Heroic FAQs Review: The Knowledge-Giving WordPress Plugin

Heroic Faqs Review

Heroic FAQs is a WordPress plugin that allows website creators to develop a detailed “Frequently Asked Questions” page to address customer queries in a fast and simple manner. This easy way to address customer queries can be helpful in boosting sales because customers can easily access the FAQs page and gain the reassurance that they need about the services and products being provided. The biggest benefit of this theme is that once the FAQs page has been established, the website owners will receive much less repetitive questions.


This WordPress Faqs plugin was developed by a company that has been deemed experts in developing and designing knowledge-based WordPress themes and plugins – HeroThemes. HeroThemes provide extremely popular themes and plugins when it comes to developing websites that require a neat display of information (whether it is about the company itself or its affairs).


The Heroic FAQs plugin has many different features which make it easier for the website developer to make effective use of this plugin, including:

  • A drag and drop interface which allows the plugin user to write the questions and answers, the group frequently asked questions and reorganize items by simply dragging and dropping them;
  • The addition of rich content allows for website developers to add more content to their FAQs page, including videos, blockquotes and so on;
  • An FAQ configurator which helps in adding the questions and answers faster;
  • 5 designs with limitless configuration options can make the appearance of the FAQs page unique;
  • The website’s content can be matched with the company’s brand to have a more consistent effect with the rest of the website;
  • The FAQs page is compatible with any device and it is optimized for smartphones and touch devices as well;
  • Theme compatibility means that the FAQs webpage will be integrated into the website’s overall theme;
  • Grouping the frequently asked questions can make it easier for customers to skim through the content to find the questions that are running through their minds;
  • CSS3 animations;
  • Accordion FAQ types;
  • It can be readily translated.

Why Use the Heroic FAQs Plugin?

The Heroic FAQs WordPress plugin has many great traits that make it one of the best options for anyone who needs to create a comprehensive and helpful FAQ page. The editing experience with this plugin is very smooth, so even if the FAQ page is found to have some flaws, they can be edited away without having to break a sweat. Coding knowledge is not needed at all when handling this plugin. All of the content contained within the FAQs page can be edited on a single screen, making this plugin a simple, user-friendly experience that website developers will never forget. This, the Heroic FAQs plugin is a one of a kind simplistic experience which ensures that the plugin user will get all they need when addressing frequently asked questions made by customers. People who have had no previous experience with WordPress themes or plugins can easily understand how to use this plugin, especially with the detailed user support that is available by HeroThemes.

Company owners can spend more time concentrating on their company than its website because this plugin saves a lot of time and is very convenient when it comes to smoothness of use. Displaying the frequently asked questions clearly and in an organized manner can help reel in any first-time customers by making a good first impression.

The Cons of Using this Plugin

However, where there are so many reasons as to why this plugin is useful, there are also pitfalls which should be known before purchasing this plugin, including:

  • A hefty price tag for a plugin that is quite simplistic ($49 for one website, $69 for 3 websites and $149 for 10 websites);
  • This plugin is limited by the 5 pre-destined designs;
  • People may find it a hassle to gather enough frequently asked questions and organize them to the extent of making the FAQs page look presentable;

These cons are definitely less than the benefits of this plugin. The cons can also be countered by enabling increased customer interest through the FAQs page (attracting some new customers will ensure that the plugin has paid for itself). Thus, the Heroic FAQs plugin is highly useful and can help in marketing a website and company in the most unexpected of ways.

Final Thoughts

HeroThemes has never let its customers down with its high quality and reliable products. The Heroic FAQs plugin is another example of such quality and reliability because it makes the arduous task of creating a FAQs section into something that is highly simplistic and can be completed within a day if the information needed is found easily. This plugin is everything anyone could ever want from a WordPress plugin and it is so user-friendly that even people hearing the name WordPress for the first time can easily grasp the concept behind how to use this website.

For people who are not completely sure after purchasing the plugin, HeroThemes provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, which makes this deal even sweeter because anyone who cannot grasp the concept behind using this plugin or for anyone who finds no use of it can get their money back instead of having any regrets.

This new and innovative technique of managing FAQs can be greatly helpful for anyone looking to save time while also building rapport with customers without even realizing it. The plugin’s compatibility with website themes and devices also makes this plugin extremely convenient to use, with no extra effort required. Users also require little to no technical knowledge if they would like to use this plugin, so the Heroic FAQs plugin is not only device and customer friendly, it is also user-friendly.

Thus, Heroic FAQs can give any website developer one of the smoothest user experiences when applying such a plugin on their website’s FAQs section. Anyone looking to create an FAQs section that will leave an impact on the minds of the customers should not think twice when purchasing this plugin.

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