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With a bevy of new hardware – and a bevy of new screen sizes – hitting the market, web developers have never been more pressed to make sure their site is fully responsive. For WordPress users, that could be difficult: the responsiveness of a theme is hard-baked in to the template code. However, there are some plugins that promise to give your users a much, much better web experience. What’s out there, and why should you care?

W3 Total Cache


Boldly claiming to enhance your site’s speed by at least ten times (once fully configured), W3 Total Cache is a must-install free WordPress plugin. It minifies HTML, CSS and images, and cuts the number of HTTP requests your site has to make on loading. The custom DOM render starts rendering fast, without waiting for other stuff to load. All in all, it’s a free boost to site performance across any device. And, it’ll save mobile users data – ideal if they’re using a smartphone or 3G-enabled ultrabook.

The only WordPress Performance Optimization (WPO) framework; designed to improve user experience and page speed. Recommended by web hosts like: WP_EngineSite 5 WordPress Hostinghostmonster, BlueHost, HostGator, Go Daddy, DreamHost, Bravenet Hosting and countless more. W3 Total Cache and why you should be using it.

W3 Total Cache

WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress SEO by Yoast

Improve your WordPress SEO: Write better content and have a fully optimized WordPress site using the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast.

WordPress SEO by Yoast | The Definitive Guide To Higher Rankings For WordPress Sites

Scribe SEO


Another one of my favourite plugins that’s really helping me writing my blog and improving my SEO.  You simply write your post and then hit analyze.  Scribe SEO then does it’s magic and comes up with a score out of 100%.  If you don’t get 100% it advises you on how you can improve your blog post to improve your score.  I take great delight when my posts get 100%.

Scribe SEO



Allows you to optimize database, repair database, backup database, restore database, delete backup database , drop/empty tables and run selected queries. Supports automatic scheduling of backing up, optimizing and repairing of database.

WP-DBManager | Other WordPress Plugins by lesterchan

Akismet WordPress Plugin


Akismet checks your comments against the Akismet web service to see if they look like spam or not and lets you review the spam it catches under your blog’s “Comments” admin screen.

Akismet WordPress Plugin| Akismet WordPress Plugin by Automatic

Gravity Forms

This is for the Pro bloggers and it give a very high extend of customization flexibility. In addition, you get the complete support once you have purchased the Gravity forms plugin form the website.

Gravity Forms | Best Premium and Free WordPress Contact Form Plugins

WP Fluid Images


Fluid images are really hard to slot into blog posts unless you have a working knowledge of the CSS and HTML your site is built in. Luckily, there’s a plugin to help with all that fluid screen resizing. WP Fluid Images, a free plugin for WordPress, alters all your fixed-width images (defined as height = y px and width = x px) to fluid ones (based on percentages and ‘max-width’ attributes). In the land of new screen sizes, this is a must-download plugin.

WP Fluid Images

Fluid Video Embeds


Fluid images are one thing, but fluid video? That’s trickier. Again adjusting the automatically-served static height and width attributes to be made up of fractions and percentage, Fluid Video Embeds is a free WordPress plugin that makes sticking a video in to a post simple. Which it should be.

Fluid Video Embeds

Better WP Security


If you’re running a website of any scale – or you store data on your web server that you might consider to be sensitive – you’ll need a boost to WordPress’s already impressive security features. Enter Better WP Security, a free WordPress plugin that patches “as many security holes as possible” without influencing the operation of your website. Best of all, it claims to keep your site snappy and responsive, and can even detect broken links that might lead to 404 errors.

Better WP Security

WP touch


You may be aware that we’re living in the era of touch-enabled devices. Users of smartphones, ultrabooks and tablets all expect touch-optimized interfaces from websites they use regularly, but few bloggers are being particularly hasty about making the changes. Normally, coding a ‘mobile-friendly’ version of your WordPress site can take an age, but WP touch is a mobile-first theme package that you can customize out-of-the-box. It’s super easy to use, and takes advantage of the latest and greatest in web technologies to provide a smooth and seamless user experience. And it’s free: obvious, really.

WP touch | Considerations for Designing a Mobile Website

WPTouch Pro

WPTouch Pro
Create stunning mobile + iPad versions of your website. Easily setup a rich mobile theme for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Palm OS and Samsung touch mobile visitors, completely independent of your desktop theme.

