MemberPress Review – A Detailed Analysis of Membership Plugin

memberpress review

MemberPress Review
A membership plugin is basically a tool which you can add to a WordPress website for managing members. Based on what it is for, a plugin can help you add new features and functionalities to your site. Amongst all, MemberPress stands out. As the name implies, MemberPress is a tool that allows you to turn your WordPress website into a membership website. But is it for you? Here is a general memberpress review that can help you determine if this plugin is a good fit for your membership website.

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An All-Inclusive Membership Plugin

MemberPress Review
MemberPress basically has everything that you could want from a membership plugin for your WordPress website from hosting valuable content to forums and videos. It gives you complete control over how you let people interact with your website. For example, you can use it to restrict the type of content you want to show particular types of users. To illustrate, say that you have a membership website which visitors can apply for on a trial basis. With the MemberPress plugin, you can restrict the type of content that trial members can access.

Subscription Management

MemberPress allows both website owners and members to manage subscriptions. This basically means that you won’t have to deal with countless email requests from members asking you to cancel, change, upgrade, create or update their subscriptions. Members can do all this themselves thanks to this plugin.

Email and Coupon Integration

Membership websites often come with perks to keep members hooked. As the owner of a membership website, you can discount products or subscriptions according to the rates you want. You can also segment your email lists according to subscription type – a benefit that can come in pretty handy in case you want to send promotional emails to your members.

Overall Look

You don’t need to customize the look of your website too much with the MemberPress plugin. It works well with any theme. The unstyled appearance is actually an advantage. It allows you to be creative and use tools like CSS to do some customization of your own. Additionally, it beats having to struggle with a completed plugin that doesn’t suit your own customized theme.


If you don’t like it, you get your money back. Plus MemberPress also offers a flat rate. The plugin offers a 14-day money back guarantee. This is accompanied by a competitive pricing model. The business edition will cost you $99 a year. If you prefer the Developer version, be prepared to pay $199 for it for the same duration.


MemberPress has a responsive support system in place, which can be pretty useful if you happen to get stuck while using the plugin. Just send the support service an email detailing your query and you will receive a reply promptly.

Is it for you?

MemberPress is a WordPress membership plugin to create a rich membership experience within your WordPress powered website. Unlike Magic Members WordPress membership plugin, MemberPress is a simple and stable plugin to accept payments. It provides excellent relevant Reporting and is Ultra Stable & Secure. It comes with powerful access rules and content restrictions.

MemberPress might not be ideal for everyone who needs a membership website but the features it offers makes the creation of one a whole lot easier. Plus, it also offers perks that other membership plugins lack, a benefit that can come in pretty handy if you want to sustain your website in the long run.

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