5 Best WooCommerce Dropshipping Plugins

Best woocommerce plugins for dropshipping
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WooCommerce dropshipping is an easy way to make your business profitable from the earliest moments you open the online store. By creating partnerships necessary to avoid the cost of warehousing and inventory, your WooCommerce Dropshipping store avoids stress created by expenditures prior to orders being received.

While WooCommerce dropshipping sounds like a great idea, the reality is you will not do much with it if you lack the right tools. In this case, it is important that your WooCommerce dropshipping plugins provide great efficiency for your customers. The easier it is for your customers to order, the greater the likelihood they return to your e-commerce site. The following plugins will help you take your WooCommerce dropshipping to even greater levels of efficiency, and thus helping you attract and retain more customers.


One of the best things you can have is as many automated processes as possible. This increases your business’s efficiency and allows you to focus on securing better dropshipping partners along with enhancing the customer experience.

AliDropShipWoo automates the entire drop ship process, making it one of the best plugins for making your WooCommerce dropship business that much more efficient. The entire process is managed through the automated processes and allows you to check-in and see how things are working.

With the photo editor, you can customize how the products appear including removing those pesky watermarks. All you do to get started is to select a couple of products and they automatically appear in your store.

There are some limitations, though. The first is AliDropShipWoo only works for AliExpress products. Another limitation is the license only works for a single website.

When looking at the totality of AliDropShipWoo, there are many benefits to this WooCommerce Dropship plugin. For business owners, the luxury in having a plugin take care of the entire dropship process via automation lets you focus on other areas of the business. With great ease of use, overlooking the limitations of this plugin is quite easy.


There are a lot of benefits to WooDropship, and the most noticeable of those advantages goes with a theme that you can be part of the entire order to cash timeline while at the same time not having to do too much for your customers to get their products. That being said, there are some critical differences found with WooDropship that are not found with many other WooCommerce DropShip apps. Understanding the strengths and limitations of this plugin helps you make a great choice.

This particular plugin also works with AliExpress. You have the ability to customize order information because part of the process with this plugin is copy-pasting the order information into the ordering system. This means if a customer has a special request, you can honor it because you can include the request when you submit the order.

The problem with WooDropship is the plugin is not automated. The process can be woefully inefficient with many orders. You also lack the ability to customize photos and remove problematic items like watermarks and logos. Ultimately, WooDropship is a plugin that has a lot of room for improvement despite being so useful.


The plugin once known as Shopified offers WooCommerce dropshippers a lot of handy tools to make the e-commerce experience more fun and efficient. This plugin has lots of different automated processes that do everything from import products to ensuring that shipping is done cost-effectively. Thanks to all these automated processes, you are assured everything on the order to cash continuum is proceeding quickly and efficiently.

The bottom line with this plugin is you do not need to monitor the products, how your site manages the products and the ordering process. Everything is taken care of with the plugin; your job is just to focus on the customer experience.

There are some limits to the plugin’s usability. It is important to know this plugin is freemium software. If you are not exceeding 500 orders or 50 orders in a single month, you will have no issues with the free plugin. However, the greater the number of orders, the more you will have to spend on this system. But if your business is booming, it’s no big deal.


There are lots of excellent WooCommerce dropshipping plugins that offer high levels of automation and site integration. Few of these advantages with the muscularity behind like YouDroop. YouDroop is known for getting things done with great speed and power. This is quite possibly the most powerful plugin offered.

One of the main reasons for the power is having the ability to use different manufacturers. AliExpress is still available, but you can search for a manufacturer more in tune with your needs and wants.

As for the drawbacks of this plugin, the biggest drawback is the price. At €59 each month with different tiers, you could spend a lot of money and not earn back the cash to offset that expense. This is a WooCommerce dropship option for people with markets already established. For newbies, this system is just too expensive. It is also important to note there is not a free suite of services. This plugin requires a fee before you see any of the benefits.


The goal behind this plugin was making sure that your e-commerce site has a lot of convenient tools. The first of which is the product sourcing via the plugin with AliExpress. Having this ability built into your WooCommerce dropshipping plugin means finding a product to put in your store is easier and for customers, they have a better time finding what is needed.

Another great feature is the price recommendation. There are many times when you bring a product into your e-commerce site only to find you are not sure how much to charge for it. The price recommendation takes the guesswork out. The good news is the price is set based on a bunch of different factors including the supply and demand.

Overall, the biggest drawback again is the price. This plugin can cost up to $200 per month.

  1. Great list of plugins :)

    It’s a timely post for me as i was recently looking into Oberlo from Shopify, they seem to be doing some great things with Oberlo and integration with WordPress would be a great idea.

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