How to Show PDF, Spreadsheet and Word file in WordPress post


My client want to display pdf files in the post, his website is powered by WordPress, although there are lots of plugins to achieve this task but the requirements was to display pdf content without installing any extra plugin. I have found a solution on WordPress API.

By using this piece of code you can easily embed PDF files into a a page or post for clients, so website visitors can read the PDF document right from the page. The process of embedding PDF files into a WordPress post is fairly simple by using the Google doc technology. This function not only enable you PDF documents but also you can embed Microsoft Word Documents, PowerPoint slides, Excel Spreadsheets, and other elements in your WordPress blog without loosing the quality of text, table and graphics [Dream Template]. Open up your function.php file and add following piece of code in it, which enable you to create a shortcode in WordPress:

function pdflink($attr, $content) {
return '<a href="' . $attr['href'] . '">'.$content.'</a>';
add_shortcode('pdf', 'pdflink');

Now for displaying  link of PDF documents, Microsoft Word DocumentsPowerPoint slides, Excel Spreadsheets, and other elements in your WordPress blog in article or post you need add the following lines in the article.

[pdf href=””]View PDF[/pdf]

Upload the required file and get the file link and replace with, this will create  pdf link for your pdf document in your site. Although with WordPress latest version you don’t need to use this function to provide the link. WordPress by default now give this facility.

But we want to create PDF or document  link in to display the document content in page or post. So there are WordPress plugins and following code will help you to show the documents in WordPress post or page. Add following code in theme’s function.php file:

function pdfshow($attr, $content) {
return '<iframe src="'.$attr['href'] .'&embedded=true" style="width:600px; height:500px;" frameborder="0"></iframe>';
add_shortcode('pdfshow', 'pdfshow');

And now for displaying PDF or documents in article or post, add the following lines in the article as a shortcode:

[pdfshow href=””]

Upload the required file and replace this with your own download files link.

Embed PDF, Spreadsheet, and others with WordPress Plugins

Google Doc Embedder

Google Doc Embedder lets you embed several types of files into your WordPress pages using the Google Docs Viewer – allowing inline viewing (and optional downloading) of the following file types, with no Flash or PDF browser plug-ins required:

Detail | How to Use

Html To Pdf On Fly For WP And Shortcode Style

with this plug-in for wordpress you can create PDFs from HTML code on fly and save them in a specific folder of your blog. For example, you can create an invoice with this script and archive it.

  • Easy to use
    (just write your html and transform)
  • Include CKeditor, TCPDF and jQuery
  • Some configurable options for your PDF
  • “Downloadable” PDF
  • Preview PDF
  • PDFs Listing
  • Give PDFs links to your clients via shortcode created automatically
  • With shortcode you can show PDFs preview to your client and they can download PDFs
  • ou can style each shortcode and save its configuration


Web Grabber WordPress Plugin

If you want to embed various contents from public web sites into your WordPress blog, then the Web Grabber WordPress Plugin is the perfect tool that will help you do that.
No frames or iframes involved! Real HTML content, grabbed form the web and displayed in whithin your blog just like you wrote it by yourself.

Live previewDetail

Agency Theme - First Impressions Are Everything     e-Business Express We Help Grow Your Business

SEO Infographics to Increase Website Ranking in Search Engine


For a newbies, Search engine optimization(SEO) is very confusing because it’s a time consuming job, with basic knowledge, following SEO related infographics must help them Visually understand the key concepts, as well they can get help to show their Website’s online presence for maximum business growth.    Search Engines’ traffic give the most valuable visitors, so for successful blog, e-Commerce or any niche website search results are very important. Creative Compelling Content with lots of ideas and better SEO is the best way to boost up your website traffic from Search Engines. (How to Create Compelling Content That Ranks Well in Search Engines)

If you like following infographics compilation, than bookmark this page or you can download infographarics for future reference.

SEO 101: Beginners Guide to SEO [Infographic]

Why does Search Engine Optimization (SEO) matter?  With over 240 million people in the United States using the internet and 80% of those people looking strictly at the organic listings in search engines, where your website ranks is extremely important.  Google is constantly refining its ranking algorithm; however, there are many things that have held constant over time.  This SEO guide will answer the question: What is SEO and how should I be using it?

Hopefully, you’ll get rid of some confusions and get some answers in this infographic by which presents basic information and key figures of SEO. This is the sort of smart-but-simple, pragmatic-but-comprehensive and helps to spell out the knowledge you want to know about search engine optimization. [Source: SEO101 beginners guide to seo infographic]

Basics of Search Engine Optimization Explained in an Infographic

Search engine optimization can be confusing not only for SEO newbies, but also for people with a good understanding of the basics. This infographic on search engine optimization makes it easier to understand some of the key concepts in SEO by breaking it down visually.

6 SEO Tips for the Little Guy [Infographic]

As someone who kinda hates SEO -tho I’ve had great success SEOing for clients-, for some reason SEO guys flock to me. And I’ve had a privilege to work with some of the greats.
High Quality Inbound Links for Your Website

SEO Is More Important Than Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

The complete research carried out by BlueCaribu is presented in this awesome info graphic they have produced:

Type the text that you would like to appear

SEO Factors Contributing to Optimal Rankings

Any good search marketing campaign has a multi-pronged approach to achieving top rankings. Blending such factors as site structure, content relevance, and online press releases will influence your site’s chances for success. Starting in 2011, engagement is a key metric that can be measured by activity in the social networks and how much time is spent by users on your site.

Google PageRank Explained

Google assigns a numeric weighting from 0-10 for each webpage on the Internet. This PageRank denotes your site’s importance in the eyes of Google.
Scribe Makes SEO Simple

International SEO Tips

Search engine optimization can extend far past domestic versions of the major search engines. Some globally-focused companies want increased visibility in country-specific search engines outside of the U.S. market. This infographic illustrates some tips and best practices associated with successful international optimization.

