching out to your clients. Perhaps you don’t have enough professional connections. Or maybe you need to partner up with other people to start growing.

Do you know where you can get solutions for all of those issues? Yep, in a coworking space. A lot of professionals from all kinds of backgrounds use these offices, so you’ll surely be networking and getting the word about your business out there. It’s not that you’ll get clients in the coworking space, but if people in there meet you and like how you work, they can surely recommend you to someone in need of services like yours.

7. You Can’t Balance Work and Private Life

Finally, there’s this one myth about being your own boss and working from home that bursts like a bubble once you start actually doing it – the balance between your work and your life. Since you’re bringing your work inside your home, it’s pretty easy to start fusing the 2 to a point where you can’t separate one from the other. You start working in uneven hours, staying up late, or even resenting your own house.

By using a coworking space, you don’t have to worry about that. Though there are 24/7 offices, it’s unlikely you spend that much time outside your home. You can keep your work and your private life neatly divided and “uncontaminated.” And there’s more – the people you share the space with will likely push you to relax a little and invite you to fun activities, like going to the movies or to a bar.

Some Final Words

If some (or all) of these items apply to you, then you already have your answer, as coworking spaces are perfect for you. But even if you only see yourself in one of these items, coworking might be for you. There are several benefits associated with them, from professional networking to having a peaceful environment to meet clients.

Even when you can do your job from home, a formal office can give you a different presence for your business. Besides, the structured environment of coworking spaces will help you in structuring your own life. With all those things available, it’s hard to argue against coworking spaces. So, maybe you should give it a try and see why millions of people over the last decade have already made the switch.

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