WordPress Security Tricks to Keep Your Business Website Safe

With the increasing number of companies and business using digital marketing techniques to grow, cybersecurity is one of the rising concerns that should be taken good care of not only to protect sensitive business information but customer data as well. Appealing web design and quality content don’t make sure a website is secure, but one must need to take some essential steps to ensure the website’s security. It’s essential for businesses to make their websites safe and secure to browse because millions of users browse them each day either to collect information or to make purchases.

If your business website is built on world’s famous CMS system WordPress, then we have some incredible security tips for you to help you make sure your business website is secure and bad guys cannot access information and data stored in it.

1. Quality Hosting is Important

Either you want to design a one-page website for your specific product hamilton watches or about to build multi-pages business websites, quality hosting should be one of your major concerns as it can work as an extra layer of security for your digital asset.

Most of us ignore this part because all we need is cheap hosting and a cheap domain. Quality is essential because you can’t buy something that is the main reason your site is unsafe.

If you have reliable hosting, it will maintain your performance and make your website even faster. Best hosting companies offer lots of features that help you to rank on the search engine as well.

Make sure your hosting offers 24/7 supports because in case if some problems occur, you can contact them immediately to get the required support.

Quality hosting is an essential factor in keeping your website secure because it automatically update your website in case of any malicious activity.

2. Switch to HTTPS From HTTP

SSL/TLS certificate is important because they keep the business website secure. Even according to the survey those websites that don’t use SSL certificates are the easiest target.

HTTPS is the most secure version of HTTP so make sure to use HTPPS.

A quality host will provide you one year SSL certificates for free. All you have to do is install the certificate and then convert your site into HTTPS.

3. Login Credentials

The drawback of using WordPress is that everyone knows the path of the login page. So, it’s imperative for you to keep the secure login credentials. Make sure not to use your name as a password because it can be guessed easily.

Be quick to change the default login details and choose strong passwords that are hard to guess.

Furthermore, if you want to change your username from admin, you can do in easily at WordPress panel. Don’t use your domain name as your username because creeper will hack it easily.

4. Implement Two-factor Authentication

Two-way authentications are very important because it is connected with your smartphone. This process will send a code to your smartphone every time you try to log in.

Two- factor authentication refers to the two-way process through which the website has to pass. This process takes a little more time and keeps the business website even more secure.

First, you will enter the username and password. Then a unique code will be sent to your device that you will have to provide to start using the website.

This factor is easy to add with the help of the plug and plays an important factor in keeping the business website more secure.

If you are using this process make sure to add the correct number because adding wrong codes will block the website.

5. Add new plugins and themes carefully

Themes and Plugins are the best things that come with WordPress, but make sure to add valid plugins and themes.

Making the website look good is important, but don’t use plugins or themes from any website. Most of the hacker make theme download website so that they can hack your websites.

On the other hand, before you download plugins check the user ratings and comments. You can also check how they are updating the themes and plugins. If the plugin has not been updated for 6 months or year, then don’t use it.

Download the themes and plugins from a trustworthy source like WordPress, Themeforest and other famous websites.

Final Words

WordPress is a famous platform, and when things get famous, many people are ready to take them down. That’s the reason many websites get hacked because no one wants to see your product at the top.

So if you are spending money and time on a website, then use these tricks as well to make your WordPress website even more secure.

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