Top Writing Tools To SEO Optimize Content For Your WordPress Website


SPOILER ALERT: This article will tell you exactly how to write more with less and to SEO optimize your post on your WordPress website to get more views

If you are reading this post, I suppose you are a webmaster hoping to increase your writing productivity in a way that your website’s content is both readable by Google bot and by a human being.

Well, then, congratulations! you found the right place, let’s see how! Below is our curated list of top 6 Writing Tools to SEO Optimized content for your WordPress site.

1. Google Docs

google docs

Apparently, Google docs need no introduction. It is one of the most powerful writing tool developed by Google.
Besides all the great features it has given us (that is similar to Microsoft Office), Google doc has 3 more absolute advantages compared to WordPress’ default editor:

  • The ability to function Real-time team editing:
    Since you are a webmaster, you may work in a team, and sometimes your teammates will need instant feedback and instant editing for better writing purpose. It is when Google doc kicks in and show you it’s amazing ability. I’m pretty sure this isn’t new to you, but you just haven’t tried it yet. So why not give it a try?
  • Accurate speech to text – improve writing and brainstorming speed:
    Just imagine you suddenly have a lot of thoughts and idea in your mind that you will need to spit them out as fast as possible or else it will vanish, what should you do? Use Google doc’s text to speech feature and it will do the tricks.

The final reason – The ultimate reason: WordPress’s default editor sucks! It is so slow, so unreliable, so annoying ‘and stuff’.

2. Notepad++

notepad plus plus demo

I have to say that this is a great tool to do some free-writing without any distraction.

I often use Notepad++ to draft all of my thoughts and ideas for my WordPress blog because of the simplicity it gives.
Seriously this can make you focus on writing and focus on the content because the content is king.

One more reason why I love Notepad++ is that it removes all formatting of your copied texts and formatting is not something WP editors or Microsoft Office can handle easily.

3. Hemingway editor

Readability is undoubtedly something you must consider when writing because it is one of the most important factors google’s algorithm will decide if your post should be found or not.

Even though what you write may seem obvious to you, but since people are different, others people may find your post’s too difficult to understand or too boring to start reading. Either way, it hurts you and your WordPress website.
This tool will report which sentence is hard to read, what needs to be improved, what needs to be changed. it will tell whether your post is readable and can be understandable by the general population or not.

Also, unlike Notepad++, Hemingway supports some basic formatting like B, I, UL, LI, H1, H2, H3, which are all important HTML tag for your website if you want to SEO optimize your web’s content.

4. Grammarly

Grammarly preview

Grammar mistakes and spelling errors are the most frequent errors people may encounter when doing writing, jotting down notes, etc. This is even more correct to WordPress writers who aren’t born in an English speaking country.

For that reason, Grammarly is definitely a good choice for you as it can help you to quickly check your writing’s grammatical errors to make your writing prompt better.

The unique selling point of Grammarly is that it even points out exactly which words or phrases should be changed, why is that so, and what are the alternatives for that word or phrase.

In order to have the best experience in writing and editing, you should purchase the premium version. However, since your writing is checked by Grammarly’s system, it sometimes does not accurately point out your mistake, but you can always ignore that.

5. SEO Yoast

WordPress SEO by Yoast

SEO Yoast is the most controversial SEO plugin for WordPress on the market these days. Some people say it’s bad, some might say it’s good, but whatever they say, I find SEO Yoast is helpful as it can give us:

  • Readability
  • SEO check

Since it’s a popular and a must-have plugin for your website, I wouldn’t introduce much, but to let you install and see the difference it can make.

6. Plagiarism Checker

No Plagiarism - No duplicated content

Since you are working with WordPress and you are trying to update posts very often, one thing you may do is to copy some content you found on google search and it will negatively affect your ranking result since the content wasn’t yours and it wasn’t unique.

The solution is simple, you need to rewrite articles in a way that it is recognized to be authentic and original work. Plagiarism checker will tell you which sentence is plagiarised and how to edit.

You can find many websites with plagiarism check, but here is one website I often visit and I think it’s doing the job well done.

7. Linkio SEO tool

Linkio is an exquisite SEO tool made to help you manage your link building campaigns simpler and smarter.

Linkio’s AI uses predictive analytics to guide your anchor text strategy. With the algorithm’s help, you get fewer interruptions, happier, more productive employees and better results.It has the adored flexibility of a spreadsheet with the sophistication that removes tedious reporting, human error, and slow decision-making.

It’s easy to make Linkio your own: custom columns, campaign templates, link types, sources and more.


Simply put, WordPress’s editor sucks, and writing SEO content is complicated, and these tools will save you tones of time to make your posts even better and get more people to read what you write.

Happy writing!

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