WordPress Fatal error: Cannot assign by reference to overloaded object wp-includes/category.php

This error can comeup when you upgrade your WordPress to the latest version, when I was working on a localhost and creating a database directory by using an excellent  Directory theme from Templatic and the authors page was not displaying properly and gave this error.

“Fatal error: Cannot assign by reference to overloaded object” “wp-includes/category.php on line 342″

Fatal error: Cannot assign by reference to overloaded object wp-includes/category.php on line 342

You don’t need to look at category.php file, instead of editing it follow these steps and problem must be solved. Just simply go to Design Setting under Theme setting and change the option for “Breadcrumbs Navigation” from Yes to No and my problem is solved.

But in case if you have any other theme do the following steps:

If Installed the breadcrumbs Plugin,  Most likely you have to installed the breadcrumbs plugin, which need to be updated.

1) Try to install this plug-in standard wordpress -> it will give you an error that the update is not possible and show the way where the subject breadcrumbs. ( wp-content/themes / )

2) Remove the plugin.

3) Reinstall it and active it

Instead of using free breadcrumbs Plugin, you can use following premium plugins:

Smart Breadcrumbs – WordPress Plugin

Want to add custom breadcrumbs to your website? Here’s the easiest way!
Just a few clicks & you have customizable breadcrumbs at your service.
Different models to choose from & the possibilitty to choose font, font color, font size, hover state & more.

Live preview | Detail

Create fully functional Q&A Website with WordPress

By  Creating a website based on Questions and Answers, you can make money from visitor’s question plus through displaying adds on that site. As well by creating a complementary website for visitors to ask relevant questions on a particular niche, provide you to involve visitors and they will stay on your website for a long hours.  Why using a WordPress particularly? because there are lots of reason for that. First of all it WordPress themes will allow you to create a fully functional with professional look Question and Answer Website with you putting much effort.

One of the most popular reason for using WordPress is that it is the most versatile and widely used Content Management System, and It is possible to create any type of website including portfolio, business, E-Commerce and even a Questions and Answers website similar to popular sites like Yahoo Answers.

There are different themes to activate on WordPress platform,  and there is one more way explained by WP Web Host on “Integrate a fully functional Q&A section in your WordPress website“. But following themes provide you easy and best way to develop like a Yahoo Answers Q&A .

AskIt WordPress Theme

AskIt is perhaps the most advanced theme we have created, and effectively transforms your blog into a fully functional question and answer site. AskIt allows your visitors to post their questions and have them answered by fellow members. Any visitor can post answers to these questions which are then voted on by the community until a “correct” answer is chosen by the question author.

Live preview | Detail

Answers WordPress Theme

Turn your WordPress install into full featured Question Answer portal in minutes. Your visitors can Ask and Answer and vote questions on your site. They get their own profiles and what more, you can even charge for the questions if you want to.

Live preview | Detail

WP Answers WordPress Theme

WP Answers is not your ordinary WordPress Theme – it is a complete system that includes a powerful WordPress theme and plugin that will allow you to easily and quickly transform your WordPress installation into a money-making questions and answers website.

WP Answers comes with a plugin that will transform any theme into a Q&A site so users can register and ask questions posed by others. It is a great way to generate interaction between your site’s members and create a site similar to that of  yahoo answers.

You can integrate the plugin into your already designed website or use 1 of the 6 different colored themes that come bundled with WP Answers. This makes it perfect for people who want to add a questions and answers section to their site or for those looking to create one from scratch and start making money online.


Make up and beautyQ&A | Studentbible | Ask a Tanzania Travel Expert | Better tax Service | Gardening know how
Chemistry Problems | Everyday Questions | Travel Questions | Halloween Questions | cprogramming help


QnA WordPress Theme

QnA is a great way to foster interaction between your site members. Users can register to ask and answer questions posted by others. Furthermore, you can import questions from QnA is a great way to foster interaction between your site members. Users can register to ask and answer questions posted by others. Furthermore, you can import questions from Yahoo Answers and show it to your site.


Instant Q&A

Looking for a questions and answers theme? This is the template you have been searching for. Instant Q&A is a custom WordPress template that can turn any WordPress blog into a robust question and answer site.

Live preview | Detail

Sugar FAQs – WordPress FAQ Management Plugin

Sugar FAQs is a complete Frequently Asked Question Management plugin for WordPress. It provides an FAQ custom post type that can be used to effortlessly add FAQ sections to your website.

Live Preview | Detail

Following are the others Free Question & Answer Script Software, you can try on them as well and read more in detail at “Top 5 Open Source Question & Answer Script Softwares

PHP Ask & Answer

This PHP question script will allow your users to freely post and answer questions without registration. Setup is easy and everything you need to know is in the read me so there should be no confusion. (However, feel free to contact me if you are having troubles.)


A Q&A site helps your online community to share knowledge. People with questions quickly get the answers they need. The community dynamic is enriched by commenting, voting, notifications, user points and rankings.