SEO Check List

When it comes to SEO, there are certain elements that need to be in place for any newly-designed or updated website. Have 301 redirects been put into place? Is the robots.txt file authored to allow adequate crawling? This infographic depicts a handy checklist that will help get you through any new site launch or transition.

SEO In Pictures – Our SEO Infographic

Images are a fantastic way to present data and abstract concepts, they’re a much clearer way of getting information across and more people take the time to digest it. I thought it would be a good idea to try to present solutions and explanations to the more common SEO questions that we hear from our clients.

Factors Contributing to Rankings

Strong SEO positions can be achieved by paying careful attention to three main areas: on-page factors, off-page factors, and URL factors. These forces, in combination, push pages towards the top of results pages.
The Fastest & Cheapest Way To Monitor All Your Keyword

Infographics: Value of SEO v. PPC

The infographic above will help you to recognize some significant benefits of using SEO compared to pay per click.

Understanding Google PageRank: A Graphical Guide

To improve your PageRank, you should try to get inbound links from other sites that already have a high PageRank. While you could go get hundreds of links from sites with a PageRank of zero, they will not count as much as a few good links from PageRank 5 or higher sites.

SEO Hierarchy of Needs

It pretty much sums up the SEO process for a new website or redesigned site from start to finish. Starting from Keyword research for content development, then matching your keyword research to the actual site architecture and other on page elements like title, header, and meta description tags.

Blog Design for Killer SEO – Infographic

The infographic above contains a complete list of recommended platforms, along with the domain authority of each one.

The Periodic Table Of SEO Ranking Factors

Search engine optimization — SEO — may seem like alchemy to the uninitiated. But there is a science to it. Search engines reward pages with the right combination of ranking factors, or “signals.” SEO is about ensuring your content generates the right type of signals. Our chart below summarizes the major factors to focus on for search engine ranking success. The Search Engine Land Guide To SEO explains factors in more depth, with tips and a tutorial on implementing them. Read on!

Learn How Google Works: in Gory Detail

This is a very detailed infographic on how Google search works. The data is setup in a flow chart style starting with the creation of a blog post going through the possible routes the Google crawlers go through to pull that sites organic search results.

SEO Plans Dramatically Increase Traffic and Sales Everytime!

4 Essential SEO Infographics

1 – Pie Chart of SEO Time Expenditure

2 – Hat Color vs. Value Scatterplot of SEO Tactics

3 – Flowchart of SEO-Friendliness 

4 – Venn Diagram of Internet Marketing Professions


SEO infographic for link data visualization.

SEO Tactics for 2012 that Work

When it comes to building a web site, you can no longer just throw up content and hope for the best. The top ranking web sites in the world all have quality off page and on page SEO built into them. Take a look at the infographic below to learn how other web sites are using SEO tactics to continually improve their indexing and results in the major search engines.

Quickly, Easily and Automatically Build Quality One-Way Permanent Backlinks on Untapped Sites with Great Page Rank.

Infographic: SEO Tune-Up

The beginning of the year is a great time “tune-up” your company’s SEO strategy so that you can get off to a great start in reaching your 2012 marketing goals. We created this infographic to provide a good checklist of things to consider to develop a high performing SEO strategy that will provide winning results.

Content Marketing Infographic

This content marketing infographic from Brafton is illustrating some of the strong points for keeping fresh, quality content a top priority if you want to pull traffic to your Web site. I recently wrote about how content strategy affects SEO, and this infographic underscores some of the critical aspects of content marketing.

25 Infografias explaining SEO

SEO. White, Grey, Black Hat

SEO Infographics

Goldilocks SEO

When search engineers fight spam they do not like to flag too many false positives, but they do want to flag as many of the manipulative behaviors as they can to minimize the manipulative editorial influence of external parties. In SEO many things are good only in moderation.

SEO at a Glance

The SEO Puzzle

All You Need to Know About SEO

Infographic: How Much Does SEO Cost?

How much does SEO cost? How much time do you have to discuss the various models and prices out there! However, a new survey sheds some light on the subject. The survey was conducted by SEOmoz and compiled into the infographic below by AYTM.

The most important changes for SEO in the Google search algorithm (from 1998 to 2012)

In a well documented and detailed graphicsMartina Seefeld has captured the most significant changes the algorithm of Google searches between 1998 and 2012 for .More than 60 brands in the way of the Internet giant that has been happening every month in the sector SEO . A timeline that tracks the evolution of the search policy.[Source:]

The Four Faces of Link Building

A great link builder is a demanding role requiring diverse skills and several personalities. The Four Faces of Link Building is a wry look at the four main personas of the mighty link builder.

12 Things to Do After You’ve Written a New Blog Post

Brody Dorland whipped up a post on the “12 Things You Need to Do After Writing a New Blog Post”. The checklist-style post was well received with thousands of retweets, likes and shares.

How to Build and Operate a Content Marketing Machine

Content Marketing is hot. White hot. SEO and digital marketing thought leaders are declaring that Content Marketing is the next big thing. Even Rand is touting its importance.

Link Building Anatomy 2012 Infographic

This infographic has been created to demonstrate various link building techniques that can help you get noticed online and can positively influence your search engine rankings.

Other useful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Resources

From SEOMoz Blog

How Google’s Panda Update Changed SEO Best Practices Forever – Whiteboard Friday
How Organized Spam is Taking Control of Google’s Search Results
Experiments on Google+ and Twitter Influencing Search Rankings
The Noob Guide to Online Marketing (With Giant INFOGRAPHIC)
10 Super Easy SEO Copywriting Tips for Improved Link Building

Search Engine Land

The Growing Portrait Of Google As A Big, Scary, Expanding Everywhere Copy Monster
Video: The “Brains, Brawn & Look” Of Google Search Speak Together For First Time
Top Internet Activities? Search & Email, Once Again
Likes Are Not Loves – How To Waste Time “Marketing” In Facebook
Everybody Deserves A Second Chance: Using Remarketing To Reach Abandoned Shoppers

WordPress Arena

SEO Tips that every blogger must know
How To Speed Up Your WordPress Websites Loading Times
How to Generate Search-Engine-Friendly Permalinks for WordPress Post
Major and Secondary Search Engines and Directories to Submit Website

David Naylor

Google Webmasters Flaw Allows You To Remove Any URL From Their Index
Google “Farmer” Update – Before and After
Adding Your Site To Webmaster Tools May Reduce Your Rankings
The Top 5 Keyword Research Tools
Is Google getting too big for the good of the internet?


