Top Reasons for Slower Speeds in New York City

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One of the biggest issues faced by the internet industry is slow speed. This is more common in bigger cities like New York because of more traffic and extensive usage. You cannot imagine your lives without a smooth and blazing fast internet connection. A slower connection can ruin everything for you and put a stop to your daily online activities. Even sending a mail can be mere torture. In today’s internet-driven society, if you are facing a slow internet issue, it needs to be addressed. So here we are with the top factors that can be responsible for slowing down your internet connection. It is necessary to identify the issue so that you can fix your internet connectivity properly. Here we go!

Spyware and Viruses

It is a well-acknowledged fact that viruses do slow down your computer. They can slow down your internet connection to a great extent. It is important to ensure safe browsing because viruses can drain your systems and make your internet speeds crumble. Therefore, your systems must be equipped with security software to handle any system malware. It is important to avoid accessing any unsafe files or suspicious links to prevent any decrease in internet speeds.

Wrong Positioning of your Router

Another cause of slowing down your internet might be the wrong placement of your router. Your router might be surrounded or disrupted by physical objects in its immediate vicinity. This usually results in slower connectivity. Therefore you can try to change the position of your router. Make sure there is no radio-based device around as it might cause disturbance to the signals.

Subscription to a Slower Network

Have you thought of checking the reliability of your service provider? You might be in contract with a slower network. Bigger cities offer accessibility to a wide range of options. For instance, if you live in New York, you have a wide range of providers available around you. With it comes accessibility to a vast range of plans and packages that these New York internet providers might have in store for you. All it takes is a little effort to look around for better options. After you have researched well, make sure you subscribe to a provider that offers impressive speed. However, be vary since most of the providers claim to offer blazing speeds, but in reality, they fail to deliver what they promise.

Therefore it is always wise to opt for well-reputed providers who enjoy a good prestige in the market as they are likely to offer better internet connection services. Internet speed usually depends on two factors, which include bandwidth and latency. Network latency refers to the time delay between your connecting device and the server, and it can be one of the factors that result in a struggling internet.

Old Equipment

Using old equipment can also be one of the reasons for the slowing of your internet speeds. This is because it might be insufficient to cater the bandwidth that you are paying for. If you feel that it’s been a long time since you have updated your equipment and it might be slowing down your internet speed, then you should contact your internet service provider for a new router that might not cause any hindrance to your internet speeds.

Rush Hours

Accessing the internet during rush hours can also be a reason for experiencing decreased internet speed. It happens because of the higher levels of traffic in specific hours like 6 pm to 11 pm during the weekdays and during weekends. If it is occasional, then there is not much to worry about. However, if it happens frequently, then you must try switching your internet provider.

Inadequate Bandwidth

If you are working in an office based in New York and facing internet speed issues, then there is a possibility that your office might not be offering the required bandwidth. The bandwidth might be less for the multiple operations performed on a daily basis. If that is the case, then it is time to upgrade the current internet plan and switch to a better one.

Cheaper Plans

Your internet might also not possess impressive speeds because you have subscribed to a cheaper plan that offers lesser bandwidth. Bigger cities like New York have greater traffic accessing internet connections for various purposes. Therefore if you are in need of a faster internet connection, you must subscribe to higher-tier plans that come at a greater cost but offer blazing speeds that can accommodate all your online activities swiftly. Therefore try investing more by taking a better internet plan or package to enjoy the perks of a seamless connection.

Wrapping it Up

The aforementioned reasons can be the root causes of your slow internet connection. Therefore, if you are confronting such an issue, it is initially important to pinpoint the possible cause of the problem. You can check out if the above-mentioned factors are involved. If so, you need to address them in order to enjoy enhanced speeds. After all, it is only through a reliable and faster internet connection that you can carry your online tasks and activities in an effective way. Once you find the issue, you can effectively solve it to enjoy seamless connectivity.

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  1. As a blogger, I can totally relate to this phenomenon. Slow internet speed is one nightmare nobody wishes for, especially if you’re in a field that heavily depends on internet. It could drive you crazy!

    In addition to the listed reasons, based on my own peculiarities I suggest that if one experiences this, he/she should check out any of the following ; how many devices that are connected to a wifi. Too many devices slow down internet speed. You may want to disconnect some devices that are not being used at the moment .

    I hope this helps.

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