10 Ways To Come Up with Great Post Ideas Consistently

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If there is such a thing as a writer’s block, then there is also what everyone calls a blogger’s block. I too suffer from coming up with ideas to create blog posts everyone once and awhile. But if you use a bit of creativity you will never be without blogging ideas. It just takes some unique ways. For some bloggers they have there own ideas but today I’d like to mention my own way I go about getting ideas.

Some of you may already know that kind of feeling. Their are times when you just feel that you cannot seem to start a blog post about anything. It seems as if you have run out of ideas or worse just don’t feel like writing a post.

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How could this happen when you were so good at blogging before? Why is it that you cannot get one word written? And the more you think about blogging, the more you are not able to blog.

Here are some ideas that you might find helpful when you’re blogging well has run dry:

1. Do some blog visitation

Visit and read some blogs that are related to yours. Get some ideas to use in a post on another blog to elaborate more on there points made in it. Make sure to do a trackback if is relevant. By doing this, you will be able to get ideas on what to write about. Maybe one or two things that you come across will click something on your brain and remove the big block there.

You might be able to find a topic that you want to blog about but has been forgotten already or was not talked in about in great detail and you know a lot about the topic to do so.

2. Have a look at your blog inbox

This is one of the best ways to find a topic to write about. Since this is your site, you might notice aspects you have set aside before. You can try to answer an email or a comment made there.

This is also the best time to check out links that are put into other posts. Have a look at what they are offering. It might just be related to yours and you will be thankful that you checked. I even get idea’s from reading comments on my blog.

3. Comment on other blogs

You can make use of your own blog to comment on another’s. Maybe you can expand the idea that has already been written about. You can again use trackback comments if the site allows it.

4. Check out the latest news

Even if your blogging is not in any way related to news, current events or politics, there is nothing wrong with checking out what is happening to the world lately. Sometimes, these things tend to have a small relation to what you are blogging about. Google Trends is one way to find out what topic’s are very popular right now and widely searched online.

5. Blog randomly

Look for a word or topic. Then begin writing about it. You can also do this with pictures. Check out some blog photos and think of something to write about it. Make sure the image is related to your niche so you are still writing things your audience willl be interested in.

If those things do not seem to work for you, you can search for creative or journal writing software to help you with your writing problem. Oftentimes, these things have suggestions of topic or idea that can help you get started.

6. Think about an extraordinary topic

For example, you can research about inventions and inventors. What was the first car ever invented? Anything that you fancy.

You can look for them at online resources like encyclopedias and almanacs. When you finally have the answer, start blogging about it. You never know, maybe some people are thinking of the same things and you have somehow provided them with answers. Besides, it also fine to drift off from your usual topic one in a while. Your readers might like the refreshing change too.

7. Do something you have not done before

If you cannot think of something new, any blogging related things will do just as long as you have not done them to your blogs before. Put pictures into your blogs. Add videos or any other unique features. It is all up to you.

Online forums are a great source of blogging ideas, at least for me. There are often threads that start with a question or plea for help. With others posting the solutions or suggestions, you can easily use the forum thread as a quick blog post.

9. Pay a writer to create blog posts for you

There are many talented writers available online that will create blog posts and articles for you. If you don’t have the time or just can’t come up with content supplying them with a list of keywords to write about you can have them create your posts for you.

10. Forget about blogging for a while

This might be one of those times when your mind and body is in need of a break from writing. Get outside. Go to the beach or go shopping. Anything that will take your mind off your blogs.

You just might feel refreshed and ready to start blogging once you get back up in front of your computer.

There are a lot more ways of getting off that blogging block out of the picture. Think about it. If ever you did come up with other things, you can blog about it to help others experiencing blogger’s block.

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