Why You Should Use Multiple Web Analytics Tools
What’s In Your SEO Toolbox?
The Ultimate Guide to Using Bing’s Webmaster Tools
How To Make Awesome Landing Pages for Local PPC
Free Competitive Research on Domains

SEO Optimise

High Risk SEO: 33 Ways to Get Penalised by Google
30 (New) Google Ranking Factors You May Over- or Underestimate
30 Link Building/Link Baiting Techniques That Work in 2011
40 Google +1 SEO Resources
Can You Get a New Domain Ranking Using Just Facebook Likes & Tweets?

Search Engine Journal

How to Get Twitter Followers
The Dark Side of Success: Google in the Courtroom
How to Build Links and Good Karma
Bury These Deadly Search Myths
6 Ways Content Strategists Can Get Along with SEOs from the Beginning

Performance Optimizer Plugin for WordPress

The plugin will help you increase the performance of your WordPress website. We aim to do this by optimizing key features of the website’s loading process thus increasing the loading speed and limiting the bandwidth consumption.


Scribe 2.0 for WordPress

A new version of Scribe for WordPress. Here’s what’s new:

  1. You already know about the new integrated keyword suggestion tool for researching and evaluating keyword options based on search frequency.
  2. You can now restrict or allow Scribe access for different authors/users.
  3. You can manually select the theme or plugin you wish to use with Scribe.
  4. You can now use Scribe for WordPress with WooThemes, the wpSEO plug-in, and the Platinum SEO plug-in.
  5. We’ve corrected a bug that caused some WordPress pages to not analyze properly.
  6. There’s now an enhanced Scribe widget box that shows you the number of evaluations you have left while editing.
  7. Scribe WP is ready to go for WordPress 3.0.

Watch the demo video for Scribe WordPress
See Scribe’s Plans and Prices
Take Scribe for a Test Drive

SEO Friendly  WordPress Themes providers:

StudioPress Premium WordPress Themes
 Foxhound WordPress Themes Themify WordPress Themes

WordPress Themes Based on Optimal Typography


Typography is becoming the Foundation Of Web Design for those designers and developers who love Fonts. You can read Oliver Reichenstein’s research article Web Design is 95% Typography, explaining about typography usage, its  optimizing readability, and accessibility techniques, presented its usability and how to give overall graphic balance with typography.

WordPress themes focused on Typography look very beautiful, specially for bloggers and writes who just want to display their content in a transparent way, but not limited to writes only, for all those who love typography can showcase their content, as well Typography themes are good for Search Engine Optimization, present easy to read content to visitors and support all browsers like IE, Safari, Firefox, Opera , etc. In the following list you will find Free and premium themes based on Typography, you can use these themes on private and Commercial projects. There are WordPress Typography Plugin which  enables you manage entire typography of your WordPress website. You can modify ANY part of your WordPress website on ANY WordPress theme.

 Create WordPress themes Focused on  Typography

If you love Typography and a theme developer, you must understand the elements of typography to develop beautiful and attractive WordPress theme. By using the services like TypekitWebtypeFontdeck, and Google Web fonts, you can understand the impportance of @font-face and can improve your skill in typography. Although you can create WordPress theme or any design with one font but if you want to give creativity and beauty to your design than these techniques with font utilization will produce attractive and sticking design.

Create a Typography Based WordPress Blog Theme

This tutorial will walk you through templating stage to finish off the Typo design as a fully working WordPress theme. So let’s jump into this awesome tutorial and get benefited!  The writer have gone through the Photoshop design stage, the HTML5 and CSS3 coding stage and in the following tutorial he is giving the step by step guide to finish off the Typo design as a fully working WordPress theme.

Other Typography Resources:

HTML5 Basics

Tuck in for an amazing seven hour journey as Lawrence Turton guides you through all the new features of HTML5 . Consider this course a book on video. Time-stamped index cards for the topics below are included and like all CartoonSmart tutorials, source code is packaged up with the movies.

Course Topics

  • HTML5 Removed Elements
  • HTML5 Changed Elements
  • HTML5 Typography Elements
  • New HTML5 Page Structure Elements
  • New HTML5 Events
  • HTML5 Storage
  • HTML5 Forms
  • HTML5 Video and Audio
  • HTML5 Canvas & Drawing API
  • HTML5 Drag and Drop API

Typography Flyer Bundle – 4 in 1
Typography Powerpoint Template
Typography Keynote Template v2
Swiss Style PowerPoint Template
CSS Typography: The Basics
The World of Typography
11 jQuery Plugins That Can Enhance Your Typography
How to Create Inset Typography with CSS3
Creating a Typographic Portrait in Pixelmator
30 Worth Learning Text Effect Tutorials in Photoshop
An Awesome Collection Of 80 Photoshop Typography Tutorials
One More Time: Typography Is The Foundation Of Web Design
Beautiful & Creative Use Of Typography In Print Ads

Premium WordPress Theme with Focus on Typography

Daisho – Flexible WordPress Portfolio Theme

Daisho is a portfolio solution for creative professionals and companies looking for a minimal and professional look. Flexible and responsive presentation, smooth navigational flow and clutter-free approach. Put your works in focus. Powerful Typography Plugin included. The definitive portfolio solution for creative professionals available now.

