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The WordPress Upgrade Aftermath

In the previous post, I talked about all the reasons to upgrade to version 2.6.+. After doing a few and researching some issues I thought I may warn you of what you may be in for. First and foremost is backing up your files and database. Believe me, this is critical because I needed it […]

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How To Write Post in WordPress 2.6

There have been some significant changes in WordPress since version 2.5 specifically in the write post screen. The Visual editor has some major changes as well as additional options added to the toolbar. This WordPress guide will show you some of the basics of writing and editing a WordPress post in Version 2.6. The first […]

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WordPress Version 2.6 Now Available

It has not been long since the release of WordPress 2.5 which had a lot of big changes from all previous versions. WordPress version 2.6 is now available and anyone who has made the, often painful move to version 2.5 should not have any issues going to version 2.6. I admit I haven’t upgraded any […]

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Why Do We Blog?

Why do we blog? Why do I blog? Money… yes, it’s all about money but before you leave let me tell you why I blog for the money. There are actually five reasons (or more if you count pets) here at home for me to maintain my websites and blogs. When first starting with Internet […]