WPTouch Pro | WordPress Themes and Creative Website Designs for iPad Apps

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Free WordPress Themes Like Video Player Feb,2013

Video from Templatic

Create your website with the best WordPress themes available in the market. Most of the people say WordPress is one of the highly-valuable content management system which gives a lot of features for WordPress theme-based websites. Today every business owners are liking WordPress video themes, because these themes are suitable for all kinds of video sharing portals, embed codes support, create multiple video categories, show popular videos and recent videos, share social networking icons, multiple browser support and compatibility with  Joomla 3.0 version. These themes mainly focus on video blogs and video websites. It’s one of the best video sharing themes for WordPress platforms. We can make best video theme blogs or websites use this WordPress theme with these themes are highly power designs and HTML 5 support.

There are a lot of free-of-cost and premium WordPress themes available in WordPress platform. Today I have suggested some best free of cost WordPress video themes for you. Feel free which WordPress theme like your blog or website download and use this list. Enjoy!!!

WordPress Video Theme


Video stream WordPress theme by apptha.com offers you to build a video sharing website use this theme. It has allows categories, recent post, social sharing icons and thumbnails with pagination.

[quote]Video Stream is a premium WordPress theme for building a video sharing website. This WordPress music theme requires WordPress Video Gallery script to play the videos. The theme includes categories, recent post and thumbnails with pagination. Boast your music updates with twitter feed field and connect to media via twitter, facebook and linkedin icons.[/quote]

Live preview | Details

Video from Templatic

Video from Templatic

Templatic is a powerful free of cost video theme with multiple features like three color layout, signal click and auto install, fully customizable and support theme guide.


Cinematic WordPress Theme

Cinematic WordPress Theme

This video gallery theme fully focuses on movie website only with include content slider, my gallery built in, banner positions, page navigation, threaded comments and much more.


Smashing Multimedia WordPress Theme


Create your own photographers website using smashing theme. We can easily customize child theme with this theme released GPL License.


WordPress Selecta Theme


Create rounded edges and bold, modern color, PHP5 or higher and compatible with WordPress 3.0 or higher. This theme only suited for blog websites.

[quote]Selecta’s rounded edges and bold, modern color palettes make for a fresh theme that’s best suited to blogs where video will be the main focus. The wider-than-usual frames around thumbnails and videos bring to mind the retro-cool of Polaroid photographs and old home movies.[/quote]



WPTupe Theme

Making use of the multimedia WordPress theme. This theme has compatible with all WordPress video plugins with like the YouTube theme. We can create easy way for video blogging and all video sites like YouTube, Google-Videos, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Myspace, Flickr and Vimeo.


Video WordPress Theme


Video theme is a beautiful WordPress theme developed by Foxinni. You can create of the most simplest of WordPress functionality and allow all kinds of video sites like embed your own Videos, YouTube, Meta Cafe, MySpace and many more.


VideoZoom WP Theme


A VideoZoom is a fully customize in elegant theme model which you have played to any one of the video support this video theme. It features post that are related to categories which gives slideshow effect to users.


Adventure – Unique WordPress Theme


Adventure theme is a beautiful photography WordPress theme which supports all kinds of video formats. This theme is compatible with version 3.0, create multiple backgrounds, 2 skins and 100% liquid layout.

Live Preview | Detail

Black Label – Like Full screen Video


It’s one of the best free WordPress themes supporting full screen on all videos developed and maintained by Themeforest. This theme is compatible with all kinds of mobile phones like, iPhone, android and Smart phones.

Live Preview | Detail

How to enable Maintenance Mode for WordPress powered Websites

Ultimate Maintenance Mode plugin

There may arise a time when you need to post a message on your WordPress site informing visitors that your site is inaccessible. This could be the result of a software upgrade, a bug or routine maintenance of the servers. To do this on a normal HTML site, you would need to create a new page, add the maintenance message and replace your index page with the new one, so that visitors see that page as soon as they access your site. When you are ready to go live with your upgraded or fixed site, you will have to change your page back. Now, that’s a lot of work, with a lot of unnecessary messing around in the back end. Could there be an easier way?

Yes, if you are using WordPress, which probably explains why WordPress is the preferred web-publishing platform today. There are plugins that you can use to easily activate the ‘under construction/maintenance’ message on your site. However, you should know that when you are in maintenance mode, normal activity ceases. For example, when your site is in maintenance mode, Google analytics will not be able to track visits to your site, as the code that helps analytics capture information will not be on your maintenance page. And should a search engine spider crawl your site when it is down, it will find pages missing and errors. Months or years of effort will be wasted, and your site’s reputation will be shot. So planned downtime should occur only when necessary, and after much consideration.

