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Proxies & SEO – Efficient Monitoring

According to BreexyHill Marketing, 81% of people conduct some sort of an online search before they make a large purchase. This means brands must be visible if they are to attract such buyers. Businesses have, therefore, learned the importance of SEO to improve the search engine ranking of their websites. But is that enough in […]

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8 SEO Site Metrics You Should Not Ignore

Organic traffic can help you get more visitors without spending any money. It’s influenced by a variety of factors that are measured using the following metrics. If you want to get the most out of your organic traffic, pay attention to the metrics below. 1. Web Vitals Search engines have evolved. It’s no longer about […]

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7 Tips for Negotiating a Work-from-Home Arrangement with Your Boss

According to a 2019 LinkedIn survey, roughly half of employees work from home at least one day a week, while 82% want to have the option of doing so. There are plenty of companies that offer flexible work arrangements already, including Amazon, Lionbridge, Dell, Hilton, Working Solutions, Williams-Sonoma, Xerox, Salesforce, and American Express. Whether you’re […]