How To Keep Your eCommerce Company on Message

Keeping eCommerce Site on Message

If you want to get anywhere in the world of eCommerce, it is fair to say that you need to create and build up a strong brand that is instantly recognizable and extremely trustworthy. It is also the case that you need to stay on message in order to do this effectively. In this post, we are going to look at some fairly simple things you can do to ensure that your company does stay on message across all platforms from your blog to your storefront and even your emails…

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Always Have Your Target Audience in Mind

Before you choose a WordPress theme, pick a color scheme or write any content, you need to identify exactly who your target audience is. Why? So, you can make those decisions based on what appeals to them. If your web design consists of lots of pinks, for example, but your target audience is mainly older women or men who aren’t particularly fond of the color, it could really put them off, or if your product appeals to vegans and you post lots of meat-based content, again it won’t help to build your brand’s success. Once you know what they like, then you just have to make sure that you stay on message and keep your online presence in fitting with their wants and likes.

Your Company Should Look the Same on Every Platform

A big mistake that many eCommerce companies make is not using the same color scheme and logo on their social media platforms as they do on their blog or storefront. This can confuse the customers who may not realize that they are part of the same operation. It also makes your brand look sloppy. As well as the design of your online platforms, you should also be maintaining a consistent message across all platforms if you want to keep things consistent and boost your brand- don’t say you’re against something on your blog and then come out in favor of it on your social media, or you will lose all credibility and trust.

Ensure Your Emails are Uniform

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When sending out emails and other correspondence to customers, it is important that you maintain a consistent brand there too because it is another way to get your message across and ensure that people are impressed. The simplest way to do this is by using corporate identity management software, which will allow you and any employees you have to automatically create emails and other documents in the company style.

Take Your Own Photos

If you can take your own photos, then it will be easier to make the theme match up to the message your company is putting out. Not only that, but they will look uniquely ‘you’ and they will stand out from the stock photos that many other eCommerce companies use.

Be Authentic

Of course, the ultimate in ensuring that your company stays on message is, of course, maintaining a level of authenticity on what you do. If you know who you are and what your business is about, then you should have no trouble creating blog content and making social media posts that are in keeping with that ethos. If you start to bend the truth or post things you don’t believe in just to get more views or because you think it will boost your sales, that is when you will come off message and your brand will take a hit as a result.

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