OSQA is the free, open source Q&A system you’ve been waiting for. Your OSQA site is more than just an FAQ page, it is a full-featured Q&A community. Users earn points and badges for useful participation, and everyone in the community wins.


The first and complete open source Question & Answer forum which is written in Python and Django offers features like rewarding points with badges for your community, Flexible, Advanced full text search, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and supports over 10 languages.


Shapado is just like another Stackoverflow which is built from the scratch and is written in ruby, Mongomapper and mondgoDB.


PHPanCake is a simple PHP based Q&A CMS which have features like voting system, commenting options and works in the lines of Stackoverflow and Digg.

There are many choices to for a webhost but I recommend Hostgator.  They offer you a domain name, unlimited SQL databases, unlimited emails, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, 24×7 support, host unlimited domains and more features too.  Click here for more information.

Best WordPress Blogs of WordPress Developers and Designers

Wpmu.org is the best blog for WordPress developers and Designers. Few days back they have accounced to  produce a definitive list of the top 100 WordPress-focused blogs and now finally they have released a list of  100 top WordPress blog and the ranking of these blogs is based upon publicly available data. They have complied this list on the behave of comments and twitter.

 said in The top 100 WordPress blogs call for votes that “In order for a blog to be considered, it must dedicate the majority of its content (i.e. >50%) to WordPress-related topics. Please note that submitted blogs must actually be blogs (i.e. not theme or plugin directories). Those are the only two requirements – everything else is fair game!”

In case you are a new in this blogging field and want to learn more WordPress, my previous post about Online resources for WordPress developers and designers, would be very helpful. Now you can browse this list for good use and express your creativity by using WordPress.

Best WordPress Blogs list

  1. WordPress.org News
  2. WordPress Planet
  3. WP Beginner
  4. WordPress.com Blog
  5. Weblog Tools Collection
  6. Blog Oh Blog
  7. bavotasan.com
  8. Lorelle on WordPress
  9. Justin Tadlock
  10. ThemeShaper
  11. WP Designer
  12. WordPress.tv
  13. WP Tuts
  14. WP Tavern
  15. Digging Into WordPress
  16. WP Explorer
  17. Cats Who Code
  18. DynamicWP
  19. WP Candy
  20. Tech Crunch (WordPress)
  21. Smashing Magazine (WordPress)
  22. WP Recipes
  23. Six Revisions (WordPress)
  24. WordPress Development Updates
  25. WP Zoom Blog
  26. Specky Boy (WordPress)
  27. Noupe (WordPress)
  28. Yoast (WordPress)
  29. Cozmos Labs
  30. ManageWP Blog
  31. Blog Perfume
  32. Solostream
  33. Blogging Pro
  34. WP Hacks
  35. WP Lift
  36. Pingable
  37. WP Shout
  38. Alltop (WordPress)
  39. WP Engine
  40. WordPress.com VIP
  41. WordPress Theme Shock Blog
  42. PixoPoint
  43. WP Theming
  44. After the Deadline
  45. WordPress Arena
  46. WP Mods
  47. Blondish
  48. WP Web Host Blog
  49. Pro Blog Design
  50. Web Development Blog
  51. WP Vibe
  52. Austin Passy
  53. The WordPress Podcast
  54. WP Pro Business
  55. Tricks Daddy (WordPress)
  56. Themergency
  57. WPSnipp
  58. Deluxe Blog Tips
  59. Do It With WordPress
  60. Web Design (WordPress)
  61. WPLover
  62. OptiNiche
  63. All4WordPress
  64. WordPress Jedi
  65. Wpazo
  66. WP Blogger
  67. WP Security Lock
  68. WP Snippets
  69. page.ly Blog
  70. WP Dude
  71. WP Mayor
  72. Zippy Kid
  73. Noel Tock
  74. WP Canyon
  75. WP Canada
  76. WP Apprentice
  77. WP Modder
  78. Latest WP
  79. WP Kube
  80. BobWP.com
  81. WP Life Guard
  82. Theme Grounds
  83. WP Teach
  84. WP Rockers
  85. WP For Ministry
  86. Benjamin Bradley
  87. WP Roots
  88. Labzip
  89. WP Themes News
  90. Voodoo Press
  91. Brian Krogsgard
  92. Write Click Blog
  93. Bainternet
  94. WordPress Tutor TV
  95. WP Toy
  96. Your Website Engineer
  97. Total Bounty Blog
  98. Learn WordPress
  99. WP Dezign
  100. wpmu.org

WordPress Shortcode with loop, meta, category, pagination, Gallery and Plugins

With shortcode it is possible to display complicated codes or function result every where in your WordPress  Theme like  in widgets, excerpts, comments, theme files, user descriptions, and category/tag/taxonomy descriptions. According to WordPress support’s site “A shortcode is a WordPress-specific code that lets you do nifty things with very little effort. Shortcodes can embed files or create objects that would normally require lots of complicated, ugly code in just one line. Shortcode = shortcut [shortcodes].