Ultimate Maintenance Mode plugin

Ultimate Maintenance Mode plugin

The plugin we recommend is the Ultimate Maintenance Mode plugin. There are a number of other plugins available that do the same thing and more, but this is the easiest and simplest to implement and use. It is a lot more stylish than the other plugins out there. It actually overlays your maintenance message on a screenshot of your website, for a real-time feel.

Here are additional reasons why we like this plugin.

The Ultimate Maintenance Mode plugin works with any theme and it even uses HTML5 and CSS3. It returns a 503 http status and retry header so search engines know your site is down and will try again. It supports multiple languages and multiple sites. Have we said that it is really easy to set it up? And it is also robust. And that’s just the free version of the plugin. There is a paid version that enables you to setup a ‘coming soon’ page and also collect email ID’s from your viewers. There is a host of other functionality with the paid version. But if you are only looking for a simple maintenance plugin, the free version should suffice.

Simply install the plugin and activate it. Look under settings, for the Maintenance Mode and it should take you to a page where you can insert a title, text, graphics, etc.

Make your changes and click save. Then test your site. But first, remember to sign out so that you will be able to see what normal visitors will see. This is a great way to stay connected with your viewers and keep them informed, while you create magic in the backend.

Maintenance – WordPress plugin

Maintenance-Wordpress plugin

Take your site down from public view with a click of a button hiding the site when you need to change a few things or run an upgrade, making it only accessible by login and password. There is also an area to add a custom message which will be shown to the users while your site is down. Users stay on the same page when they input wrong initials.

Live preview | Detail

5sec Maintenance Mode

5sec Maintenance Mode

  • 6 beautiful, funny templates to make your visitors less angry while you’re offline
  • customizable countdown timer
  • customizable progress bar
  • fully editable templates
  • customizable complex access rules by user groups and IP-s
  • temporary access links for your clients
  • SEO and Google friendly
  • disables feeds too
  • famous 5sec installation – everything is preset for you

Live preview | Detail

WordPress Maintenance – Under Construction Mode


Live preview | Detail

Radar Landing Page Plugin

Radar Landing Page Plugin

Radar is a neatly-designed landing page and maintenance mode plugin integrated with MailChimp and Campaign Monitor API ’s, an AJAX contact form, Twitter, blogging and more. It also has a responsive design, check out the demo!

Live preview | Detail

AJDE maintenance mode countdown timer – WP Plugin

AJDE maintenance mode countdown timer - WP Plugin

This easy plugin adds a count-down timer splash screen to your website during website maintenance stage. You can change all of the content that displays on splash page via WordPress back-end settings for UCT.

Live preview | Detail

Out Of Sight Editor


Live site preview, no need for maintenance mode. Modify your WordPress site, including theme templates and CSS without your visitors seeing your changes until you’re ready. No downtime, no redirection – business as usual for your visitors while you make changes behind the scenes.

Live preview | Detail

Ways to Detect the version of WordPress


How do you find out what version of WordPress a site is running if you don’t have access to the CMS? Of course  the most reliable way of finding the version of a WordPress site is to log into the CMS and look under ‘Updates’! But we don’t always have that luxury. There are plenty of reasons (both legitimate and nefarious) why you would want to do this:

  • You’ve been contacted by a new potential client and you want to  get an idea for how well their site has been maintained
  • You’re trying to diagnose server errors and want to see if an old WP version might be the cause
  • You’ve come across something you haven’t seen before and want to see if it’s related to a new WP version
  • Or, nefariously you might want to find sites with out of date WP installations that can be exploited
  • At wp.io, we want to find out the version to include in the free WordPress site scan reports we provide (e.g. http://wp.io/site-report/www-pragmatic-web-co-uk-5-22/)

Here are on  WordPress Statistics page some charts showing what sorts of systems people are running WordPress on.
(You’ll need Javascript enabled to see them.)


We’ve found five neat ways of determining the version of a site. They don’t all work all the time but it’s rare that none will work. Here they are, in ascending order of difficulty:

  1. Readme file

    The quickest and easiest way is just to look at the readme.html file which is automatically installedat the root of a WordPress site, e.g. http://wp.io/readme.html

  2. Feed generator tag

    WordPress feed generator

    WordPress feed generator

    If you can’t access the readme file (and it’s blocked by the more security-conscious hosting providers like WP Engine for that very reason), your next bet is to look at the source of the site’s RSS feed – this is always found at www.yoursite.com/feed/ – e.g. www.pragmatic-web.co.uk/feed/. Often, the feed’s source XML will include a <generator> tag which will give you the version as a ?v=x.x variable – as depicted above.

