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15+ Best Crowdfunding WordPress Themes

Nowadays, crowdfunding or charity is a common form not only in real life but also on the internet. You can use Crowdfunding websites to raise funds for your project or charitable activities. However, not all of them brings high efficiency. A website needs to fully satisfy with requirements such as reliability, full necessary features for donation, the clearly presented […]

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WordPress SEO Tutorial: 200+ Google Ranking Factors

Do you really know Google ranking factors? Surely no one knows what is Google using to rank web pages. Because, recently Google has given a lot of algorithms to evaluate, analyze websites. And every year Google updates these algorithms more than 500 times. Especially, Google will never tell you which factors will positively affect. In previous articles of WordPress SEO Tutorial […]

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Ultimate WordPress SEO Tutorial Series A to Z

Welcome you to WordPress SEO tutorial series of In working process, I’ve received a lot of questions as What is SEO?, why should I make SEO for WordPress? and many other questions. It is motivation and inspiration for me to write this series. Surely, before reading this article, you already have heard about terms such as WordPress, SEO, WordPress SEO, WP […]