Social Problems in China Have Reached a Dangerous Point

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Deprivation of property, demolition of houses, poor quality of medicine and treatment, violation of workers’ rights, food, and drug safety, people’s distrust of the government – these are just some of the most “explosive” factors in the current Chinese society. This information was announced in the report of the Beijing International Institute of Urban Construction at the annual International Urban Development Forum. The meeting was held some days ago in Beijing.

The report says that 9 factors can easily cause social unrest are the following ones:

  1. conflicts related to land taking;
  2. the forced relocation of the population;
  3. issues with movable and immovable property;
  4. reorganization;
  5. medical treatment;
  6. industrial relations;
  7. environmental pollution;
  8. issues with bank loans;
  9. contradictions between local residents and country visitors.

The authors of the report identified several of the most “hot” topics in society that can play the role of a “detonator.” These include food safety, medicine, production issues, and restriction of freedom on the Internet.

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At the same time, the loss of people’s trust in the government and each other in Chinese society was called a “hidden factor” that could lead to a social explosion. This is by far more important than the Internet in China many people are struggling with.

In his speech at the forum, Director of the Institute Lian Yumin stressed that the rapid pace of development of the Chinese economy contained a lot of various hidden risks to people. He voiced the five most acute problems that have already become potential risks for the society as a whole

  1. The widening gap between rich and poor. The Gini coefficient (the indicator of income distribution in the country) in China exceeded 0.5 (the maximum value of 1 means that all income is concentrated in the hands of one person) and came very close to the limit of social patience.
  2. The deep contradictions in Chinese society are sharpening and coming to the surface every day. The first three of these problems included inflation, social inequality, and corruption. All these issues are always discussed in local digital media as well as printed materials.
  3. Serious problems in the field of public order are reaching a critical level. Every day, the number of popular riots increases.
  4. Constantly increasing hatred of the rich and bureaucrats in society.
  5. Serious problems in the field of public security.

Lian Yumin also pointed out that all these factors, reaching a certain degree, can cause a social explosion. And the scope of the problem can be very wide. The above proves that the immediate reaction from the state government is necessary; otherwise, it will be impossible to avoid the explosion.

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