8 SEO Site Metrics You Should Not Ignore

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Organic traffic can help you get more visitors without spending any money. It’s influenced by a variety of factors that are measured using the following metrics. If you want to get the most out of your organic traffic, pay attention to the metrics below.

1. Web Vitals

Search engines have evolved. It’s no longer about the keyword density and backlinks. The algorithms have been improved to measure customer experience. Web visitors have a short attention span and want information as soon as they click on a page. If your website takes too long to load, people will leave without seeing what you have to offer. That is why you need to check your website’s vitals to see which pages take long to open. That way, you can correct the mistake and improve the visitor experience.

2. Organic Traffic

The organic traffic metrics will tell you how many people visit your site every month or week. You can also filter these metrics by region. That means you can see how many people from your local area have visited your site. This metric will help you measure your SEO goals and readjust accordingly.

3. Clicks

This metric report will show you the total clicks that you’ve received during a certain period. It shows how many people have clicked on your website. The more clicks you get, the better because it shows that more people are interested in your website.

4. Referring Domains

This metric measures how many websites link back to your site. It’s different from backlinks in that it only counts the links from a single website once. If the number of referring domains increases, it shows that more people believe in your content, and that’s why they are linking back to your site. You should also keep in mind that high authority site referrals are better than those from new sites.

5. Bounce Rate

When people visit your site and then leave after a few seconds, that action is called the bounce rate. The higher the bounce rate, the less interested users are with your website. Pay attention to this metric because it can help you to improve the user experience. You can try to improve the content on pages with high bounce rates to see how they will perform.

6. Dwell Rate

This metric calculates the length of time that a user spends on a web page. If you want to see how people are engaging with your content, check the dwell rate. The longer readers stay on your page, the more engaging it is. Update popular content regularly so that your users stay informed and keep coming back for more.

7. Valid Indexes

When someone wants to find information on the internet, the search engine crawls different websites, indexes the relevant sites, before ranking them on the search results. Check how many of your pages have been indexed by the search engine using this metric. Also, make sure that only relevant pages are indexed. Too many indexed pages can lower your search engine rankings and reduce visibility.

8. Return on Investment or ROI

Did you know that your page can rank 1 on search engines without you making any money? Not all keywords are relevant. Be careful when choosing keywords. Make sure that they add value to your website. To measure the ROI on your SEO efforts, use online tools. Some websites call it the traffic value while others call it the traffic cost. That figure shows how much you’d spend on paid ads to get to where you are with the organic results. A high value is good because it shows that your keywords are worth every effort.

It’s always good to seek professional advice if you feel that your website needs more. You can contact an SEO agency based in Sydney to get help.

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