Live preview | Detail


ThemeMin is a minimal, light-weight and typography-focused theme. It promises to provide comfort reading and fast loading. There is no images used in the theme (except the RSS icon). Regardless of the font size, ThemeMin still looks elegant and readable. ThemeMin is a true beauty of CSS and typography.

Live preview | Detail

Function WordPress Theme

Function is a professional, business WordPress theme. Focused on content, you can use this theme to showcase your products, services and all your company has to offer. A portfolio page template, blog page template, custom typography are among the features this theme offers.

Live preview | Detail

Duotive Three – Complete WordPress Template
Majestics – Premium WordPress Theme
Temptation – Single Page WordPress Theme
Aspire – Ultimate WordPress Theme
Duotive 5ive for WordPress
Konzept – Fullscreen Portfolio WordPress Theme
Identity – One Page Blog/Portfolio Theme
Era WP – Visual Performance
HyperMind: Clear and Subtle WP Portfolio Theme
Prolio, a Powerful Portfolio WordPress Theme
Creative – Clean & Modern WordPress Theme
BigFeature – WordPress Theme
RT-Theme 15 Premium WordPress Theme

E-Style – A Fashion WordPress Theme

E-Style is an elegant WordPress magazine theme geared towards fashion and photography blogging but is suitable for almost any niche. The theme comes easy to use and set-up out of the gate with custom widgets and more.

Live preview | Dedail

Elemin WordPress Theme

Elemin has great sense of typography, good white space balance, and minimal graphics. It is a piece of art crafted with modern technology — Google font, CSS3, Javascript and HTML5. WordPress post formats was incorporated which allows you to write about various post types such as photo, gallery, video, quote, etc. (very much like Tumblr). The design is completely fluid and responsive. This means the layout automatically adapts based on the user’s viewport. The layout never breaks no matter of what screen resolution it is being viewed on. It works on all desktop and most mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry. To see this in action, visit our demo site and resize your browser window or check it with a mobile phone.

Live preview | Detail

Bulldog – Premium Professional WordPress Newspaper & Magazine Theme

If you or your company provide any form of news service, a local newspaper, newsletter, or even a blog and you’re seeking a truly professional way to present your content, then Bulldog is the solution for you.

Live preview | Detail

Frusion – Premium Corporate WordPress Theme

Frusion admin panel gives you full control over every major design element throughout your site. Frusion admin panel come’s with the color and font options like you can change elements such as links, text, titles, headings, logo text and much more. where you can customize you website more than you could ever imagine. Take a look at the list of features below to see everything included in this theme or just visit live preview.

Live preview | Detail

Timeless Minimal Typographic WordPress Theme

Timeless is a minimalist WordPress theme from ThemeForest with meticulously designed, based on swiss design, the use of grids and the ever so used Helvetica font. This theme focused on typography, and not cute shiny images that will need to be changed in 6 months.

Live preview | Detail

Grido – Responsive WordPress Theme

Grido is a powerful responsive business/corporate/portfolio & blog premium WordPress theme. Grido has been coded in HTML5 & CSS3 and jQuery. Grido will fit your large desktop screen, all the way down to your iPhone – and of course any Tablet or iPad.

Live preview | Detail

Maximus WordPress Theme

Maximus is a beautiful, pixel perfect WordPress theme suitable for business, corporate or portfolio type websites.Maximus comes packed with an intuitive, un-branded Options Panel and extensive documentation.

Live preview | Detail

More+ Responsive WordPress Theme

MORE+ is a powerful responsive business/corporate/portfolio & blog premium WordPress theme. MORE+ has been coded in HTML5 & CSS3, jQuery and built with Bootstrap Framework.

Live preview | Detail

Free WordPress Theme with Focus on Typography

Modernist: Free WordPress Theme with Focus on Typography

The theme is released under GPL. You can use it for all your projects for free and without any restrictions. Please link to this article if you want to spread the word. You may modify the theme as you wish.

Live preview | Download | Detail | Theme’s Developer

Free Theme: WP Typo

A brand new free WordPress theme for you to download. It’s called WP Typo. It was designed by one of the author from
Digging Into WordPress, then coded through WP Coder (as part of this review), and a little additional coding again my myself.

Here is the scoop:

  • It is 100% typographic; there are no images used at all.
  • It includes the PSD in case you want to make modifications and want to feel it out graphically first.
  • You can do whatever the heck you want with it. No attribution required.

Live preview | Download | Detail

Stylish typographic design: Typography WordPress theme

Featuring a two column fixed layout, enabled with flickr support, pagenavi support, custom field options, related posts and recent comments with gravatars are built into the theme (requires NO plugin),
as well as a comment subscription options panel, a brandnew CSS drop down menu in the header section and a header background image changer. Theme configuration is easy made via the themes option panel with Flickr and comment subscription.

Live preview | Detail | Other Theme: Clear Cut

ManifestA simple WordPress theme

A clean and streamlined theme that focused on the content and not the distractions. It utilizes a single column, 500 pixel wide layout. No sidebars. No widgets.

Live preview | Detail

Boumatic WordPress child theme

Boumatic is a three column WordPress child theme for the Thematic theme framework by Ian Stewart. Child themes are much better explained here but essentially they allow you to create theme layouts and designs without editing the source theme’s template files. Makes things really easy when it’s time to upgrade your theme files. The name, Boumatic comes from the concept of Boumas in typography.

Live preview | Detail | Download Boumatic | Download Thematic

Wu Wei is a WordPress theme

Wu Wei is a WordPress theme that was cre­ated with clean, mod­ern, min­i­mal­ism in mind. Information is pre­sented in a log­i­cal man­ner, with­out any super­flu­ous ele­ments get­ting in the way. Just like the Taoist con­cept of wu wei, it’s know­ing when to act, and know­ing when not to act.

This theme is based on prin­ci­ples of a grid sys­tem. You can break out of the grid with css dec­la­ra­tions, as seen in this entry.

