WP ACF-VC Bridge Review: The Plugin That Has It All

WP ACF VC Bridge Review

This particular plugin combines two separate plugins into a single giant. By combining the powers of Visual Composer and Advanced Custom Fields, the WP ACF-VC bridge has everything you would want from a plugin. WP ACF-VC Bridge includes ACF PRO plugin ($25 worth) that makes it an awesome deal and attracts my attention too. However, the Visual Composer plugin should be bought separately.

WP ACF VC Bridge Review

Visual Composer

Before creating the bridging plugin, Visual Composer was used by website developers everywhere to create an aesthetically pleasing layout for their websites. However, it was limited in the fact that people were not given the ability to use multiple visual composers per page and the data structures for the templates were also lacking.

With the creation of this plugin, many improvements were made and two of the most suitable plugins were combined together to form one mega plugin for ease of use and greater efficiency.

Advanced Custom Fields

Advanced Custom Fields makes up for the lacking data structure in Visual Composer by giving control over the data of the design to the website developer. However, Advanced Custom Fields was lacking everything that Visual Composer had.

This is where WP VC ACF Bridge was created as a way to bring together the best of both worlds and make it easier for WordPress users to gain access to all the necessities they need in their plugin collection.

How to Use WP VC ACF Bridge

Making effective use of this plugin is fairly easy if you have an understanding of both sides of this picture. The possibilities are endless with this plugin and they include the following:

  • Use the Visual Composer on any post or page;
  • Use an unlimited number of visual composers on each page;
  • Choose any ACF from any page or post and set its options to your liking;
  • Add date, time, text, number, image and so on because ACF supports all PRO fields;
  • Make VC content snippets and reuse them anywhere you would like;
  • Changes made to a single place on the design layout can be applied to the rest of the website;
  • VC snippets that you create are instantly accessible as templates.

These possibilities were never imaginable before and they are by far made more efficient with the combination of the two plugin giants. Thus, plugin users have gained ease of access and convenience.


The WP VC ACF bridge is jam-packed with features. These features are what allow this plugin to perform at the highest level and provide the plugin user with an experience they may never forget. They include:

  • Switching to the full screen allows the website developer to make use of the Visual Composer more accurately, ensuring that the end result perfectly depicts what was envisioned;
  • A compact mode is also available and can include multiple Visual Composer editors when there is not enough space for actually editing the content;
  • Unlimited nesting allows for the formation of an entire network that the website developer can effectively apply to their website;
  • Both content fields (flexible and repeater) can be included in the Visual Composer;
  • Categories can be customized and content snippets can be sorted accordingly, creating a reusable and organized system for the plugin user;
  • Widgets are also available for use;
  • The ACF Fields display shows all ACF PRO fields for ease of access for the plugin user;
  • The features are highly customizable and the plugin user can make it their own using hooks to customize the way the Visual Composer is displayed on the ACF Fields.
  • It is possible to create templates for ACF repeater rows and flexible content layouts with Visual Composer now. This may be very beneficial for users who don’t know PHP because they can do that all right in WP-Admin without writing code.
  • The user is able to register custom options pages right from wp-admin.
  • It works with WPML.


The WP VC ACF bridge only costs $25 and includes all future updates and 6 months of free support (which can be extended to 12 months by paying an extra $7.50). The support itself is quite detailed and very helpful. All complexities of the plugin are easier to understand when using the support that is available through purchase.

It also includes the ACF PRO. This price is quite affordable, especially considering the fact that the plugin is a packaged deal of 2 plugins combined into 1.

Why Buy It?

The WP VC ACF bridge is a jack of many traits because of the fact that it includes two major plugins and combines them in a single package. The price is actually a bargain because this plugin is essentially a two-in-one deal.

Also, this plugin is highly recommended for any expert because any WordPress expert has the knowledge necessary to make effective use of the WP VC ACF bridge. The plugin itself is very flexible and is a high-quality product that gives plenty of control in the hands of the plugin user.

This plugin gives plenty of value for its price tag. For only $25, this plugin is packed with features that can be used on any website. What’s more? It is organized and can be customized according to the needs of the plugin user (it’s basically very flexible).

One of the pros also is the ACF Picker component for Visual Composer, because it renders ACF fields much better than standard Advanced Custom Fields components available in Visual Composer.

Why Not Buy It?

People who have only begun to use WordPress should probably avoid this plugin at the beginning of their WordPress journey. The WP VC ACF bridge is probably most effective when the user has an advanced understanding of WordPress.

Another thing to keep in mind about this plugin when considering whether or not to buy it is that it may be confusing at first and it takes time to actually get a hang of. Thus, this plugin may not be suitable for everyone and its usefulness varies according to the user.


The WP VC ACF bridge was created by combining two amazing plugins into one single mega-plugin. It revolutionized user experience because it created a convenient and highly organized way for WordPress users to apply both the Visual Composer and the Advanced Custom Fields on their website.

With the ease of use and accessibility, this plugin has become widely popular and it has incorporated both plugins in a brilliant manner. The $25 price is another plus point because this means that the plugin is very affordable.

However, the only drawback is that the WP VC ACF bridge is not very beginner-friendly. So, not everyone can become automatic experts when it comes to this plugin. But, that’s why support exists. Any determined amateur can learn the ropes through the support.

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