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Embedding videos in a Website  has never been easier, thanks to WordPress and its Plugins. These themes and  plugin removes the need to copy and paste “embed” code from the different video sharing sites into your posts’ body. Instead, you click the icon for a specific video site, for example, YouTube. Then all you need to provide is the URL to the video.  For example, Viper’s Video  Quicktag WordPress Plugin goes to the URL and extracts the embed code automatically.

Adding Video to your posts can really dress up the content. By using Video, you give your content a dimension that
you can’t express in plain text. Through visual imagery, you can call attention to your post and add depth to it.
The same goes for adding any  other media files to your posts and blog, e.g, Image, and Audio. Video lets you provide entertainment through moving, talking (or singing!) streaming video. Audio files let you talk to your visitors and add a personal touch. Many bloggers use video and audio to report news and to broadcast Internet radio and television shows. The possibilities are endless!

[Reference: WordPress 3 Complete]

Here I am compiling a list of Plugins and WordPress Theme which already have the ability to embed these media files.

WordPress Templates For Video and Flash Player:

1. The Archer WordPress Video & Movie Player

Full Screen Preview | Purchase

2. Rewind-swfaddress, wordpress template

Full Screen Preview | Purchase

3. RocFolio 2 – Flash WordPress Template

Full Screen Preview | Purchase

4. RocFolio – Flash and WordPress Portfolio Template

Full Screen Preview | Purchase

5. Grid Gallery for WordPress v.1

Full Screen Preview | Purchase

Free Video Player Plugins For WordPress Blog

1. FLV Embed Player

Download | Detail

2. ProPlayer

Download | Detail

3. Word Tube

Download | Detail

4. Embeded Video

Download | Detail

5. Smart Youtube

Download | Detail

6. viper’s video

Download | Detail

7. anarchy-media-player

Download | Detail

8. Flash Video player

Download | Detail

Refernces and Resource:

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Digging Into WordPress

WordPress 3.0 jQuery: Enhance your WordPress website

9. Open Standard Media (OSM) Player


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  • Greg

    great options here

  • Vincent Parker

    Wow, great information. I have been copying and pasting the embed code found on sites like YouTube. The plugin you show at #4, Embeded Video, looks extremely easy to use. I’ll definitely have to give that a try. Going through the plugin page and looking at the information it does things that I do manually too, like adding a link to my videos on the video sharing sites. Thanks!

    Quick question, and not sure if you might know the answer to this. A gentleman I met claimed that the embed code coming from YouTube is actually flawed and creates a slight error when using it. He created a small program that supposedly fixed that error, but it never seemed to work right for me.

    I’ve since lost touch with him but what he told me has always stuck in the back of my mind. It’s nothing that users notice, he said, but he said when looking at logs it becomes apparent.

    Any knowledge of this?

    Regardless, I’m going to start using that plugin, but it always bugged me thinking I was generating errors without knowing it.

  • Mark

    I’m going to try this with my next project…Makes things look a bit better
    Time spent reading your piece is valuable. Many of people should surely read this!

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