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Top WordPress Gallery Plugins

WordPress is one of the powerful platforms used to build a blog. WordPress photo gallery plugins are really very useful for creating blog portfolios for sharing pictures with your friends, family, and followers. These image galleries can be downloaded and set up very easily with your blog or website. There are a lot of free and premium photo […]

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Most Common SSL Connection Errors And Methods To Fix Them

The irritating SSL connection errors may suddenly appear from nowhere, or maybe the result of lousy SSL certificate setup. No matter what the reason is, you surely don’t want your visitors to see any kind of dangerous warnings when surfing your website. These browser notifications can be: “Your connection is not private“, “Your connection is […]

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Rocket Managed WordPress Hosting Review

Web hosting is one of the decisive factors that decide the scalability and performance of your website. The WordPress hosting that serves your needs in true spirits definitely leaves the positive impacts on your website in SEO improvement and increased sales. Not every hosting provider offers the best WordPress hosting. If choosing a web hosting […]