Live preview | Detail

WordPress Theme: Upstart Blogger Futurosity Magazine

Live preview | Detail

BlackPower theme

It is a true power Theme, going beyond being a simple premium theme, this wordpress skin not only incorporates a ‘click to follow me on twitter’ it goes a step

This theme is totally widget ready, completely cross browser tested. A two column theme in a Black Wood effect and pastel colours on a translucent background.

Their is a particularly good use of typography with this theme with nice, clear easy to read text blocks.

Demo | Download theme | Detail

Minimo WordPress Theme

Live preview | Detail

Simply Ornate: A Free WordPress Theme

You can use the theme for all your projects for free and without any restrictions. However, it’s forbidden to sell or redistribute the theme without both designer’s and Smashing Magazine’s permission.

Live preview | Detail

Neoclassical Theme for WordPress

Live preview | Detail

Inuit Types WordPress Theme

Live preview | Detail | BizzThemes

MagZine – Magazine Style Free WordPress Theme

MagZine is a magazine styled wordpress theme that so easy to use and configure.

Live preview | Detail

WordPress Theme – Spicy Typography

Live preview | Detail

Typominima WordPress Theme

The purpose of this theme is to enable writers and publisher to express themselves online in a clean and beautiful environment. You can check out the theme features and also a series of posts containing sample styling for the most common elements you’ll need on your blog before you download Typominima.

Live preview | Detail

Charlene: a Minimal Theme

Live preview | Detail


Live preview Detail

WordPress Theme Nameless

Live preview | Detail

The Morning After

The Morning After was the original magazine theme  from WooCommerce Themes WordPress community and after more than a 100 000 downloads, it now has a place in our themes collection. It may be “old”, but this amazing theme is not yet dated! A definite download and one that you will thoroughly enjoy!

Live previewDetail

Northern Web Coders

Live preview | Detail


Live preview | Detail

WordPress Plugins for  WordPress Typography

WordPress Typography Plugin

WordPress Typography Plugin enables you manage entire typography of your WordPress website. You can modify ANY part of your WordPress website on ANY WordPress theme.


WordPress Font Resizer

Font-Resizer is premium WordPress plug-in that gives your visitors the ability to resize font size in your blog. Font-Resizer can remember your font settings and is fully customizable. It can integrate in any part/place in your WordPress blog.


Google Web Fonts for WordPress

Google Fonts Pro is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to instantly access over 200 of Google’s Web Fonts with power and ease. You can take full control over the font and typography used on your site in a matter of minuets!


FontPress – Font Manager Plugin

Personalize your wordpress website with customized fonts. With FontPress you can do that without put your hands on any file or writing any line of code. Forget wasting time in editing your CSS or JS files to test a single font, with FontPress it’s all simple and funny.
20 Best WordPress Typography Plugins To Enhance Readability

How to Protect Your WordPress Website from a Pharma Hack


WordPress is the best Content Management System (CMS) platform on the planet and with WordPress Developers can build all kind of websites for their clients.  Being a popular CMS platform, WordPress powered websites are most attractive for hackers. In 2010, Pharma hack was one of the serious threat to WordPress website. Although WordPress themes like The Thesis Theme team and WordPress core developers are trying to make it more secure, so its the best practice to keep your WordPress powered site always up to date  and use online tools like Sucuri to know more about latest threats and Malware to make it more safe and secure and use .

What is Pharma hack:

If your website look like pharmacy related website instead of helpful Web resource or not displaying your own content on searching of keywords on Google or other search engines, Its mean your website site is effect by WordPress Pharma hack. The users when trying to search your site  with required keyword, the search engine will not display your website, it will display  pharmaceuticals companies related web pages.

According to Pearsonified: who was effect once and written a detail article on WordPress Pharma hack

The WordPress pharma hack quietly exploits your highest-ranking and most valuable pages by overriding the title tag and by inserting spammy links into the page content. Interestingly, the modified title tag and spammy links are only visible to search engines.

The three red arrows highlight <title> tags that were cloaked by the WordPress pharma hack. [Source: WordPress Pharma hack ]

This is the big lose for site owners because they tried enough to get  good traffic but they never know their traffic is not coming from search engines and traffic going down everyday because hackers have put their malicious code in your web pages that replacing your links and Google description by stealing search links.

There are lot of tutorials and articles on Preventing WordPress powered website (wparena’s: how to find remove and protect wordpress site from malware and Identifying removing and preventing malware on your WordPress site), but in today I am simple going to complie a list of useful articles and tutorials along with tips and tricks for diagnoses, fixes and prevention of  WordPress Pharma Hack.

Understanding WordPress Pharma Hack Penetration

There are different ways attackers insert the malicious code into  WordPress file to get control over the database, plugins files even on WordPress core file like adding code in .htaccess file.   According to Sucuri which can provide the best  protection service for your websites and  web servers, there are three parts for WordPress pharma hack to add malicious code:

  •  Backdoor that allows the attackers to insert files and modify the database.
  •  Backdoor inside one (or more) plugins to insert the spam.
  •  Backdoor inside the database used by the plugins.

If you fix one of the three, but forget about the rest, you’ll most likely be reinfected and the spam will continue to be indexed.

As always, we recommend that you update your WordPress instance to the latest version. This goes for all of your plugins, themes, etc. WordPress is typically very secure, it’s when you’re running old versions, and/or out of date plugins/themes that run into trouble. Keep your stuff up to date, and it will minimize the risk of infection significantly.

[Source: Understanding and Cleaning the Pharma hack on WordPress]

For all other Web page security Golem Technologies. On the other hand, according to Pearsonified, These kind of attacks happened in two parts: There are malicious files in the WordPress plugins folder which contain identifiable PHP functions like  eval() andbase64_decode()but this kind of hack is not exception for such kind of hack. The only difference with Pharma hack inclusion, these functions stored in the WordPress database as strings, and they’re encoded backwards!  which open the backdoor for further run the string from the database. At runtime, a hack file in the plugins folder pulls these strings from the database, flips ‘em, and then runs ‘em as functions, and that’s how the deed gets done.