  3. Generator tag in HTML source

    Sometimes, you can just look at the HTML source of the page to find a generator tag like: <meta name="generator" content="WordPress 3.5" /> – but this is very much theme-specific so you’re safer looking in the feed first.

  4. Version of included files in HTML source

    This is a good one too. Look in the HTML source of a site’s homepage and there will nearly always be some script includes, a common one is the comment-reply file, which will look like this: <script type='text/javascript' src='http://www.yoursite.com/wp-includes/js/comment-reply.min.js?ver=3.5'></script>. Note the ?ver=3.5 on the end of the script source. When included correctly by a theme, a version of the included file is always appended to the end of the file source URL. If no version is specified, the current WordPress version is used by default. You’ll often find other version numbers ARE included, but the comment-reply is usually just the WP version.

  5. MD5 hash of publically-accessible files

    This is by far the most complex tactic, but sometimes necessary. As web software, WordPress must make at least some of its files available to browsers (stylesheets, JavaScript files, etc), for example the comment-reply script above. As WordPress evolves, over time many of these files are updated. By performing a MD5 hash of the various publicly-accessible files for different versions, it’s possible to deduce which version (or at least range of versions) a WP site is using. E.g. if one downloaded your site’s comment-reply.js file from http://www.yoursite.com/wp-includes/js/comment-reply.min.jsthen they can generate the MD5 hash of the file (which is a unique fingerprint of a particular file) and then compare that to a library of known hashes for various WP versions.

The easiest way to perform all of these checks is just to head over to wp.io and run a free site report on any WordPress site you’re interested in! wp.io connects WordPress sites, themes, users, professionals and industry benchmarks to create a unique database and network that maps the real, live world of WordPress. wp.io’s crawlers scan hundreds of thousands of WordPress sites, analyse and report on each one and then use the data connections between them to provide brand new insights into the WordPress ecosystem. wp.io offers:

  • a free WordPress site scanner
  • a dashboard to track and monitor your WordPress sites
  • a directory of WordPress professionals
  • a unique theme explorer

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Finding Quality Illustrations in Depositphotos

Resort collage

logoIllustration is a kind of image that is very attractive for all ages, from kids to adults. It is often found that people prefer illustrations or cartoons than photos or real images. The use of illustration is also very important in some field of life such as art, education, entertainment, and business. The natural characteristics of illustration images (attractive and sometimes flashy) are very suitable for those fields.


Funny robot stay with green dollar sign | Stock Photo by Viktoriya Sukhanova
Image Credit : http://www.depositphotos.com/6308020/stock-photo-Funny-robot-stay-with-green-dollar-sign.html

If in the past people drew their own illustration or got it from professional painters, now in this digital era, people could easily get some catchy and interesting illustrations for various purposes in those fields mentioned above. There are a lot of illustration images available on internet to be downloaded for free or paid. Of course finding the free one is quite easy, but now the artists or illustrators also need something paid for their hard work and creativity. Thus, now it is normal to find most of great images are not available for free.

Amongst thousands or even millions of websites providing great illustrations, Depositphotos.com is one of the bests. Here, you can easily find a lot of quality illustrations based on your needs. Illustration is one of the most popular images in this website so you will not be surprised that Depositphotos’ illustration collection could reach over 1.3 million images. That is not all, because every time this category’s collection keeps increasing because of its popularity. That is why in the latest stock photos and images page, you can always see illustration type images dominates the list.


To find some illustrations in Depositphotos, you do not need to worry because the interface of this website is very user friendly. Besides using search function on top of the website, you can also find this kind of image by clicking illustration category in the site’s category page. More sub-categories are even available in the form of multiple tabs such as “Best Match”, “Best Sales”, “Downloads”, and “Most Popular.” So, it will be much easier for you to find illustrations that you need or look into illustrations that are popular.  More advanced options are also available on the left panel of this website. This option will give more choices for showing images based on your preferences. Detail choices could be selected here such as “Search by category”, “Search by contributor”, “File Type (Photos or Vector)”, “File orientation (Horizontal, Vertical, etc)”, “Image Size”, “Adult Filter,” and many more. The Adult Filter / safe search feature is the proof that Depositphotos does not only think about profit, but also care about providing a safe browsing environment for our children. Once you find the right illustration you could buy it with the credit or subscription.

With all those easiness and facilities that Depositphotos provides for all of its buyers and also potential buyers, no wonder that finding great illustration stock photo in this website could be done in no time. So, remember! If you need quality illustration images for any kind of purposes, be sure to check at Depositphotos.com first.

Free & Professional WordPress Security Service Free & Professional WordPress Security Service

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