Shortcodes were introduced in WordPress 2.5, and allowed the Gallery feature allows the option to add an image gallery to a Post or Page on your WordPress blog. but now you can us shortcode for your theme by using WordPress plugins and can create your own function to display requires result. I was working on my client web site and was required to display one category post on a specific page, I tried few plugins but did not get the proper result so one of blog fellow have given a solution on Simple Recent Posts Shortcodes for WordPress, which help me a lot and here is my code for The Corporation WordPress Theme:

function my_recent_posts_shortcode($atts){

global $post;

$myposts = get_posts(“showposts=5&category=32″);
foreach($myposts as $post) : setup_postdata($post); ?>

<img width=”120″ height=”120″ <?php the_post_thumbnail(); ?>
<div class=”latest_news_box”>
<h3><a href=”<?php the_permalink() ?>” rel=”bookmark”><?php the_title(); ?></a></h3>
<p><?php the_content_limit(520); ?></p>

There are different requirement to display content on your blog, Kevin Chard have wriiten lot of usage of shortcode on his blog. You see shorcode usage on the following link: wpsnipp/shortcode. and  , the Founder and editor of WP-Snippets, explained in detail about shortcode usage on this link: Getting Started with WordPress Shortcodes (+Examples).

WordPress Plugins for Shortcode

Slider gallery shortcode

This plugin creates a new shortcode for WordPress. With this new shortcode, you can create a slider gallery in seconds just by typing [slider] while you’re writing your post or page. The slider will display the images that you have uploaded to the current post or page.

If you need more options, this simple shortcode features multiple attributes that you can set. You can:

  • add controls to go back and forward through each slide
  • select an specific transition between images (fade, zoom, scroll, curtains, grow, toss and many more)
  • show the image title
  • set the size of the images displayed in the slider
  • wrap the image with a link to the image file
  • adjust the transition speed
  • set the pause between transitions
  • set the initial delay before the first transition
  • exclude some selected images.

TitanEditor – The Shortcode Editor On Steroids


  • Drag and drop Functionality – Drag, drop, move or delete your short-codes until your satisfied.
  • Page template Manager – No more messing around inside your default pages and posts, create your own page templates filled with short-codes.
  • Button shortcode editor – Create as many button styles and shapes you want.
  • Most common shortcodes included – Buttons, tabs, accordion, toggle, slider, images, columns, lists, message boxes, video, quotes, separator, blog elements, galleria and pre/code
  • Quick fill – After adding your columns your able to fill them all by just one click.
  • TitanEditor Page Attributes – After creating your page template and you’ve filled and rearranged all components then just create a new page and select your page template from the TitanEditor Page Attributes window and your done.
  • Clever editing – Not happy after seeing your freshly baked page, then just select the template through TitanEditor and edit it, TitanEditor remembers where you have left and opens the page just as you left it.
  • Screencasts Included – Watch the videos for full instructions on how to use the editor, once your used to it you never return to the wp-editor ever again.
  • Blog Post compatible – Your also able to create a nice looking blog post that looks different then any other blog post. Just create a page template ad your content through the editor and assign this page template to that blog post.
  • Editors Option Panel – A option panel from where you can enable or diasble the stylings, so if you want to use your own then you only need to disable it.

Tabbed Content Shortcode

A clean, easy to integrate, reusable tabbed content area for your WordPress themes!


  • Reusable , add as many as you want on the page!
  • Easy to use, activate and copy-paste the sample shortcodes to begin
  • Auto sizing on a tab by tab basis
  • Help and information admin page
  • Easy to integrate into any design

SWS: Nivo add-on for Styles With Shortcodes

Styles with Shortcodes is a great plugin that makes life easier using WordPress whether you are a seasoned developer, designer or just a normal user!

Live preview | Detail

Shortcodes Ultimate

With this plugin you can easily create buttons, boxes, different sliders and much, much more. Turn your free theme to premiun in just a few clicks. Using Shortcodes Ultimate you can quickly and easily retrieve many premium themes features and display it on your site. See screenshots for more information.


Display Posts Shortcode

The Display Posts Shortcode was written to allow users to easily display listings of posts without knowing PHP or editing template files.


Category Post Shortcode

This plugin allow you to display post list in your page or post by using shortcode.


List category posts

The shortcode accepts a category name or id, the order in which you want the posts to display, and the number of posts to display. You can also display the post author, date, excerpt, custom field values, even the content! The [catlist] shortcode can be used as many times as needed with different arguments on each post/page.


Category Shortcode

This plugin creates the [Category]] Shortcode. The code takes 5 arguments:
number: the number of posts to display. 0 equals the default number. -1 equals the total available.


Available shortcodes for WordPress Hosted Blog

Miscellaneous | Video | Images and Documents | Audio


Free & Professional WordPress Security Service Free & Professional WordPress Security Service

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