The hack pings Google Blog Search with queries like this one to see how many links a particular page has, and then it stores the results in the database. At runtime, the hack uses the number of links to determine which pages to target. [Source: WordPress Pharma hack ]

WordPress Pharma Hack Affects

In most (not all) cases the spammy links and/or content is cloaked or hidden from your sites visitors, it is only visible to search engine bots.  When a search engine bot makes a request for a page on your site in addition to the page being requested a search engine bot will identify itself in the user agent field.  Scripting languages such as php and javascript can read this value and determine when the request is coming from a search engine bot.

The form of the pharma hack varies from site to site, it can hit a single page or 1000s of pages, on some sites the hackers add 100s of hidden links to on-line pharmacy sites to the legitimate pages of a site.  On other sites the hackers use a cloaked or conditional hack which returns the spammy content only to a search engine bot.  Another common method is to add a php file to the site that returns the spammy content. The methods for accomplishing a pharma hack also vary from site to site, from some generic methods effective against all sites, to more specific methods that target the sites’ CMS such as WordPress or Joomla. [Source: Spam Hacks, The Pharmacy Hack, The Porn Hack]

According to websitedefender a Pharma Hack typically affects websites in three ways:
1. Results are visible on search engines only
2. Very difficult to eliminate
3. Highest ranked pages are targeted
Detail: Web security – SEO poisoning- pharma hack

Jaspal Sahota given detail WordPress Pharma hacks affacts on .htaccess file with other  vulnerabilities: Iif you know how to read .htaccess file, you’ll see that the planted code only works when the visitor is coming from Google, AOL or Yahoo):

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} (google|yahoo) [OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} (google|aol|yahoo)
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} /$ [OR]
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} (html|htm|php)$ [NC]
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !common.php
RewriteCond /home/xyz/public_html/common.php -f
RewriteRule ^.*$ /common.php [L]

Again, the final file (common.php) was planted. [Source: Pharmahack]

Protecting from WordPress Pharma Hack

There is very useful  article on WordPress prevention at FAQ_My_site_was_hacked. On the following list I have compiled a helpful articles which provide setp by step instruction about how to prevent from WordPress pharma hack attack:

How to Diagnose and Remove the WordPress Pharma Hack

You’ll have to dig through the two places where the hack is known to romp—your WordPress plugins folder and your WordPress database.

WordPress Pharma Hack

This is quite a different attack vector than say brute-forcing passwords on a WordPress site. If you know a little about what you’re doing, this is actually pretty straight forward. In fact, you can script these things pretty easily; this example was written by a hacker over a weekend.

Pharma Hack Fix for WordPress

It is really a brilliant plan.  If it weren’t so illegal – it would be perfect.  As far as I can tell, they employee a 3 stage process.  (Thanks for the help figuring this all out from my friend David, who is a super knowledgeable dude with this sort of stuff.)

How To Completely Clean Your Hacked WordPress Installation

Step by step process on how to completely clean out and restore a WordPress installation that has been hacked.

How to find a backdoor in a hacked WordPress

What’s a backdoor? Well, when somebody gets into your site, the very first thing that happens is that a backdoor is uploaded and installed. These are designed to allow the hacker to regain access after you find and remove him. Done craftily, these backdoors will often survive an upgrade as well, meaning that you stay vulnerable forever, until you find and clean the site up.

Top 5 WordPress Security Tips You Most Likely Don’t Follow

A list of the top 5 tips that most WordPress administrators do not do, but should:

How to increase the safety of WordPress

In this article we will see a series of technical and not that improve the safety of WordPress in a shared and dedicated, by changing some settings and adding the appropriate plugin.

Secure WordPress Themes providers:

StudioPress Premium WordPress Themes PageLines CMS WordPress Themes

Having the Right Theme for Your WordPress


If you have used other social media outlets, then getting to know the intricacies of WordPress will be a piece of cake. Operating much in the same way as Blogger or LiveJournal, WordPress allows the user the ability to create content and distribute it within the framework of a website structure, while sacrificing none of the user-friendliness inherit in the aforementioned products. Lots of people use WordPress for business and personal use. However, regardless of the purpose, you are going to need reliable Internet Service Providers and a good theme to get your site off the ground.

The old adage that it’s what’s inside that counts, unfortunately, does not apply when it comes to the user being bombarded with billions of different websites at any given time. Your site either stands out from the billions that surround it or it does not. And then what are left of your good intentions? The fact of the matter is that before you even decide on content, you must first pick the look or theme for your site.

You want to pick something relevant to what your site will be about, but you also want to pick something that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Granted not all of you reading this took courses in graphic design, but most human beings know what combinations of colors and shapes and content look good and are pleasing to the eye. There are also quite a few references online that can help you with this as well as an avid community of developers who create free WordPress themes for use on sites.

As in real life, first impressions are very important when it comes to the internet and your WordPress site. You want something that people will remember looked good and was easy to navigate – not something that was a chore to get through and ultimately benefitted no one.

How to Secure and Protect WordPress Website through .htaccess file


With the help of a .htaccess (hypertext access) file you can get a directory-level configuration and it  allows you to decentralized the management of your web server configuration. As well it allow you to improve your blog’s security, and reduce bandwidth. Today, we compile a list of tips and hack to increase your WordPress website through .htaccess file.If you like these tips and hacks then please grab the WPArena RSS feed for keep yourself up to date!

Note: Be careful to make changes in this file because modifying the configuration of a server can cause security concerns if not set up properly. So Always have a Backup.

