WP Modula Plugin Review: Best WordPress Gallery Plugin

WP Modula Review

Website design attracts the visitors and users to navigate across the page. It is important that along with content, the interface of the website looks interesting and creative. WordPress gallery plugin Modula helps the users to create beautiful galleries and enhance their websites. The plugin helps in the creation of unique and creative gallery layouts and designs that can improve the website presentation. The presentation of an entire website can be changed through the use of just one plugin.

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WP Modula Review

What is WP Modula?

WP Modula is a product by the company Macho Themes. It is a simple plugin that arranges and designs the gallery easily. Modula is the fastest and most convenient plugin that builds an image gallery within minutes. The user only needs to name the gallery, upload the images and paste the shortcodes. The plugin handles the responsibility of creating a grid/simple gallery from the images. The plugin allows the user to customize and create their preferred look for the gallery. The galleries can be used for creating portfolios for;

  • Art,
  • Photography,
  • Blogs,
  • event albums and special occasions etc.

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The plugin is convenient to be used by a non-designer as well as WordPress devs. The plugin offers a wide range of functions required by the user to creatively design the gallery. The range of features and options is explained below.

  • Hover effects: There is a selection of 12 different hover effects namely; appear, catinelle, comodo, crafty, curtain, fluid up, hide, lens, pufrobo, quiet, reflex and seemo. These effects can be used with titles and subheadings. This feature is compatible with the CSS3 animations and all devices.WordPress Gallery Plugin Modula
  • Lightboxes: the plugin includes 6 different options for lightboxes to view the gallery. They include; fancybox, light gallery, lightbox 2, magnific popup, prettyphoto and swipebox.
  • Filters: the plugin applies 5 categories of filters to characterize the images in the gallery. They include; graphic design, art, packaging, typography and colorful. This helps in organizing the images to be displayed in orders.
  • Image loaded effects: this feature allows the images to load in 4 different orders to enhance creativity. They options include; horizontal sliding, rotation, scale and vertical sliding.
  • Margins: the user can select their customized look for the gallery by choosing the margin to set between photos.  Below are images to show two different preferences of the images in the gallery.
    This image is without any margins between the images.WordPress Gallery Plugin Modula MarginsThis image has used a margin size of 20 between images.WordPress Gallery Plugin Modula Margins
  • Shuffle: some of the images may relocate their position when the page is refreshed. The option of shuffling images gives the gallery a distinctive look each time.
  • Social sharing: the most convenient feature of the plugin is that allows the sharing of the images to be directly posted on the social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus. This helps establish links without downloading or uploading images. This process saves the users time.Social Sharing Modula Grid Gallery Plugin for WordPress
  • Style: the user can customize the galleries to give an individualized look overall. The sizes, colors, and radius can be arranged. Other elements such as shadows and slide effects can also be added to the images for a unique presentation.
  • Number: the user can create an unlimited number of galleries for more options of storage. Each gallery can only include 20 images at a time.


The first step is to install and activate the plugin.

  • Go to Plugins and click Add new
  • Click Upload Plugin
  • Click Choose file, click Modula.zip, click Install now
  • Click Activate

The plugin has now been activated, now you can start building the gallery.

  • Click Modula tab
  • Select Add Gallery
  • Add your images (you can use drag and drop option).

After this step, the gallery will be created. The user can now customize and use different features to apply creativity to the designs.


There are a total of 4 selected plans that allows the users to access all the features.

    1. The Basic plan includes 1 site for $19.
    2. The Duo plan includes 2 sites for $29.
    3. The Pro plan includes 5 sites for $39.
    4. The Business plan includes unlimited sites for $49.


The users can be reached by filling the Modula support page. The users have to provide their name and email address. The query can be written in the message box and can be sent. A team member will contact the user directly.


WP Modula plugin is a convenient tool for users to design their galleries. The plugin can solve various purposes at one time. The plugin includes many features that can be molded and customized to fit the user’s demand. The most beneficial quality is that it saves time and can be used in simple steps. Modula can handle multiple galleries and can function on all widgets and mobile devices. The creators of Modula continue to update the features and provide ease to the user.

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