SEO Necessities for 2024

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More than ever, search engine optimization is taking on a different meaning. The days of keyword stuffing and spam backlinks are long gone to gain SERP rankings.

This article will discuss the most critical factors to rank your website today.

1. Schema Markup

Schema markup is still underutilized by the majority of websites out there. This is an area where you can pick up some easy wins and get your website to rank quickly.

This can be the competitive edge your website needs to overtake the last few spots to place your website in the number 1 Google search result.

Schema markup can be easily created through various plugins.

Schema is essentially the universal language of the web to communicate what your website or blog is about to search engines and bots.

Schema markup ranges from Local business, Schema, which tells Google and other search engines where your business is located, to FAQ schema, which addresses likely asked questions surrounding a particular topic your website has written about or answered.

If you are not currently using schema markup, you are not doing SEO right. So do yourself a favor, do a little research, and implement this on your website today.

2. Outreach Campaign

What good is a blog if no one reads it? It is essential to have some outlet to share your valuable information. And some value to provide while reaching out. An outreach campaign is necessary for exposing your blog to many people of the same taste.

An excellent way to get readers’ eyes on your blog is to share the recently written blog across your entire social media pages and potentially pay to sponsor the post.

Another great way to get wins with your recently written article is typing in a specific topic related to your article, going to the 6th page of Google, and then reaching out to bloggers who have written about similar topics.

Let’s face it, all the articles similar to yours that are ranking on Google’s 1-5 page have already been inundated with outreach. You can find some easy wins by finding other websites that aren’t as big but still value quality content.

3. Targeted Long Tail Keyword Research

If you try to compete on generic keywords without a highly reputable website, you will never succeed in SEO.

It is vital to target long-tail keywords to pick up on traffic that other people may not be going after because either they didn’t know about it or the traffic isn’t sufficient for them.

Long-tail keywords take a lot of time and effort to discover, and sometimes the juice is not worth the squeeze. It would be best if you found a long-tail keyword that has some searchability and value. For that, keyword research plays a vital role.

An easy way to find out if a keyword is searched frequently is to use the Google auto-fill feature, which automatically fills in the rest of the sentence you are writing.

Once Google’s autofill feature has populated, scroll down, and look at the competition. Is the competition writing in-depth articles about your chosen topic, or is the content thin?

Thin content is always a sign that there is room for rankings.

Google values content that readers enjoy, so take the time to develop a piece of content you would enjoy reading yourself if you stumbled upon it.

4. Website Speed Optimization

Your website has to be fast. There is no question about it. With everyone having vast amounts of content at their fingertip, the fastest one to provide the answer wins.

If your website is not fast, your website is not optimized in Google’s eyes.

Google requires fast websites for Desktop, mobile, and tablets. Although speed is drastically improved with a good website host, many on-page issues typically need to be fixed before you start to see a sub-2-second load time.


If you are running a website, ensure all your pages are up to date, including the privacy policy page. Make sure to add them to your website. Another important thing is image optimization. If you are not optimizing images on your website, it’ll not perform like it’s supposed to.

Just like anything else in life, if you give your website the attention it needs and strive to deliver quality content that readers will enjoy, you will win in the long run. It only takes a shout-out from a reputable website to put you on the map.

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