Restricting access to wp-admin

There are different ways to protect your  wp-admin. By using WordPress plugins ”Enhance WordPress security with two-factor authentication plugins” and through adding a .htaccess file into a wp-admin directory like:

By restricting the IP address and create a .htaccess file including following piece of code:

order deny,allow
allow from a.b.c.d # This is your static IP
deny from all

By restricting  the directory with a password:

AuthUserFile /etc/httpd/htpasswd
AuthType Basic
AuthName "restricted"
Order Deny,Allow
Deny from all
Require valid-user
Satisfy any

Source: You can read more about Hardening WordPress website with .htaccess file

Individually Blacklist IP Address

There are considerable number of spammers, scrapers, crackers, those need to be blacklisted to visit the website. Perishable Press every year blocked some IP address and they are giving solution on how to block IP address by using .htaccess file:

<Limit GET POST PUT> order allow,deny allow from all deny from </LIMIT>

Source: Improve site security by protecting .htaccess-files

Ultimate IP Blocker

Want to ban a IP, but don’t know how to use .htaccess and only ban for some pages? Let ipBlocker help you, ban IP(s) with a easy way and many functions, no need any database supported.

Protecting WordPress wp-config file

Josiah Cole giving solution on how to secure your own Website by editing or creating own .htaccess file in the following manners:

1. Protects itself (security)
2. Turns the digital signature off (security)
3. Limits upload size (security)
4. Protects wp-config.php (security)
5. Gives access permission to all visitors with exceptions (security, usability)
6. Specifies custom error documents (usability)
7. Disables directory browsing (security)
8. Redirect old pages to new (optional)
9. Disables image hotlinking (bandwidth)
10. Enables PHP compression (bandwidth)
11. Sets the canonical or “standard” url for your site (seo, usability)

Add the following piece of code in .htaccess file to protect he wp-config file:

# protect wpconfig.php <files wp-config.php> order allow,deny deny from all </files>

Other useful links: How To Secure WordPress configuration file

Add the following code to Disable Directory Browsing:

# disable directory browsing Options All -Indexes

 Disables image hotlinking:

#disable hotlinking of images with forbidden or custom image option
RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^$
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http://(www\.)?*$ [NC]
#RewriteRule \.(gif|jpg)$ – [F]
#RewriteRule \.(gif|jpg)$ [R,L]

Source- Almost Perfect htaccess File for WordPress Blogsa

Redirect WordPress Feeds to Feedburner via .htaccess (Redux)

.htaccess is a powerful tool which also help to redirect WordPress feeds to feedburner.

Redirecting your WordPress feeds to Feedburner enables you to take advantage of their many freely provided, highly useful tracking and statistical services. Although there are a few important things to consider beforeoptimizing your feeds and switching to Feedburner, many WordPress users redirect their blog’s two main feeds — “main content” and “all comments” — using either a plugin or directly via htaccess.

For those of us using Feedburner for all content and comment feeds, we have consolidated the previous htaccess code into a single redirect. Additionally, we improve functionality by verifying the requested URI and simplifying the regex used to match the target string. Check it out:

# temp redirect wordpress content feeds to feedburner 
<IfModule mod_rewrite.c> 
RewriteEngine on 
RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} !FeedBurner [NC] 
RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} !FeedValidator [NC] 
RewriteRule ^feed/?([_0-9a-z-]+)?/?$ [R=302,NC,L]

Source: Perishable Press | How to switch RSS to feedburner in Thematic

How To Stop Image Hotlinking through .htaccess | WP Recipes

IP Delivery to Stop RSS “Content Thieves”

Quads Zilla at Seo Black Hat explained how to know IP address who is stealing your RSS Feed and how to block IP address through .htaccess file.

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{REMOTE_ADDR} ^
RewriteRule ^(.*)$

How to maintenance page with a. Htaccess file?

You want to migrate your blog , switch themes , or to update WordPress , why not redirect your visitors to a maintenance page.

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !/maintenance.html$
RewriteCond %{REMOTE_ADDR} !^123\.123\.123\.123
RewriteRule $ /maintenance.html [R=302,L]

Source – CatsWhoCode | | Protecting the WordPress wp-admin folder

Deny no referer requests [stop spam comments!]

If there are lots of spam comments on your blog, along with akismet, you can stop spam comments with .htaccess to prevent spammers posting comments on your blog.

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} .wp-comments-post\.php*
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !.** [OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} ^$
RewriteRule (.*) ^http://%{REMOTE_ADDR}/$ [R=301,L]

Source – How to: Deny comment posting to no referrer requests

Force “File Save As” Prompt

By using this code you can force user not to open downloadable files instead you force them to save as:

AddType application/octet-stream .avi .mpg .mov .pdf .xls .mp4

Source – AskApache: THE Ultimate Htaccess | Forcing a Download with Apache and .htaccess

Improve Site Security by Protecting HTAccess Files

 presents on Perishable Press different  methods to protect .htaccess file. The following code below prevents external access to any file with .htaccess. Add the code below in your domain’s root .htaccess file.

Case-sensitive protection:

<Files .htaccess>
order allow,deny
deny from all

Weak pattern matching

<Files ~ "^\.ht">
Order allow,deny
Deny from all
Satisfy All

Strong pattern matching

<Files ~ "^.*\.([Hh][Tt][Aa])">
order allow,deny
deny from all
satisfy all

.htaccess – gzip and cache for faster loading and bandwidth saving

In order to speed up site and save bandwidth, you can use.htaccess file to gzip text based files and optimize cache HTTP headers.

If your hosting provider like HostGator has mod_gzip module enabled, the best way to compress your content is to add the following lines to your .htaccess file:

mod_gzip_on Yes
  mod_gzip_dechunk Yes
  mod_gzip_item_include file \.(html?|txt|css|js|php|pl)$
  mod_gzip_item_include handler ^cgi-script$
  mod_gzip_item_include mime ^text/.*
  mod_gzip_item_include mime ^application/x-javascript.*
  mod_gzip_item_exclude mime ^image/.*
  mod_gzip_item_exclude rspheader ^Content-Encoding:.*gzip.*

Source – There are other different ways for fast loading and saving bandwidth on:
.htaccess – gzip and cache your site for faster loading and bandwidth saving
WordPress Super Cache: Makes WordPress Faster

WordPress Safer Admin Plugin

Have you ever wondered how you can hide your WordPress Admin Panel so possible attackers won’t be able to find it and gain access to your WordPress site?

