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As we are living in the Internet era, when every information in every aspect of life can be easily found and accessed through the internet. One of the most popular ways which have just been developing recently as a revolution is Elearning. Learning Management System is a way to spread knowledge about a topic in a type, of course, like you take in school or university but through the internet.

Today I would like to show you the advantages of having your own E-learning website to provide your/your institution courses.

You own everything

The first reason is just like you are the owner of a website, then everything related such as a database, building framework or LMS solution will be yours. You are totally independent from other websites’ services. You can decide what is necessary and what is not. It seems to be complicated, however, it actually becomes easier and easier day by day because many smart tools for Learning Management System are developing every day. All required is just basic knowledge about creating a website to make your own Elearning website and take advantage from it. There are many ways to build a web page and of course, I recommend you to use WordPress.

Having your own brand

One of the best advantages of having your own LMS site is your brand name. If you are about selling online courses then beside of making excellent contents, the brand also should be boosted or advertised popularly to let potential students know about it. However, uploading a course into a public E-learning website where it will be placed together with many other courses will absolutely decrease your reputation. The solution for this issue is creating your own site to popularize your brand name by using every element. WordPress and its ecosystem will help promote your site as well as your brand easily and effectively, take a look at this post to find out how: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/michael-b-fishbein/the-5-best-free-wordpress_b_6005612.html


Control the access of your Elearning resources

If your course is just a kind of private resources to which no-one else except authorized members can have an access, this thing can be easily managed and controlled if your own website is available. Widely publishing resources can make your content control losing cause the site administrator always has access privilege to those data.

Further reading about this topic: https://wp-types.com/documentation/user-guides/setting-access-control/

More ways to get benefits

Sharing knowledge and skills for sure is one of the purposes to create a course. However, getting benefits from what you share is basic needs. If your course is published on an Elearning website which you are not the owner, the only way for earning money is to sell it, even it can be restricted by the site administrator and you might just get a commission from selling price. Your own site offers you many other ways to increase income such as advertising or posting blog.


After reading the above advantages, what do you think about building your own E-learning website? If the answer is yes, you can take a look at this post to find out how to build that website with WordPress. I personally think it is pretty easy. Or if you would like to understand more about LMS and are looking for best WordPress Learning Management System themes, here is the link from our webpage WordPress Arena.

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