If you want to ensure that no one knows where your WordPress Admin Panel is, then this WP Safer Admin Plugin is the right tool for you!



WP-Restrict is a WordPress plugin that allows WordPress admins to restrict access to their web site based on IP addresses.


Redirecting Subdirectories to the Root Directory via HTAccess

One of the most useful techniques in my HTAccess toolbox involves URL redirection using Apache’s RedirectMatch directive. With RedirectMatch, you get the powerful regex pattern matching available in the mod_alias module combined with the simplicity and effectiveness of the Redirect directive.

RedirectMatch 301 ^/blog/.*$ http://domain.tld/target.html 

Source – Perishable Press | How to redirect the spammers where you want

Removing Category Base from WordPress URLs

The below .htaccess code illustrates 2 different ways to redirect any request for /category/slug/ to /slug/. You should only redirect after applying the php hacks described earlier, otherwise you could end up creating a loop.

RedirectMatch 301 ^/category/(.+)$$1
# OR
RewriteRule ^category/(.+)$$1 [R=301,L]

Source: AskApache

Valiantly automatically fix URL spelling mistakes

This directive can be useful to auto-correct simple spelling errors in the URL

<IfModule mod_speling.c>
CheckSpelling On

Source – Vortex Mind

Redirect the spammers where you want

Here is the script to add to your WordPress blogs (or into your site’s) .htaccess file:

# block comment spam by denying access to no-referrer requests
RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} .wp-comments-post\.php*
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !.** [OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} ^$
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ ^$ [R=301,L]

Easily rename your .htaccess file

# rename htaccess files AccessFileName ht.access

Source: Stupid htaccess tricks | How to redirect the spammers where you want

20 htaccess hacks to prevent your wordpress site from hacking

Make your wp-login.php page xenophobic

Here’s the code that you should be copy paste to your root .htaccess file (where wp-login.php exist).

# Redirect wp-admin and wp-login to specified address if not from specific ip
# Btw you're free to add additional directory as you see fit
# Note: This'll break your site if you have plugins/themes that depend on accessing admin-ajax.php
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} wp-login|wp-admin
RewriteCond %{REMOTE_ADDR} !^123.456.789.
RewriteRule . [R,L]

# Or .. if you prefer to return 404 Not found instead of redirecting it, use below code instead
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} wp-login.php|wp-admin
RewriteCond %{REMOTE_ADDR} !^123.456.789.
RewriteRule . - [R=404,L]

Source – Hardening WordPress with Mod Rewrite and htaccess | 7 Tools For Fighting Spam In WordPress

The easiest way to ban a WordPress spammer

Require password for 1 file

<Files login.php>
   AuthName "Prompt"
   AuthType Basic
   AuthUserFile /home/
   Require valid-user

Protect multiple files

<FilesMatch "^(exec|env|doit|phpinfo|w)\.*$">
   AuthName "Development"
   AuthUserFile /.htpasswd
   AuthType basic
   Require valid-user

Source: ultimate htaccess code snippets

Speed up your site by compressing and caching your content with .htaccess

In the following series you can compress and cache your site content with Apache and .htaccess file.

compress text files

<ifModule mod_deflate.c>
  <filesMatch "\.(css|js|x?html?|php)$">
    SetOutputFilter DEFLATE

Expire headers

<ifModule mod_expires.c>
  ExpiresActive On
  ExpiresDefault "access plus 1 seconds"
  ExpiresByType image/x-icon "access plus 2592000 seconds"
  ExpiresByType image/jpeg "access plus 2592000 seconds"
  ExpiresByType image/png "access plus 2592000 seconds"
  ExpiresByType image/gif "access plus 2592000 seconds"
  ExpiresByType application/x-shockwave-flash "access plus 2592000 seconds"
  ExpiresByType text/css "access plus 604800 seconds"
  ExpiresByType text/javascript "access plus 216000 seconds"
  ExpiresByType application/javascript "access plus 216000 seconds"
  ExpiresByType application/x-javascript "access plus 216000 seconds"
  ExpiresByType text/html "access plus 600 seconds"
  ExpiresByType application/xhtml+xml "access plus 600 seconds"

Cache-control headers

<ifModule mod_headers.c>
  <filesMatch "\.(ico|jpe?g|png|gif|swf)$">
    Header set Cache-Control "max-age=2592000, public"
  <filesMatch "\.(css)$">
    Header set Cache-Control "max-age=604800, public"
  <filesMatch "\.(js)$">
    Header set Cache-Control "max-age=216000, private"
  <filesMatch "\.(x?html?|php)$">
    Header set Cache-Control "max-age=600, private, must-revalidate"

Turn etags off

<ifModule mod_headers.c>
  Header unset ETag
FileETag None

Remove last-modified header

<ifModule mod_headers.c>
  Header unset Last-Modified

Source: More on compressing and caching your site with .htaccess

Performance Optimizer Plugin for WordPress

The plugin will help you increase the performance of your WordPress website. We aim to do this by optimizing key features of the website’s loading process thus increasing the loading speed and limiting the bandwidth consumption.


References and other Useful Resource:

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Using htaccess Files for Pretty URLS
Web security: what is an .htaccess file
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A to Z of WordPress .htaccess Hacks
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.htaccess Builder

To quickly and effortlessly deliver an htaccess file without having to remember anything about the apache server language used to construct the htaccess file!

htaccess Builder! is complete as is – however – depending on requests and sales it has the potential to grow to cover just about every function of htaccess.


Free & Professional WordPress Security Service Free & Professional WordPress Security Service

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